(SUDAN) LATEST: At least 12 people have been injured during clashes in the capital Khartoum on Monday after an apparent coup attempt, according to the Sudanese Doctors Committee #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Oct.26: Sudan’s information ministry said on Monday that protesters rejecting an apparent military coup were facing gunfire near the military’s headquarters in the capital Khartoum.

#AceDailyNews says according to Al Alarabiya News Report: At least 12 injured in Khartoum clashes after apparent coup attempt according to a source

25 October ,2021: 01:26 PM GST

Sudanese protesters burn tyres to block a road in 60th Street in the capital Khartoum, to denounce overnight detentions by the army of members of Sudan's government, on October 25, 2021. (AFP)

AFP Report: Sudanese block roads with burning tyres in protest against arrests

Mon, October 25, 2021, 10:19 AM

Sudanese block roads with burning tyres in protest against arrests

Sudanese citizens take to the streets and block the roads with burning tyres in protest against the military and the arrest of Sudan’s prime minister. Armed forces detained Omar al-Bashir on October 25th over his refusal to support their “coup” after weeks of tensions between the military and civilian figures sharing power since the ouster of the autocrat.

It had said earlier on its official Facebook page that tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets heeding calls by the country’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok to reject the coup.

Defiant protesters remain on the streets of Sudan after the country’s armed forces launched a military coup.

Chanting and waving flags, they have blocked roads in the capital Khartoum and around the country following the takeover.

On Monday coup leader Gen Abdel Fattah Burhan dissolved civilian rule, arrested political leaders and called a state of emergency.

Soldiers opened fire on crowds and reportedly killed ten people.

The coup has drawn global condemnation. Diplomats told AFP news agency the UN Security Council is due to meet on Tuesday to discuss the crisis. 

Gen Abdel Fattah Burhan sought to justify the takeover by blaming political infighting. Troops are reported to have been going house to house in Khartoum arresting local protest organisers.

The city’s airport is closed and international flights are suspended. The internet and most phone lines are also down. 

Central Bank staff have reportedly gone on strike, and across the country doctors are said to be refusing to work in military run hospitals except in emergencies.

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Civilian leaders and their military counterparts have been at odds since long-time ruler Omar al-Bashir was overthrown in 2019.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the military’s actions “are a betrayal of Sudan’s peaceful revolution”. The US has halted $700m (£508m) in aid. 

After a night of protests, demonstrators remained on the streets on Tuesday morning, demanding the return of civilian rule.

“Civilian rule is the people’s choice,” they chanted as they set up barricades of burning tyres. Many women are also taking part, shouting “no to military rule”.

The protests continue despite troops opening fire on demonstrators on Monday. 

One wounded protestor told reporters he was shot in the leg by the army outside the military headquarters, while another man described the military firing first stun grenades, then live ammunition.

“Two people died, I saw them with my own eyes,” said Al-Tayeb Mohamed Ahmed. Sudan’s doctors’ union and the information ministry also wrote on Facebook that the fatal shootings had happened outside the military compound.

SuppliedThousands of people, including many women and children, protested outside the military compound in Khartoum

World leaders have reacted with alarm to news of the military takeover.

The US has joined the UK, EU, UN and African Union, of which Sudan is a member, in demanding the release of political leaders who are now under house arrest in unknown locations.

Among them are Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and his wife, along with members of his cabinet and other civilian leaders.

BBC Arabic’s Mohamed Osman reported from the capital that a special security unit of the military went to the prime minister’s home early on Monday morning, and tried to persuade Mr Hamdok to agree to the coup, but he refused.

The agreement between civilian and military leaders signed in 2019 was designed to steer Sudan towards democracy but has proven fragile with a number of previous coup attempts, the last just over a month ago.

Gen Abdel Fattah Burhan, who was head of the power-sharing council, said Sudan was still committed to the transition to civilian rule, with elections planned for July 2023.

Sources: Al Alarbiya/BBC Arabic/

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