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01/07/21 Walking with God — ChuckLawless.com
07/01/2021READING: Genesis 14:1-17:14, Matthew 5:31-6:15 As God established His covenant with Abraham, He was clear in what He expected from the patriarch: “Livein my presence and be blameless” (Gen 17:1). Like Enoch, Abraham was simply to walk with God (Gen 5:22). Like Noah, he was to walk with God blamelessly (Gen 6:9). Living in such a […]

January 7 – Is the Trinity hidden in Genesis 18? — VCY America07/01/2021January 7 Genesis 16:1-18:15Matthew 6:1-24Psalm 7:1-17Proverbs 2:1-5 Although we’re a week into Genesis, if you’re looking to see the overall structure of the book – Thru The Bible with J. Vernon McGee has been making available notes & outlines on each book (including Genesis) for many years. If you wondered if Genesis 18:2 was a reference to […]

LETS BURN THE BARBIES !!07/01/2021Despite, or because of the Pandemia online business is booming, not least that of expensive role model sexist toys. BY negreverd AT INNDYMEDIA BARCELONA (verificat) As every year I have collected catalogs from different Spanish toy stores, from Corte Inglés, Uncle Sam, Drim and ToysRus, I have looked at the websites of the most “interesting” […]

The Mystery | Possessing the Treasure07/01/2021by Mike Ratliff 28 So husbands ought also to love their own wives as their own bodies. He who loves his own wife loves himself; 29 for no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ also does the church, 30 because we are members of His body. 31 […]

Speaking Without Words — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God07/01/2021We can speak— With the eyes of understanding;With the ears of alertness;With the smile of delight;With the tone of kindness;With the spirit of compassion;With the hands of mercy;With the embrace of acceptance;With the handshake of friendship;With the look of interest;With the tears of compassion;With the nod of affirmation;With the touch of tenderness;With the heart of love;With a face that radiates His light. “Lift up the light of Your countenance […]

In Vein — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God07/01/2021“Therefore, if your whole body is full of light, and no part of it dark, it will be just as full of light as when a lamp shines its light on you.” Luke 11:36 The morning sun peeked through the slats in my window blinds and landed on one of my potted plants. The leaves became […]

Epiphany: The Wise Men Are Examples of Faith07/01/2021Matthew 2:1–12 The conduct of the wise men is a striking example of faith. They believed in Christ when they had never seen Him—but that was not all. They believed in Him when the scribes and Pharisees were unbelieving—but that again was not all. They believed in Him when they saw Him a little infant […]

The grim ‘New Normal’: Japanese firm unveils new facial recognition system that can identify people THROUGH their masks07/01/2021Japan’s NEC Corp has unveiled a facial recognition system which can verify a person’s identity even when they are masked, in a move which it claims will boost “the revival of economic activities under the ‘New Normal.’” The company claims the system was originally designed to meet the needs of people with allergies, as mask-wearing […]

The Sheep’s Responsibility B | Grace to You: Radio Podcast07/01/2021cdn.gty.org/podcast/20210107.mp3 from Truth2Freedom’s Blog https://ift.tt/2MIsCzZ via IFTTT #blogger, #news, #truth2freedom

Five Words of Wisdom for the New Year — Truth For Life Blog07/01/2021I’ve always appreciated someone who could turn a phrase. My now-in-heaven friend T. S. Mooney was known for always being able to summarize his thoughts in a matter of a few words. He taught a boys’ Bible class in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, for fifty years. When I asked him on one occasion, “What are you […]

January 7 – God is eternal — Reformed Perspective07/01/2021But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. – 2 Peter 3:8 Scripture reading: 2 Peter 3:1-13 God lives in an eternal present! For God, there is no past or future. He knows our yesterdays in the same […]

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: COVID restrictions violate our natural rights to personal liberty | Fox News07/01/2021In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the government and medical personnel have scared the daylights out of so many people that they take comfort in complying with government commands to stay home, shut their businesses and socially distance. — Read on https://ift.tt/3pXvhE2 from Truth2Freedom’s Blog https://ift.tt/2XgP3hN via IFTTT #blogger, #news, #truth2freedom

Plagiarist Or Liar? Kamala’s ‘Fweedom’ Tale Makes Perfect Biden Sidekick | The Federalist07/01/2021‘Fweedom’ is what Kamala Harris has been wanting since she was in a stroller, according to a story that should likely be filed under fiction or plagiarism. “Fweedom.” It’s something Kamala Harris has been wanting since she was in diapers, according to an account of the vice president-elect’s early childhood that should probably be filed […]

Russia concealing involvement of defense facility in Sputnik-V vaccine development – media07/01/202114:25, 06.01.21 – UNIAN Since Soviet times, this Institute has been developing various kinds of biological weapons. Russia is making efforts to conceal the involvement of the 48th Central Research Institute, which is part of the defense ministry, in the development of the Sputnik V vaccine candidate for COVID-19, Ukrainian media reported. The facility is […]

Green Matters: Humans are Responsible for 110% of Global Warming07/01/2021Green Matters is worried that a lot of people doubt we are solely responsible for climate change, but quoting a statement from NASA’s Gavin Schmidt should settle things, right? from Watts Up With That? https://ift.tt/2XhO0Ov via IFTTT #blogger

ukraine: Chief of “LPR people’s militia” injured in apartment block blast in occupied Luhansk – media07/01/2021Another pro-Russian terrorist invader gets barbecued in Ukraine. from Ukraine Today .org https://ift.tt/3nhRnzn via IFTTT #ukraine

Senate Rejects Objection to Pennsylvania Electoral Votes 7-9207/01/2021The Senate overwhelmingly rejected an objection to Pennsylvania’s electoral votes with a final vote of 7-92 early Thursday morning. from Breitbart News https://ift.tt/38lhilC via IFTTT #breibart

‘A Big Stretch’: MLK Jr.’s Niece Blasts Kamala Harris For Plagiarizing Uncle, Says She ‘Has Nothing In Common’ With Him – Conservative Review07/01/2021Evangelist Alveda King took Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) to task on Tuesday for apparently plagiarizing her uncle Martin Luther King Jr., and maintained that Harris’ worldview has nothing in common with that of the late civil rights leader. “Kamala knows that her worldview is totally different than the worldview of Martin Luther King Jr. So […]

Mo Brooks: Representatives Told to ‘Hide Behind Chairs’ in Case of Intruders07/01/2021Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) tweeted that members of the House of Representatives were told to “hide behind chairs” in case intruders breached the House chamber. from Breitbart News https://ift.tt/2Xix0ri via IFTTT #breibart

Report: Melania Trump’s Chief of Staff Resigns After U.S. Capitol Protests07/01/2021First lady Melania Trump’s Chief of Staff and Press Secretary, Stephanie Grisham, has resigned from her post following protests at the United States Capitol on Wednesday, according to NBC News and CNN. from Breitbart News https://ift.tt/2MCMpRb via IFTTT #breibart

Actress Sophia Bush Calls to Expel Republican Senators Contesting 2020 Election Results07/01/2021Sophia Bush called for the expulsion of Republican members of the Senate who said they intended to protest the results of the 2020 election. from Breitbart News https://ift.tt/2JVADk2 via IFTTT #breibart

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