(SILICON VALLEY) JUST IN: Twitter has announced a new feature allowing accounts to self-identify as bots, by adding a label to their profile #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Sept.10: The company gives several examples of “good bots” including accounts that share vaccination updates, information about seismic activity or material from public museums.

#AceSocialDesk says that Twitter is to label ‘good’ bot accounts and said the update was based on research that found that people wanted more context about non-human accounts…

Twitter is dropping the terms 'master', 'slave' and 'blacklist' from internal documents.
By James Clayton
BBC North America technology reporter

A study by Carnegie Mellon University last year found that nearly half of the Twitter accounts spreading messages on the social media platform about the coronavirus pandemic were likely automated accounts.

The move will not be mandatory.

The company will continue to remove inauthentic accounts it deems to break the company’s platform rules. 

Example of Twitter’s new label

Bots are often associated with misinformation on social media platforms – and have caused a major headache for the company.

Twitter has removed tens of millions of suspected bot accounts in recent years. 

Yet some automated accounts are seen by Twitter as having a positive impact on the platform. 

One account Twitter highlighted as a “good bot” live tweets every time there is an earthquake in San Francisco. 

Another tweets public domain works from the Drawings & Prints department at New York’s Metropolitan Museum. 

Twitter had previewed the system in May, in an attempt to give people more information to differentiate automated from human-run accounts. 

The company believes the labels will increase the legitimacy of such accounts and build trust and transparency with their audiences.

Twitter said they were launching it to a small number of developer accounts, and was planning to roll it out all developers by the end of the year. 

However it’s not clear how many automated accounts will take up the offer, or whether the owners of many of these accounts would want to advertise that they are not run by humans. 

#AceNewsDesk report ……….Published: Sept.10: 2021:

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(BEIJING) State Tech Entities Report: The Chinese government has taken stakes in Chinese entities owned by tech companies ByteDance and Sina Weibo corporate records showed, amid a widening regulatory crackdown on the industry as shares plummet #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Aug.17: WangTouZhongWen (Beijing) Technology, which is owned by three Chinese state entities including a fund backed by China’s main internet watchdog, has a 1% stake in Beijing ByteDance Technology, according to shareholder data from the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System.

#AceSocialDesk says Beijing owns stakes in ByteDance, Weibo domestic entities, records show news of the stakes and the board seat was first reported by The Information on Monday. read more

The stake gives Beijing a board seat at the subsidiary which holds some of the business licenses covering Douyin and Toutiao, some of ByteDance’s most popular domestic apps, a source familiar with the matter said.

August.17, 20214:57 AM BSTLast Updated 6 hours ago

It does not give not give the Chinese government any stake in the firm’s hit short video app TikTok, the source said. TikTok is not available in China.

The Chinese subsidiary “only relates to some of ByteDance’s China-market video and information platforms, and holds some of the licenses they require to operate under local law,” a ByteDance spokesperson told Reuters on Monday.

An affiliate, WangTouTongDa (Beijing) Technology, similarly holds a 1% stake in Beijing Weimeng Technology, Weibo’s main domestic subsidiary, according to a separate government data report and filings it made to the U.S. securities regulator.

Weibo did not immediately respond to a request for comment. In the SEC filing, it said its unit received the investment from WangTouTongDa in April 2020 and that WangTouTongDa (Beijing) Technology had the right to appoint a director to Weiming’s three-member board.

Corporate information app Tianyancha said the ByteDance unit stake transfer was registered on April 30, 2021.

Although Chinese regulators have clamped down on a range of sectors, tech has come in for some of the harshest measures to date.

Regulators say they are concerned about issues ranging from its technology giants’ market power to their management of user data, and have launched antitrust probes, cancelled deals and published new guidance for the sector.

WangTouZhongWen (Beijing) Technology is co-owned by the China Internet Investment Fund, a China National Radio subsidiary and the Beijing Cultural Investment Development Group, its company registration filing showed.

The China Internet Investment Fund, which was established by the Cyberspace Administration of China and the country’s finance ministry, fully owns WangTouTongDa (Beijing) Technology.

