AUSTRALIA: ‘ Football Federation Chairman says race for World Cup 2022 was not Clean ‘

#AceNewsReport – Australia:June.03: Football Federation Australia chairman Frank Lowy on Wednesday said the race for the 2022 World Cup was “not clean,” AFP reported.

“We ran a clean bid. I know that others did not, and I have shared what I know with the authorities, including Michael Garcia who undertook a two-year investigation into the 2022 World Cup bid,” Lowy said in an open letter.

The 2022 tournament was awarded to Qatar.

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” Amnesty International requests `Indian Government’ to release information of 450 deaths of Nationals in Qatar”

#AceWorldNews says India came under pressure on Friday over the deaths of over 450 nationals in almost two years in Qatar, the host of the 2022 World Cup.

Amnesty International called on the Indian government to release more information about the deaths amid criticism over safety and working conditions of migrants in Qatar’s construction community, AFP reported. On average about 20 migrants died per month, peaking at 27 in August last year.

There were 237 fatalities in 2012 and another 218 in 2013 up to December 5.

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