(CHICAGO, IL.) CPD ALERT: Warning women on the city’s North Side to be on alert after a man tried to rob and sexually assault a woman on Saturday #AceNewsDesk says PLEASE SHARE THIS ALERT

#AceNewsReport – Feb.05: Police Issue Alert After Attempted Assault on North Side: The incident occurred Saturday in the city’s Wrigleyville neighborhood. At approximately 1 a.m., a 26-year-old woman was walking when a man grabbed her from behind and pushed her into an alley between Wilton and Fremont #AceNewsDesk reports

CPD Report On February 3, 2018, at approximately 1:10 am, the 26 year old female victim was walking eastbound on Cornelia from Sheffield when she was grabbed from behind by the offender and pushed into an alley: The offender demanded money, which the victim handed over. The offender then began removing the victim’s clothing and attempted to sexually assault her. When nearby residents appeared, the offender fled.

#AceMediaNews reports via NBC News that according to police, the man pulled down her clothes and shoved her onto a porch and tried to assault her: The resident who lived in the apartment came home as the incident was taking place, and the suspect ran off: Nothing of that nature has ever happened in this corner of our neighbourhood,” neighbour Emily Uyu said. “It’s very scary.”………..Police have issued a community alert, and are asking the public for help in apprehending the suspect, who is still at large……..For now, women in the neighbourhood are on high alert after the attempted assault………..“My heart was beating so fast. I’m shaken up right now,” resident Abbey Wentel said…….Editor says developing report please check back for more details

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`Russia’s Safe Internet continues to fight against screenings of the `French Movie ‘ La Vie dAdele ‘ in Russian Cinema’s ‘

#AceMediaNews – MOSCOW – March 27 – Russia’s League for Safe Internet continues the fight against screenings of French movie La Vie d’Adele (Blue Is the Warmest Colour) in Russian cinemas.

Experts of this organization claim that the movie contains pornographic scenes with participation of minors.

The organization believes the film must be banned from screening as it contains propaganda of pedophilia

The League’s press service reported on Thursday that the organization filed a request with Russia’s Ministry of Culture asking to strip the film of its lending license.

“On general release, the film continues to be screened, and it can be freely found on the internet.

This is unacceptable, and we’re urging the Ministry of Culture to draw attention to the system of providing film lending licenses, so that the license could be revoked from La Vie d’Adele and in the future, such films would not receive them,” the press service quoted the League’s executive director Denis Davydov.

The organization has also filed a request with Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office asking to review the cases of law breach and public morality violations shown in the movie.

“We have sent the conclusions of the League’s experts to the Prosecutor General’s office, where we have noted that the movie contains propaganda of pedophilia, and this is violation of our laws and basic civil ethics,” Davydov said.

French and Russian News


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` Ukraine’s TV and Radio Recommends Change to Programme Schedules to Counter Russian Information ‘

#AceMediaNews – KIEV – March 25 – Ukraine’s State Television and Radio broadcasting Committee recommended state TV and radio broadcasters to “correct” their program schedule “taking into account the need in neutralizing information onslaught from Russia”.

At a meeting that took place on Tuesday, the committee decided to increase the amount of news round-ups and, at the same time, lessen the number of other types of programs. “State TV and radio companies are recommended to submit in time their proposals on changes in relevant appendixes to broadcasting licenses to the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting,” the state committee said.

Earlier, the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting in Ukraine recommended the cable providers to “temporarily abstain” from retransmitting programs of Russia’s channels Vesti, Rossiya 24, Channel One, RTR Planeta and NTV-Mir within their cable networks.

Russian and Ukrainian Media News


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` Three Arab Countries ban ` Hollywood Film Noah ‘ on religious grounds before its release ‘

#AceMediaNews reports that Three Arab countries – Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates – have banned the Hollywood film ‘Noah’ on religious grounds before it has even been released.

Noah is revered in Islam and an entire chapter of the Koran is devoted to him. Islam frowns on the depiction of holy figures in art.


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` Sarkozy telephone conversations were monitored by a `Court Order ‘ Le Monde reports ‘

#AceMediaNews says that the telephone conversations of former President Nicolas Sarkozy were monitored on a court order, Le Monde newspaper reported.

The decision was reportedly made during the investigation of alleged illegal financing of Sarkozy’s presidential campaign in 2007, including by the then-Libyan regime.

