(AUSTRALIA) JUST IN: Federal Court Report: The first directions hearing in a class action against chemical giant Monsanto, over claims commonly used herbicide Roundup causes cancer, have been held on Tuesday according to ABCNews #AceNewsDesk reports

(SILICONE VALLEY, Calif.) Transparency by ‘ Tech Companies ‘ are ‘ NOT ORDER OF THE DAY ‘ when Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google ‘ DECLINE TO SHARE ‘ the #Truth o nline about attack ‘ including ‘ Halle Germany Shooting ‘ and now some states in Ger many are electing to pay for their own private armies to protect ‘ Jewish communities from ‘ Hate & Terrorist Attacks ‘ #AceNewsDesk reports

(LONDON) MET Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu Statement: Sir Kim Darroch Criminal Investigation launched into alleged leaking of official communications in criminal breaches of the ‘ Official Secrets Act ‘ He also advise all owners, editors, publishers of social and mainstream media not to publish leake d government documents that may already be in their possession, or which may be offered to them, and to turn them over to the police or give them back to their rightful owner, Her Majesty’s Government #AceNew sDesk reports

(OXFORD, Wis.) LATEST: George Papadopoulos began serving his two-week prison sentence on Monday after a judge rejected his last-minute bid to remain free saying its was to send a message to the public not to lie to the FBI but really its trying pin something on the President and Prevent Clinton being indicted #AceNewsDesk reports

(WAKEFIELD, U.K.) Convicted Paedophile David Thomson aka Karen White Trans inmate who abused women in jail sent to prison has been moved to HMP Wakefield MEN ONLY PRISON following a series of rape and sexual assault convictions #AceNewsDesk reports

(LONDON) MET REPORT: Stabbings in Enfield, Hackney and Shepherds Bush as three more people are fighting for their lives after the violence in the capital within a 24-hour period: Meanwhile officers of WMP launch a murder enquiry in Sparkhill, Birmingham #AceNewsDesk reports

(BEIJING, China.) JUST IN: WWF Devastated by State Council Plan to END 25yr BAN on trade in ‘ Tiger Bones and Rhino Horn ‘ reversing the prohibited trade and authorising for scientific, medical and cultural use #AceNewsDesk reports

(SQUIRREL HILL, Pitts.) Suspect Robert Bowers opened fire and at least 11-dead at Tree of Life Synagogue on Saturday morning, it could have been worse if not for the brave actions of SWAT and police officers who responded to the scene #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceSecurityReport Smart TV’s are getting ‘ Smarter ‘ but so are those that want to break into them and spot on the user as now software patching becomes a new reality for smart Sony Bravia TV owners as a new critical bug can get access to root privileges and use the device to attack others in t he home that share your network #AceNewsDesk reports

(PERTH, Australia.) Latest: Anthony Robert Harvey was charged with murdering his three young daughters, their mother and their grandmother in Perth, police said on Monday, describing the incident as an “atrocity and tragedy” Harvey was held in custody to next appear on Sept.19: #AceNewsDesk reports

(NEW YORK) EXCLUSIVE: The government’s star witness in the case against ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort “deserves a special place in Hell,” one of the jurors told Fox News in an exclusive interview, while revealing the jury largely discounted his testimony during the dramatic trial #AceNews Desk reports

(SILICONE VALLEY, Calif.) Zuckerberg has been asking several ‘ Wall Street ‘ banks for ‘ Private Data ‘ WSJ reported Monday: But he is now denying the report, but as we all know there is no smoke without fire and he has been found twisting the truth to meet his advertising profits before …….So watch this space as chatbot AI and messenger platform discussed #AceNewsDesk reports

(USA) Defence Future Force Field: Astonishingly futuristic new tech creates a seemingly invisible, impenetrable, protective bubble around military armored vehicles making enemy attempts to fire at U.S. tanks pretty pointless – those rounds won’t hit the tank, they’ll explode mid-air and much more in this report #AceNewsDesk reports

(LONDON) Sadiq Khan Lord Mayor Gives Green Light to Insulting Donald Trump by Allowing an ‘ Inflatable Blimp ‘ dubbed ‘ Trump Baby ‘ to fly over the city during his visit: Is th is how we show respect for people visiting our country, this just shows up the U.K. as bad losers in referen dums, debates and not getting their own way … Disgusted and Ashamed #AceNewsDesk says

(LONDON) #GrenfellTowerFire Inquiry: MET Police unable to provided an adequate report on the number of “ Victims “ decides today to ‘ Pass the Buck ‘ and place the blame on ‘ Brave Fight-Fighters who could not move and use their ladders as with normal fires ‘ due too shoddy and non-fire-resistant cladding and toxic fumes from said materials …’ due to lack of hea lth and safety being applied and had to use a ‘ Stay Put ‘ policy to prevent even more deaths namely firefighters: Q/ Where is MET’s report ? #AceNewsDesk reports

(ROME, Italy.) Latest: EU Stooge President Sergio Mattarella has appointed IMF official Carlo Cottarelli as the interim prime minister tasked with forming a new government after two Eurosceptic parties won majority and were undermined over changing taxation by the President as it would create a loss to the EU-coffers #AceNewsDesk reports

(LONDON) Government apologies to Libyan Abdul Hakim Belhaj on Thursday over a ‘ tip-off by M16 ‘ that led to his torture by Gaddafis forces and Theresa May agrees compensation to his wife of £500,000 speaking in the Commons, Attorney General Jeremy Wright said UK actions had contributed to the couple’s capture #AceNewsDesk reports

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) Zuckerberg Testimony Full Text: After two days of ‘ so-called grilling ‘ by Congress he’s still in ‘ business ‘ and a lot richer: Hearings ended with ‘ no consensus by lawmakers on how, what or when legislation if any would be forthcoming: Zuckerberg refused to make any promises on changes to site or how he does business or even if wether he would support any form of legislation …ALL IN ALL he played the ‘ little boy lost look ‘ and wins the day #AceNewsDesk reports

#Brittius says keep a watch if Syria lights up, Russia, Syria, North Korea, Iran, all are involved: China remains an open problem however, North Korea, and Iran could be involved: That would mean that China jumps in, to the axis the rest of the world forces on two fronts, leaving the US southern border and Alaska open, as it was, during WW2 #AceNewsDesk reports

​#TonyTran2015 says USA is now facing the age old tactics by China: Understanding the Strike-then-Consolate Tactic #AceNewsDesk reports