(LONDON) Press Release #Coronavirus #NHS App Statement Report: #COVID19 App Launches today across England & Wales and public are being urged to ‘ download the app ‘ link below …that includes ‘ Track & Trace ‘ element and allows use of Bluetooth and QR Codes as people use checkin facility #AceHealthDesk report

(WORLDWIDE) #Coronavirus Report – #COVID19 Cases: Global Confirmed 30,838,610 Global Deaths 958,090 U.S. Confirmed 6,777,026 U.S. Deaths 199,352 on 18/09/2020: according to Johns Hopkins University #AceHealthDesk report

(LONDON Press Release #Coronavirus #NHS App Statement Report: Matt Hancock urges ‘ Businesses across E ngland & Wales to download the new NHS QR code posters that need to be visible on entry for customers who ha ve downloaded the new NHS #COVID19 app that will be launched on Thursday 24th September 2020: and enable cus tomers to check-in #AceHealthDesk report

(U.K.) #Coronavirus ONS Report: Partnering with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to extend the survey across the four nations – making this the UK’s largest #COVID19 surveillance survey as letters are being sent out to tens of thousands of homes inviting participation #AceHealthDesk report

(BEIJING, China.) #Coronavirus Report: Chinese researchers try to ally public fears over the efficacy of experimental #COVID19 vaccines amid recent reports of viral mutations in many countries, including India, Japan and Malaysia, amid a rampant #pandemic including the D614G mutation that is 10-times more infectious as worldwide figures reach towards 22-million cases #AceHealthDesk report

(LONDON) #Coronavirus New Rapid Testing NudgeBox Report: Rolled out that can detect #COVID19 in 90-minutes w ill enable machines that process the tests come in desktop and palm versions and will be used in ‘ c are homes and pop-up labs’ as well as in existing facilities to test DNA next week #AceHealthDesk report

(GLENDALE, Colo.) JUST IN: Health officials are working to increase vaccination rates in the state: By the end of June, 91% of Colo.kindergartners were vaccinated for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). CDPHE: #AceHealthDesk report

(LONDON) #Coronavirus Travel Report: Government due to announced that anyone travelling to Spain will have to ‘ Quarantine ‘ for two weeks on their return its being reported by @SkyNews on Saturday an d this is the latest advice from U.K. government and will be update later #AceHealthDesk report

(TEXAS) #Coronavirus Social Distancing Report: Texas Medical Association Report: Ranks activities of people that poses a much higher risk of contracting #COVID19 than opening the mail or getting takeout, according to a list of 1-10 ranked doctors #AceHealthDesk report

(BEIJING, China.) JUST IN: A herdsman in the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia was confirmed to be infected with bubonic plague, health officials said, a reminder of how even as the world battles a pandemic caused by a novel virus, old threats remain #AceHealthDesk report

(CAIRO, Egypt.) #Coronavirus FreeSpeech Report: Its not just journalists that have to fear el-Sisi rule in the country but EFF has been monitoring latest developments and since the #pandemic bloggers and activists trying to get the #truth have been harassed, detained, arrested and jailed without trial as Supreme Council for Media Regulation has banned the publishing of any data that contradicts the Ministry of Health’s official data #AceHealthDesk report

(NEW YORK CITY) #Coronavirus Lockdown Report: Gov.Cuomo and De Blasio say Phase 3 set to start on Monday, July 6. De Blasio said the rest of the phase will move forward, but indoor dining may be paused or modified due to spike in number of cases details to be given on Wednesday according to @CBSNewYork #AceHealthDesk report

(WORLDWIDE) #Coronavirus Report: Total confirmed cases are now being reported as over 10million with close to 500,000 deaths sadly but on this day we should praise the Lord for 5-million recoveries thanks to our great Health Services and bringing his administering angels #AceHealthDesk report

(USA) #Coronavirus Report: Infecting more people in their 20s and 30s in the South with spikes in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas and Mississippi according to health officials who say there has been a ‘radical shift’ as cases continue to rise with over 4,000 recorded on Saturday #AceHealthDesk report

(NEW YORK) #Coronavirus Test & Trace Report: NYC’s Contact Tracers Speak To Nearly 2,300 People Who May Have Been Exposed To #COVID19 Since Start of June #AceHealthDesk report

(WORLDWIDE) #Coronavirus Report: China raised its emergency warning to its second-highest level and cancelled more than 60% of the flights to the country on Wednesday amid a new outbreak in the capital: It was a sharp pullback for the nation that declared victory over #COVID19 in March and a message to the rest of the world about how tenacious the virus really is as they life lockdown but other countries show spikes in cases as lockdowns are lifted #AceHealthDesk report

(WASHINGTON) #Coronavirus IHME Report: White House Model Projected more than 200,000 of American Deaths by October of #COVID19 that had risen to more than 116,000 on Tuesday and that is now predicted to have increased by 30,000 in just one week and the evaluation highlights the increase was due to relaxation of ‘ social distancing ‘ that has led to increase #AceHealthDesk reports

(USA) #Coronavirus CDC Report: People of colour account for 64-percent of cases with African-Americans and Latinos vastly overrepresented when it comes to infections, according to an analysis released on Monday morning #AceHealthDesk report

(LONDON) #Coronavirus Quarantine Report: Three airlines BA, EasyJet & Ryanair who furloughed some and sacked other workers taking ‘ taxpayers money ‘ now want to sue the government over trying to save peoples lives due to 14-day quarantine rules and not bailing out billionaire owners #AceHealthDesk report

(LONDON) #Coronavirus ONS Social Distancing Report: Google’s #COVID19 Community Mobility Reports use anonymised information from users who have chosen to turn on their device’s Location History settin g: Early findings from this data already show that on 29th March 2020: Visits and time spent at retail and r ecreation establishments had been falling since guidance on working from home was announced #AceHealthDesk r eport