Chinese tech stocks plummet as Beijing cracks down on online monopolies

17 Aug, 2021 12:00 

Chinese tech stocks plummet as Beijing cracks down on online monopolies
RT Business Report:

China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) has issued draft rules aimed at preventing unfair competition on the internet. The news triggered a selloff in Chinese listed technology stocks in Hong Kong.

The latest measure comes as part of Beijing’s broader crackdown on Chinese technology majors and covers multiple areas, including prohibitions on the way corporations are using data, and stamping out fake product reviews.

Shares in game development giant Tencent dropped 3.5% in late morning trading on Tuesday, while online retail giant Alibaba was down 2.5%.

SAMR is expected to hire third-party auditors to check whether the companies fall foul of the rules. The regulator is currently seeking public opinion on the new restrictions until September 15. It hasn’t set a date for when the regulations will come into effect if publicly approved: Chinese tech stocks suffer worst sell-off since global financial crisis as Beijing pledges to step up screening of US-listed firms

Earlier this year, the regulator released new anti-monopoly guidelines targeting internet platforms. The new rules have tightened the existing restrictions faced by the country’s tech giants.

SAMR has also taken legal actions against some Chinese technology corporations, having issued hefty fines to Alibaba Group and Tencent Holdings. The regulator blocked Tencent’s plan to merge video game streaming sites Huya and DouYu over antitrust concerns. It has also initiated a probe into food delivery firm Meituan for “suspected monopolistic practices.”

SEC Warns US Investors About Risks Of Buying Chinese Stocks As Crackdown In Beijing Continues

August 17, 2021A few weeks ago, the SEC quietly shut down the processing of any new Chinese IPOs, which seemed almost comical to us, considering any underwriter would probably have trouble lining up the financing since there’s approximately zero appetite for new Chinese listings in the post-DIDI world. And not because of what’s happening on the American side, but due to the mounting political risks in China.

But let’s set all that aside for a moment. Early Tuesday morning, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler released a new “Office Hours” clips where he not only confirmed that the SEC had, in fact, shut down processing of any new potential Chinese listings, but he also explained to American investors exactly what it is they’re owning when they buy shares in Chinese listings.

#AceNewsDesk report ……Published: Aug.17: 2021: Reporting by Brenda Goh in Shanghai, Yingzhi Yang in Beijing and Echo Wang in New York; Editing by Gerry Doyle

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FEATURED: ” It’s finally happening: Twitch is taking action against copyrighted music — long a norm among streamers — in response to music industry pressure,” reports Kotaku. But the Verge reports “there’s some funny stuff going on here.” #AceSocialDesk report

#AceSocialReport – First, Twitch is telling streamers that some of their content has been identified as violating copyright and that instead of letting streamers file counterclaims, it’s deleting the content; second, the company is telling streamers it’s giving them warnings, as opposed to outright copyright strikes: Weirdly Twitch decided to bulk delete infringing material instead of allowing streamers to archive their content or submit counterclaims. To me, that suggests that there are tons of infringements, and that Twitch needed to act very quickly and/or face a lawsuit it wouldn’t be able to win over its adherence to the safe harbor provision of the DMCA:


The email Twitch sent to their users “encourages them to delete additional content — up to and including using a new tool to unilaterally delete all previous clips,” reports Kotaku: One business streamer complains that it’s “insane” that Twitch basically informs them “that there is more content in violation despite having no identification system to find out what it is. Their solution to DMCA is for creators to delete their life’s work. This is pure, gross negligence.”

Or, as esports consultant Rod “Slasher” Breslau puts it, “It is absolutely insane that record labels have put Twitch in a position to force streamers to delete their entire life’s work, for some 10+ years of memories, and that Twitch has been incapable of preventing or aiding streamers for this situation. a total failure all around.”

Twitch’s response? ……………………It is crucial that we protect the rights of songwriters, artists and other music industry partners. We continue to develop tools and resources to further educate our creators and empower them with more control over their content while partnering with industry-recognized vendors in the copyright space to help us achieve these goals.