Lawyers earlier said Sarkozy and his wife, Carla Bruni, will file a legal complaint over secret audio recordings made of them by an adviser during the 2012 election campaign.


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` UK : ` House of Commons needing to fill coffer's will open its doors to make a movie with Meryl Streep -Suffragette'

#AceMediaNews says that Britain’s House of Commons will open its doors to a commercial film crew for the first time next month in a bid to raise cash, welcoming Meryl Streep for a movie about the suffragettes, officials said – AFP.

The Oscar-winning actress is appearing alongside Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter in the British film “Suffragette”, the fictional tale of one woman’s fight for the right to vote.

Parliamentary authorities decided last year to try to boost their coffers by renting out parts of the Palace of Westminster when lawmakers are not sitting, although crews will not be allowed to film in the debating chamber.

Alan Haselhurst, chairman of the Commons administration committee, said a film about the fight for women’s suffrage a century ago was a perfect way to start.

“As a British film which clearly relates to parliament’s history and heritage, this is an ideal pilot for the House of Commons to identify the opportunities for location filming and income generation,” he said on Tuesday.

Adrian Wootton, chief executive of the British Film Commission, commented: “Opening up such an iconic location as the House of Commons for filming is fantastic news.”

Streep won the best actress Oscar, her second, in 2012 for her portrayal of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady”, but all parliament scenes were filmed in a mock-up of the famous chamber.


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` Real Housewives of New Jersey cast ` Plead Guilty ' to Fraud'

#AceMediaNews says that a Husband-and-wife members of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” cast have pleaded guilty to fraud. Teresa and Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice (JOO’-dys) both pleaded guilty to several counts including bankruptcy fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud.

He also pleaded guilty to failing to pay taxes, AP.


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` Berlusconi’s Publshing House ` Mondadori ‘ launches `My Pope Weekly Magazine ‘

#AceMediaNews says that the Mondadori publishing house announced on Tuesday that it is launching a new magazine entirely devoted to the weekly doings, sayings, gestures and activities of Pope Francis, AP said. “My Pope” hits news-stands on Wednesday.

It will include a free pull-out poster with one of Francis’ more memorable quotes from the previous seven days. Mondadori, part of ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s media empire, is headed by his daughter, Marina Berlusconi.


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` Question has ` Rap ' lost its roots due to disrespect of `Black Icons' and is not in the Groove ? '

#AceMediaNews says that Jesse Washington wrote about Malcolm X and rap music having always fitted together like a needle in the groove, connected by struggle, strength and defiance.

But three recent episodes involving the use or misuse of Malcolm and other black icons have raised the question:

Has rap lost touch with black history?
Chart-topping rapstress Nikki Minaj provoked widespread outrage with an Instagram post featuring one of black history’s most poignant images:
Malcolm X peering out the window of his home, rifle in hand, trying to defend his wife and children from fire-bombs while under surveillance by federal agents.

Superimposed on the photo: the title of Minaj’s new song, which denigrates certain black men and repeats the N-word 42 times.


#ANS2014 says your thoughts – welcome?

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” Good Ship Lollipop Star Passes away Peacefully in California”

#AceMediaNews says `Hollywood star Shirley Temple Dies Aged 85′

English: Shirley temple from the Public Domain...

English: Shirley temple from the Public Domain movie “Glad Rags to Riches” (1933, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0022945/) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hollywood star Shirley Temple Black has died at the age of 85, the BBC reported. Her family said she died on Monday at home in Woodside, California, from natural causes. The actress found fame as a child star in the 1930s in films like Bright Eyes, Stand Up and Cheer and Curly Top. She went on to become US ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia. There is also a non-alcoholic cocktail named after her.


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My Bouquet of Inspiration Awards :)

#AceMediaNews says `Kev’s Inspiration Awards’ #Kevs-domain


Azure- Chapter 25


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My book Miedo Living Beyond Childhood Fears supports…

My book Miedo (Living Beyond Childhood Fears) supports Hull, city of culture 2017 by Giving an inside look at life in Hull from the perspective of a child growing up in the mid 1960s-1980s. Lots of places are mentioned, like Hedon Road, Hessle Road, Old town and Hull Royal Infirmary etc. See my post: http://kevs-domain.net/2014/02/08/miedo-living-beyond-childhood-fears/ for more information.

