Why so much intolerance in Pakistan?

#AceFriendsNews – So Much Intolerance in Pakistan – something l personally noticed when l was their on business – even in 1996. This post is a #MustRead and #Share #TheHumanLens

The Human Lens

Will Pakistan continue to be a country where Ahmedis and Shia Muslims will continue to be slaughtered, where Sikhs are prevented from entering their places of praying, where shrines of patron saints are destroyed by suicide bombers, or where a common man go out to work and ends up end on the street.  Or will it be a country where religious pluralism, as was envisioned by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan’s founding father, would flourish?

To many, the crucial question remains same. Why is Pakistan filled with such intolerance?

I: State Educational Curriculum

Human rights experts blame the twisted religious teachings and hate material in textbooks responsible for prevalent unrest in the country. Moreover, experts pinpoint that incorporating the concept of religion in wars was the biggest mistake; and that its effects won’t wear off that easily.

“Before the arrival of cable TV in 2001, my school going daughter thought…

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