Activists have said Islamists have Blown up the Revered ` Shiite Shrine ‘ in Eastern Syria ‘

#AceWorldNews – BEIRUT – March 26 – Activists said the Islamist fighter of Al-Qaeda splinter group blew up a major Shiite shrine in the city of Raqqa eastern Syria on Wednesday – Reuters.

The mosque was Ammar Ibn Yasser Al-Qami Uys and at one time a popular destination for Pilgrim’s from Iran , Lebanon and Iraq, before that it was controlled by opponents fighting to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad.

The attacks have raised fears of those groups in neighbouring Turkey will be the next target.

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` Group of Eight will not meet until ` Russia ' changes its policy towards ` Ukraine ' according to Cameron '

#AceWorldNews – LONDON – March 26 – The Group of Eight will not meet until Russia changes its policy towards Ukraine, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Wednesday, March 26.

The leaders of the seven most industrialised nations (G7) have agreed to hold their next meeting in Brussels in June.

They refused to go to Russia’s Sochi for a G8 summit because of the Ukraine crisis.

Cameron earlier threatened to exclude Russia from the Group of Eight if it refused to cooperate on de-escalation of tensions in Ukraine.

Speaking at a meeting of the EU heads of state or government on March 6, Cameron stressed that “illegal actions committed by Russia cannot pass without a response.”

“And if Russia does not rapidly engage in direct talks with the Ukrainian government to find a solution to this crisis, we have been clear that we will go further,” Cameron warned, adding that the leaders had tasked the European Commission to start work on additional measures, including travel bans and asset freezes.

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` Brazil Wins Victory for Net Neutrality in Brazil but Companies Win Right to still Store Information '

#AceSecurityNews – BRAZIL – March 26 – Brazil has scored big for net neutrality after its lower house of Congress approved a ground-breaking post-Snowden bill that protects its users’ privacy rights, albeit with some sacrifices.

The measure did not go as smoothly as could have. To ensure success, President Dilma Rousseff had to let it through at the cost of allowing companies such as Google and Facebook to store user information outside Brazil’s servers.

The real truth is that as before all your GMail and Private Data is still stored on Servers outside these countries and as in the case of Google and Facebook free to be used albeit, they will say with restrictions says Ace News Services.

However, other provisions, which ensured that internet providers gave equal privileges to all web traffic, were left in place. This went ahead despite contrary pleas by big local phone carriers who wanted to continue charging users higher prices for separate content, such as video streaming or Skype-like services.RT

In return for allowing Google and Facebook the freedom not to be bound by Brazilian servers, where local user information was concerned, the bill gets to strengthen legal oversight and punishment for companies not respecting local laws when storing Brazilian user data internationally.

If any transgressions are detected, or data is not made available to law enforcement on request, a company would have to pay a fine equal to 10 percent of its annual earnings from the year before.


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#AceNews Group – Announces “Ace Daily News” Launched Today #AceNewsDesk”


“Good Morning To All Of Our Readers “

As most who read our news daily all ready know, we strive to tell you the truth behind that story. Well in today’s world of so much corruption and lies and we find ourselves in the enviable position ,of being able to report on a number of areas. 
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So any reader can sign up for our news letter and will receive everyday our latest news articles ” Hot Off The Press

As a byline and as l have been asked and emailed so many times by readers ,l am introducing a weekly ” Guest Reader Spot ” whereby any reader using any of our news sites can add their own slant on a story ,or provide their own all for ” FREE And With Guaranteed ” network coverage, across our social media sites. So if you have anything to sell or would like to be feature your business idea, product or really anything you would like to say, drop an email with your details to me by adding a comment to this front page.

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