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#AceMediaServices : ” The Wizard, The Girl and The Unicorns Horn”

#AceMediaNews says my Friend `Kev’s’ latest releases `Now Available in Barnes and Noble` at the links below:

Image representing Barnes & Noble as depicted ...

Image via CrunchBase

content-4425599-DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILThe Wizard, The Girl and The Unicorn’s Horn




BookCoverImageThe Devil’s Apology




23/01/2014 – Posted by  | Books and ReviewsNovels/NovellasPoemsReflectionsShort Stories,


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Facebook: “Facing a Lawsuit over False Likes”

#AceMedaiNews says according to #MediaSources the question being asked is ……… did Facebook user Anthony Ditirro like the USA Today Facebook page, or didn’t he? Perhaps the answer will emerge during court proceedings, as the Colorado resident filed a lawsuit against the social network, seeking class-action status, and claiming that Facebook falsified likes for advertising purposes, CNET reported. According to the suit, as reported by CNET, Ditirro appeared in at least one sponsored story, brought to his attention by one of his friends.

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“Communication Devices Provide Entertainment For Every Age and Every Taste – But are they Really Making Us Happier or More Self-Reliant on Virtual Feelings”

#AceMediaNews says “Communication Devices Provide Entertainment Options for Every Age and Every Taste” but are they really making us Happier or More Self-Reliant on Virtual Feelings”

Entertainment Options for Every Age, Every Taste

“Too many 40-year-old adolescents, felons, power drinkers and trustees of modern chemistry.” – Dalton, “Road House,” Silver Pictures, 1989

It’s interesting to watch the TV networks and cable providers brawl over who is/should get the biggest share of the entertainment payment pie.  Especially when both sides are making handsome profits.

But they always seem to “work things out.” Cost is simply passed along to you!

But fewer folks are tolerating the constant increases because today consumers have more options … a lot more options.

Those that do … its habit!

For Gen Yers who grew up always knowing the Internet was there for them, it’s become their first choice for entertainment with almost limitless “TV” channel choices.

And it all happened relatively quickly:

–        1999 – Victoria’s Secret fashion show “aired” online, choking the Internet

–        2000 –  Samsung introduced the first cellphone with a built-in camera and people started uploading all their best stuff to the web

–        2005 – YouTube formed but online video infrastructure could barely support viewing activity

–        2010 – a team of scientists/engineers send a GoPro camera into near space (80,000 ft) and the online video has been viewed more than 3B times and copied hundreds of times

–         2012 – the 4.13 minute Gangnam Style video was posted on the web with duplicates at YouTube and Facebook. To date, there have been more than 20B GS views, 40M copies downloaded, billions of mentions/likes/links around the globe. No one said taste was a prerequisite for being on the web!

New choices keep coming every time we turn on our smart TV set, tablet or smart phone.

Smart Options – Today’s smart TVs, like some of LG’s units, are not only being bought by consumers, they are finally being connected to the Internet  with streaming media players like the Nuvola as people begin to move beyond the standard cable/satellite bundled offerings. With the Internet, people can find and enjoy content that is of interest specifically to them, rather than the general audiences networks try to appeal to. The anything, anytime audience is also gaining the attention of marketers and advertisers.

The Times Warner Cable/CBS negotiations (and blackout) will probably help a whole bunch of people realize they do have an option to the constantly rising cable bill.

Dalton warned both sides, “I want you to be nice until it’s time to not be nice.”

Connection Options

Today’s smart TV can be connected to TV sets with your Xbox, PS, NanoTech Nuvola or Roku to deliver a world of news, information and entertainment.

Sure, everyone would like to upgrade their screen to a smart TV; but face it…even with prices coming down they ain’t cheap.

And it’s hard to justify a new set when the present one is only a year or two old if the content isn’t 4K quality.

Dalton calmly said, “I want you to remember that it’s a job. It’s nothing personal.”

That’s why, according to ABI Research, the global market for smart streaming devices and dongles will surpass 18 million units this year. The research firm projects the market for smart units and dongles will grow at a rate of 10.8 percent through 2018, thanks to areas like the Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Then too, people like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and iTunes are producing their own entertainment to compete with cable networks.

