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#AceNewsReport – May.19: On Friday, Afghan migrant Tamim Sultani was charged in Eksjö District Court on suspicion of seven attempted murders. Samnytt has previously drawn attention to the fact that the judiciary has claimed in the media that there was no terrorist motive when Sultani stabbed the victims. Samnytt has taken note of the preliminary investigation protocol, in which it is clear that he worships Allah as he prays “every second,” and says that he would murder to punish a person who had insulted his god.

SWEDEN: ‘Muslim migrant stabs seven people while screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ because someone told him there was no god’

“Vetlanda terrorist’s motive: ‘One person said that Allah does not exist,’” translated from “Vetlanda-terroristens motiv: ‘En person sa att Allah inte finns,’” Samnytt, May 14, 2021:

On March 3, 22-year-old Tamim Sultani ran amok with a kitchen knife in central Vetlanda. A total of seven people were stabbed, several of them seriously. According to the testimony of one of the victims, Sultani allegedly shouted “Allahu akbar” in connection with his striking people.

Sultani would murder when someone violated Allah

District Attorney Adam Rullman has investigated the incident as an attempted murder. This is because he cannot see any reason to suspect it was terrorist crime. But despite the judiciary’s efforts since March to mitigate the perpetrator’s motives, the final result of the police investigation now shows that Sultani is a devout Muslim who prays “every minute and second” and committed the crimes because he felt provoked by someone offending Allah.

During a police interrogation, Sultani said that he knew that he would be deported to Afghanistan, but that this was not the reason for the attacks. Furthermore, it did not concern him that he would be deported, because he wanted to return. Sultani said that his motive for the knife attacks was religion.

Earlier in the day, Sultani had encountered an unknown person who stated that there is no god. Sultani could not accept that and decided to punish the person with death.

When the police conduct a house search, a copy of the Koran was found wrapped in cloth. Sultani says in interrogation that he “prays all the prayers.”

The police arrested Sultani by chance

In the police interrogation, Sultani also spoke about the situation when the police arrested him. According to Sultani, a police car came driving by and was about to pass him — but then he waved at the police.

– The police came very fast, driving very fast, and was about to drive past but I waved to the police that it was me. I waved that it was me, said Sultani in the interrogation.

One of the policemen on the car radio stated in the interrogation that Sultani waved and when they stopped, a bloody knife could be seen sticking out of his jacket sleeve. The policeman pulled out his service weapon against Sultani.

But Sultani refused to drop the knife on the policeman’s order. Instead, Sultani threatened to cut his own throat while chanting “Allahu akbar” on the spot. The policeman was finally forced to shoot Sultani.

Known: “He has lived in Russia and Iran”

In the police interrogation, acquaintances say that Sultani is a devout Muslim and that before he immigrated to Sweden as an Afghan refugee, he lived in Russia, and before that in the Iranian capital Tehran — this for a period of time somewhere between 10 and 20 years. Furthermore, an acquaintance says that Sultani must have had a job at a slaughterhouse and there learned how to slaughter with a knife.

The police chief: “The victims were in the wrong place – quite simply”

A couple of days after the bloody attacks in Vetlanda, Jonas Lindell, who is the local police area chief in the Highlands, went before the media to comment on what made the act possible.

– There are many indications that these victims were randomly selected. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time, quite simply, Lindell insisted. The statement met with harsh criticism, claiming that it was Sultani who was in the wrong place, not the victims.

The trial will be held in Eksjö District Court between May 21 and June 3.

#AceNewsDesk report ……Published: May.19: 2021:

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