` MERS Cases Increase as Saudi Arabia's Health Minister is Replaced as Kingdom Struggles to Contain Rise'

` MERS Coronavirus Claims its First Victim in `Yemen ‘ whilst Saudi Arabia says a Foreigner has Died ‘

UNICEF ` Begins` ​Mass Polio Vaccine Campaign’ in Iraq, Syria, Egypt after Reported Case ‘

` World Health Day ` April 07 – 2014 – Topic – Vector Bourne Diseases ‘

` World Health Organisation States that `Air Pollution ‘ Accounts for 7 million Deaths Annually ‘

` Senegal closes its ‘ Land Border ‘ in an Effort to ` Prevent Spread of Ebola Virus ‘ Outbreak in Guinea ‘

` Four New Cases of the Deadly ` Ebola Virus ‘ in ` Guinea ‘ bringing the total in the ` Epidemic ‘ to above Seventy ‘

` FDA has granted approval to ` Pluristem Therapeutics ‘ to mass produce `Human Placenta Derived Stem Cell Products ‘

` Guinea ` Ebola Virus ' has killed at least 59 and According to Reports may now have spread to Sierra Leone '

`Guinea has Confirmed that an Outbreak of ` Hemorrhagic Fever ‘ is Ebola ‘

` Guinea is caught in the middle of an Outbreak of ` Hemorrhagic Fever ‘ but WHO suspects – Lassa Fever ‘

`Obamacare Pro’s and Con’s of Enrolment by 31 March 2014 or risk paying a fine ‘

` Plastic Chemical `Azodicarbonamide ‘ found in nearly 500 foods and supplied by around 130 Companies’

` Doctors are Warning of a `Brand New’ recently FDA-Approved `Pain-Killer’ `Zohydro’ is Deadly Dangerous’

` People in this World starve and others are `Obese' as `Greed' has its own Reward's'

“Children at `Risk’ of `Brain Damaging’ Chemicals that are capable of `Impairing Child Development’ Study”

`Researchers at `UCLA’ say `Acetaminophen’ could be `Causing Children to be Born’ with `ADHD’ & `KHD’ if taken during Pregnancy’

#Egypt : ” H1N1 Swine Flu Victims Rise to `182′ Overall with `52′ Fatal Cases since December”

#NHS : ” Tales of Neglect Increase Under this Conservative Government”