Freedom of Choice – The rising cable/satellite company monthly charges plus the younger generation that is growing up on the Internet (who never had a conventional TV connection) are helping people seek out new options for their TV time. Cable cutting is only a minor movement but it is forcing the entire entertainment industry to take a fresh, new look at its business model.

Rising monthly charges and professional alternative content are making it very easy for more and more people to cut the cord and move their viewing to the Internet.

Of course, there’s always the tablet or smart phone for viewing.

If you’re connecting at home, you’re probably using a cable operator, cheaper but still…

The number of online video viewers this year will be about half of the 2B plus people who use the internet.

Cable Plus

But it’s not always a matter of cutting the cable.  There are a number of reasons people want to watch their content over the internet or add the online activity while viewing cable shows.

My TV – Consumers around the globe are adding the Internet to their TV/entertainment viewing options on all of their devices. In many instances, people blend plain-old-TV with Internet connected device activities.

What does bother the content selling side of the cable company is the trend that is being set by the younger generations to simply do everything on the Internet.

Researchers at RVA recently found that more than 25 per cent of under-35 broadband users consistently got all of their television/movie programming through the Internet and didn’t access broadcast or cable programming at all.

Life on the iNet – While cable/satellite companies continue to have good viewing numbers, they also see those numbers decreasing. They are really focused on the Gen Y and teen generation audience which has had never bothered to sign up for the rising annual TV fees but has always taken advantage of Internet-available news, information, entertainment.

About half of this group had never purchased programming from a cable or satellite television provider.

Across all age categories, a growing number of broadband consumers are now receiving all of their programming from the Internet.

Content owners think that direct relationship is a natural growth, so expect a mish-mash – pay TV and OTT coming to your smart TV or smart dongle/box.

Traffic Boom

The video/audio content over the iNet push has surprised (thanks to the kids showing the way).

Global internet traffic has skyrocketed:

–        1992 – 100GB/day

–        1997 – 100GB/hr

–        2002 – 100GB/sec

–        2007 – 2,000GB/sec

–        2012 – 12,000GB/sec

–        2017 – 35,000GB/sec

Wade looked at all the potential entertainment coming across the wire/airwaves and said, “I’ll get all the sleep I need when I’m dead.”

Content suppliers are feeding an almost unquenchable demand and infrastructure folks are rushing to keep up because according to a recent study, 60 per cent of the streams suffer quality degradation leading to re-buffering, slow start-up or poor picture quality.

FTTH (Fiber to the Home) folks in the Americas like to say they’re going to be the ones that meet the demand but people like Cisco, Ericcssen and Alcatel take a less myopic view and look at the global demand.

Infrastructure Build-Out – Consumers have kept the leading Internet suppliers and providers very busy (and profitable) by demanding higher-quality video content. The demand for content on any device is projected to continue to increase to the point where video will be the primary consumer of Internet traffic in the near future.

All forms of IP video (Internet video, IP VoD (video on demand), video files exchanged through file sharing, video streamed gaming, and videoconferencing) will reach 86 percent of total IP traffic.

By 2015, Internet video will account for 55 percent of all consumer iNet traffic.

By 2017, global IP video traffic will be 73 percent of all iP traffic.

Internet video to TV will be 14 percent of consumer Internet video traffic by 2017 and by then, VoD will be equal to six billion DVDs/month!

But it isn’t all just about mindless entertainment.

The smart TVs, boxes and dongles will deliver a lot more to the home viewer/user.

Resource Center – Almost every segment of business is finding new opportunities to deliver news, information and entertainment over the Internet. Cable and telco firms see growing sales/service opportunities, while other business segments see opportunities to get closer to their customers.

Over the next few years, we’ll also localize and personalize our communications, messaging, shopping and music/visual entertainment.

Telcos and cable folks are also “encouraging” us to upgrade our appliances, connect them to the iNet and manage our homes from anywhere.

The healthcare industry is also focused on newer, better and more advanced/complete ways of monitoring and delivering healthcare.

All of it–not just to your lowly flat screen but also to your tablet, smart phone and, oh yeah, computer.

As Dalton said, “It’ll get worse before it gets better.

Then, he looked at both sides in the contract negotiations and said, “My way… or the highway.”