#AceSocialDesk report ………………Published: Oct.24: 2020:

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(CALIFORNIA) JUST IN: Spencer Davis, band leader behind ‘Gimme Some Lovin’’ and ‘I’m a Man,’ dies at 81 his agent said on Tuesday #AceSocialDesk report

Spencer Davis, a British guitarist and bandleader whose eponymous rock group had 1960s hits including “Gimme Some Lovin’” and “I’m a Man,” has died. He was 81: Davis’ agent, Bob Birk, said Tuesday that he died in a hospital while being treated for pneumonia. He didn’t give a location, but British media reported that Davis lived in California:

Born in Swansea, Wales in 1939, Davis began working as a musician while he was a student at the University of Birmingham:

Influenced by the burgeoning British blues and skiffle scenes, he performed in bands with future stars including the Rolling Stones’ Bill Wyman and Christine Perfect — later Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie. He formed the Spencer Davis Group in 1963, with a teenage Steve Winwood on keyboards and guitar, his brother Muff Winwood on bass and Pete York on drums:

With Steve Winwood as lead vocalist, the band had two No. 1 U.K. singles — “Keep on Running” in 1965 and “Somebody Help Me” in 1966 — and seven British top 40 hits before Steve Winwood’s departure in 1967:

Davis released several solo albums without recapturing his 1960s fame, and later reformed the Spencer Davis Group without the Winwood brothers: In later years he was regarded as an influential elder statesman of British rock:

Davis is survived by his partner June and three adult children.….

#AceSocialDesk report ………………Published: Oct.21: 2020:

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(CALIFORNIA) JUST IN: Apple Launches ‘Apple Music TV’, a 24-Hour Music Video Livestream According to a report on Tuesday #AceSocialDesk report

#AceSocialReport – Oct.21: Apple has launched Apple Music TV, a free 24-hour curated livestream of popular music videos that will also include “exclusive new music videos and premiers, special curated music video blocks, and live shows and events as well as chart countdowns and guests,” according to the announcement:

Apple Music TV will be available to U.S. residents only on the Apple Music app and the Apple TV app: It can be found at apple.co/AppleMusicTV and in the browse tab in the Apple Music and Apple TV app:

The service premiered Monday morning with a countdown of the top 100 all-time most-streamed songs in the U.S. on Apple Music: On Thursday (October 22), it will celebrate the upcoming release of Bruce Springsteens’s “Letter to You” album with an “all day Bruce takeover” featuring music-video blocks of his most popular videos, an interview with Zane Lowe, anchor of Apple Music’s radio station, and a special livestream fan event:

#AceSocialDesk report ……………………Published: Oct.21: 2020:

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(NEW DELHI, India.) JUST IN: Facebook Announce new feature allowing users in India to ‘ lock their profile ‘ preventing anyone downloading/sharing their profile or cover picturewho are not in friends list and includes news and old: Here is how to do it #AceSocialDesk says

#AceSocialReport – May.21: Social media giant Facebook has announced a new safety feature for its users in India. With this new feature, Facebook users in the country will be able to lock their profile: Enabling the feature will give restricted access to the user’s profile to people who are not in the friends’ list: Once a user locks his/her profile, non-friends or the people who are not in the friends list will not be able to share or download his/her profile picture and cover photo. They will not be able to even zoom into these photos. No unknown person will be able to see photos as well as posts shared by a user on the Facebook time: This includes both new and old photos and posts:

Facebook now lets users ‘lock their’ profiles, here’s how it works according to GadgetsNow

How to turn on ‘Lock your Profile’ feature:

  • Visit your profile page and tap on ‘More’ under your name
  • Look for ‘Lock Profile’ tab here and tap on it
  • Tapping on it will prompt a confirmation message. Click on ‘Lock Your Profile’ to lock your profile.


Facebook has also added an indicator on the profile page to remind users that their profile is locked: The company says that the new feature is especially designed for women Facebook users “who want more control over their Facebook experience”

In another news, Facebook has rolled out its Zoom rival Messenger Rooms for all users across the globe: The video conferencing tool was first announced by the company in April this year: The platform supports up to 50 participants in a video call without any time limit: To join a Messenger Rooms video calls, it is not compulsory to have a Facebook account. However, creators of the chat room on Messenger Rooms must have a Facebook account to share links to invite anyone to join.

#AceSocialDesk report ……………Published: May.21: 2020:

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