(LIBYA) High Court Report: A Libyan man has been found jointly liable for the fatal shooting of PC Yvonne Fletcher, 37 years ago #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Nov.18: A three-day trial at the Royal Courts of Justice in London heard that Mr Mabrouk was one of the key figures in a “revolutionary committee” that had taken over the Libyan Embassy on Colonel Gaddafi’s orders prior to the shooting.

#AceDailyNews says according to BBC UK News Report: Yvonne Fletcher shooting: Libyan close to Gaddafi found jointly liable for killing of PC: PC Fletcher, 25, was killed outside the Libyan Embassy on 17 April 1984 during a protest by anti-Gaddafi activists…..

WPC Yvonne Fletcher
Yvonne Fletcher was killed in 1984 outside the Libyan Embassy

Mr Mabrouk did not defend the case.

He has been barred from the UK and is currently in Libya, but in an email to Mr Murray’s lawyers he denied any involvement in PC Fletcher’s killing.

Mr Mabrouk was not alleged to have been the gunman but was found to be jointly liable.

A three-day trial at the Royal Courts of Justice in London heard that Mr Mabrouk was one of the key figures in a “revolutionary committee” that had taken over the Libyan Embassy on Colonel Gaddafi’s orders prior to the shooting.

Gaddafi took power in Libya in 1969 but was driving the country in an increasingly radical direction and targeting his enemies abroad, including the UK.

On 17 April, two Sterling sub-machine guns were used to fire on anti-Gaddafi protesters outside the building from a first floor window, killing PC Fletcher and injuring others.

Mr Mabrouk was deported after the shooting but then returned to live in the UK: Libyan instrumental in killing of PC, court hears

In 2015 he was arrested in connection with the killing but in 2017 the case was dropped because crucial evidence could not be used on grounds of national security. 

Mr Murray claimed assault and battery related to the shooting and brought a civil claim against Mr Mabrouk for a nominal amount of £1.

Retired police officer John Murray (centre) shed a tear as the judge’s statement was read out

In a statement, Mr Murray, from Chingford, east London, spoke of his relief at the the court’s ruling, saying it was a “huge weight off [his] shoulders” after a 37-year battle for justice.

But he said despite the “many obstacles” along the way, his promise to his dying colleague to bring those responsible for her murder to justice had “taken a huge step forward”.

Mr Murray added: “Everything we have done leading up to this verdict has been for Yvonne.

“Today, we have finally achieved justice for Yvonne.”

John Murray promised PC Yvonne Fletcher that he would bring those responsible for her death to justice

Delivering his judgement on Tuesday morning, Mr Justice Martin Spencer said that “those responsible for the shooting of Yvonne Fletcher also bore “liability” to Mr Murray.

He said he was “satisfied on the balance of probabilities” that there had been a “common design” to use violence against the protesters and that Mr Mabrouk had been an “active participant” in a “common design” to fire on them.

He added that Mr Murray – who shed a tear as the judgement was read out – had succeeded in showing Mr Mabrouk as jointly liable for the shooting of PC Fletcher.

The judge said PC Fletcher died as a result of “a cowardly attack” by the gunmen, who were “uncaring of the risk posed to police officers going about their normal duties”.

There seemed to be “little doubt” that the actions of the gunmen were “orchestrated and sanctioned” by Gaddafi, who “could not tolerate dissent or disagreement”, the judge added.

Giving evidence about the day of the shooting, Mr Murray told the court last week that he and PC Fletcher were due to be undertaking other duties that day. 

At the last minute they were instead asked to help police a demonstration outside the Libyan Embassy.

Mr Murray – who has suffered post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since the incident – said he and PC Fletcher had talked to the demonstrators and swapped where they stood a number of times. 

Then suddenly he heard what sounded like a firecracker and turned to see his colleague and friend lying bleeding on the pavement.

In an emotional testimony, he said: “I blamed myself. I felt responsible for Yvonne’s murder.

“If I had changed places with her once more, it would have been me… she died in my place as far as I was concerned.”

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