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” Smartphones Are All About Business and Getting Smarter by the Day”

#AceMediaNews says ” Smartphones Are All About Business…Funny Business” 

“I have always known about man. From the evidence, I believe his wisdom must walk hand in hand with his idiocy. His emotions must rule his brain.” – Dr. Zaius,  “Planet of the Apes,” 20th Century Fox, 1968

Have you noticed that Apple and Samsung have both lowered their sales projections?

Have you noticed that companies like Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, Coolpad, Xiaomi and Oppo have all raised their projections?

O.K., they aren’t household names but they will be soon, at least household names in certain parts of the globe.

That’s because these firms (and probably hundreds of no-names you’ll never hear of) are doing something Apple and Samsung won’t or don’t want to do … make a cheap – really cheap – smartphone.

Sure, we know you don’t care. You love your iPhone or Galaxy because it lets you do just about everything and be in touch with just about everyone.

Got something to do?

There’s an app for that.

Want to avoid something you need to do?

There are hundreds of apps for that.

The problem is, worldwide, more folks who can’t afford to drop the equivalent of a year’s plus salary for one of those two phones than there are of people who can afford them!

Emerging Share – While the industrial countries account for more of the expendable income, people in emerging countries are making it known they are ready for technology. China and India both have populations of about a billion each. Add the people in Brazil, Russia and a few other countries and you’re talking serious markets who are smart phone  ready!

The folks most interested in getting their hands on a smart phone to do everything are those individuals living in the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries.

The Chinese like the sleek look of the iPhone and Galaxy and everything you can do with them; but cripes, the iPhone 5 costs about $780 in China and the Galaxy S4 costs about $850 … jeezz!

And they have to pay full price because Chinese carriers didn’t buy into the idea of a phone subsidy to get you into the habit of using their service.

So the ingenious Chinese figure they can knock there socks off and give their countrymen – and the world – what they really want…a cheap look-alike smart phone.

Analysts at Bernstein figure that could mean about 300M phones a year in China and an equal number in the rest of the BRIC.

Sure, they could use their old flip-phones to make calls but they want to do what you do …look cool… play games.

Look at U.S. mobile gamers as an example – 17.7 percent will use their feature phone for gaming by 2017, but 90 percent of smart phone users will do the same with their everything device.

Don’t you think the ROW (rest of the world) will want to do the same?

Well Yeah!

As George Taylor said, “Chalk up another victory to the human spirit.”

That’s great news for Japanese mobile social gaming firms DeNA and GREE. When it comes to monetizing their users they’re more efficient than anyone else.

That’s probably why Zynga bribed Don Mattrick, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox business, with a pay package that could be worth about $50M to give them a more global look at the market.

Despite all the business and store apps that are available to you and me, just remember the one thing we (O.K., you and my kids) want to do is play games.

Keeping Limber – Smartphones let people do a lot of things and stay in touch with a lot of people; but the thing most users add are a few dozen games to keep them from getting bored. Ironically, most of the game play on their go-anywhere mobile device is at home.

Gamers are gamers, no matter where they live; or, as Julius said, “You know the saying, “Human see, human do.”

No wonder DeNa and GREE are glad to see those cheap smartphones coming out and why Zynga went on a staff diet and wrote a big check for a new boss.

Global Potential – The game industry has always been strong with all age groups, even though Boomers and Gen Xers don’t admit it. In the emerging economies, the potential for mobile game play is very strong because the device is often their first and only computing/communications device and the potential for mobile games – especially with less expensive smartphones – will be tremendous for developers.

While console and PC games made healthy contributions to the 39 percent gaming growth that showed a respectable $960M in sales last year in the U.S., mobile will take the lead–especially in developing countries where the phone is their primary computing/communications device.

Researchers at Newzoo project that much of the growth will come from the Asia-Pacific and Latin American countries and that the new lower-cost smartphones could help game developers rake in about $12.3B by the end of the year

There’s no reason the model that has worked so well in the EU and Americas won’t work just as well (translation – profitably) in countries where kids play games even more than ours.

All Segments Strong – With the introduction of new game consoles and ultralight notebooks, the console/PC market segment should continue to be good. But new generations of mobile devices (especially low-cost smartphones) should kick mobile gaming into high gear.

In the U.S., game developers make their money from a combination of paid downloads, in-game purchases of virtual goods and in-game advertising.

And the market is rapidly evolving to free, platform-agnostic games supported by a combination of ads and virtual goods sales.

Multiply the U.S. figures by even 10 and suddenly you’re talking about a serious pocket of change!

Profit Play – Whether they are paid or free games, creative developers have also figured out how to turn a profit with the games people play. With the rapid ramp-up of cheap smartphones that have a good “look/feel,” the open platform games could become even more profitable.

Yep, the market is going to be big, huge even; and there’s nothing out there to make me believe that the new potential gamers will be any different from the people doing it right now … yes, right now!

According to eMarketer, more than half of the U.S. and EU mobile phone users will play games on their phones this year. (The other half will lie about it.)

Even though 44 percent primarily play games at home, 22 percent said they played “while waiting for something” and 21 percent played while traveling.

While females tended more toward puzzles, guys preferred action and sports games (about 3 to 1 in each category).

Game Categories – Game developers don’t really develop new games, new segments, new features for themselves, they design them for the guys/gals so they buy more and more and more. While males tend to prefer sweaty palms and brutal action, the ladies prefer finesse, talent and eye/hand/mind coordination to win.

At the same time, the tastes in game play changes with the various age groups.

Adrenalin- pumping action games tend to appeal more to the younger crowds while older players of both sexes tend to migrate to puzzle games.

Both GREE and DeNA have a very broad user base by offering games to fit every age group and play preferences.

With more smartphones being designed for consumers in emerging markets, the growth potential for the Chinese device manufacturers – and mobile game producers – should be very strong in the coming years.

According to Canalys, Samsung presently has 20 percent of the Chinese market, and several “hometown” companies have surpassed Apple’s 8 percent market share.

Local competitors are going to make it tough for Apple and Samsung because Chinese smart phone shoppers are concerned about brand image and the look/feel, but they are still concerned with price.

Both market leaders will have to deliver lower-cost units to retain and grow their market share without diluting the value (and profit) from their high-margin units.

The move is important for Apple and Samsung because Chinese switch phones far more often than folks in the West — generally after about six months, compared with every two years or so in developed economies.

And doing well at home will help the Chinese smartphone producers export their devices to the rest of the emerging countries around the globe.

As more of the economic smartphones are sold, more kids will download games and the mobile game market that can be monetized will continue to get bigger.

As George Taylor exclaimed, “It’s a mad house! A mad house!”

While the device manufacturers are happy to boost the mobile gamer market, they do draw the line as Dr. Zira did when she said, “All right, but you’re so damned ugly.”



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Google is giving away 2013 Play Picks, including free albums and singles from Kanye West, Arcade Fire and others

#AceMediaNews says would you like a FREE album or single from Google then head over to Google-Play and get yours Now #FreeMusic


Kanye West might not be for everyone, but how does picking up a copy of his new album for free sound? Just head on over to Google Play(s goog), where Google is giving away a number of its 2013 Play Picks, including Kanye’s album Yeezus. You can also score some great deals on movies, books, TV and apps.

For a full list of free music picks click here. In addition to Yeezus, Google is giving away Chvrches’ entire album, The Bones of What You Believe. You can also pick up some free singles from Arcade Fire, Drake, Disclosure and Cut Copy, among others. And if you’re still trying to round out your 2013 music collection, you can score a number of excellent albums on the cheap, including my pick of the year, Rhye’s Woman, for just $3.99.

And it’s not just music. Google is offering some solid deals…

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UK:Diwali Video Message from Nick Clegg

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg‘s video message to mark Diwali 2013.

A transcript of the video message is below:

Across Britain, it’s that time again when the dark nights of winter are lit up with the bright lights of Diwali.

And I would like to wish everyone taking part in these celebrations, both in this country and around the world, a happy Diwali and a prosperous new year.

One of the most important dates in the Hindu calendar, Diwali is a festival that marks the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. And it has become the focus of joyous celebrations in many of our local communities, with people of all faiths and none, coming together for dancing, music and fireworks.

These festivities represent some of the biggest Diwali celebrations to be found outside of India, and reflect the powerful and ongoing contribution of Britain’s Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist communities to every area of our national life.

So whether you’re at home with family and friends, or you’ve been taking part in Diwali events on the Belgrave Road in Leicester, in Trafalgar Square, or elsewhere in the United Kingdom – wherever you are and whatever your faith – have a wonderful time.


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