' Warwick School Children Have a Taste of Being Homeless for Charity '

#AceUKNews – WARWICKSHIRE – June 09 – Eleven and 12-year-old boys from Warwick School had a small taste of the life of a homeless person for a night to raise funds for a homelessness charity.

One hundred year seven pupils at the school spent a night sleeping in cardboard boxes outdoors as part of the school’s fundraising efforts for Emmaus, which aims to help homeless people find permanent living arrangements.

Not only did the boys have to sleep in cardboard shelters, but they also first had to build them, using plastic bags and tape to help make them as waterproof as possible.

And then to help gear up for the night, the youngsters took part in a variety of physical and mental challenges, including a bungee run, dodge ball game, a quiz and team building exercises. Then a chapel service was held, which included a talk given by a representative from Emmaus.

The boys were then served soup by their headteacher Gus Lock at 11.30pm, before they attempted to get some sleep.

Emmaus was founded in Paris in 1949 and was brought to the UK 40 years later. It has now branches across the country. To find out more about the organisation, visit www.emmaus.org.uk

Read More: Kenilworth Weekly News – http://tinyurl.com/kthpcud


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` Royal Regiment of Fusiliers March Through My Home Town of Warwickshire as Heroes '

#AceUKNews – WARWICKSHIRE – June 06 – Kenilworth’s closest regiment will return to a heroes’ welcome when they parade to claim freedom of the county.

​(STAGED in Jordan�"s expansive desert, Exercise Pashtun Links has an impressive track record in preparing Royal Engineers for the IED threat in southern Afghanistan. But the package, which is run every six months, can also be a highly valuable experience for those working in support of the training as well as the sappers undertaking its scenarios. Members of 2nd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers proved this recently when tasked with adding a high degree of realism to serials for the Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Search Task Force.The Cyprus-based unit, which is currently on standby to deploy to Afghanistan as the Theatre Reserve Battalion, made the most of the mission by undertaking some arduous live firing. Maj Jim Bird, officer commanding A Company, explained how the landscape of Al Humayma in the south of the country had offered his men the high degree of realism required to test their weapons and tactics to the max.. Around 100 personnel undertook various drills ahead of their main objective in

Troops from the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers will march through Warwick town centre today (Friday).

The second battalion- which has strong links to Warwickshire – will then be awarded the ceremonial freedom by Warwickshire County 

The battalion already has freedom of Warwick district. The latest honour will extend to the whole of Warwickshire and allow them to march with drums beating, colours flying and bayonets fixed.

Cllr Richard Davies (Con, St Johns), who joined the town campaign to save the Fusiliers from government cuts, said it was an excellent example of support from all angles.

“I was very pleased that we were able to give the freedom of the district to our local regiment and am delighted to see that the county council has followed suit,” he said.

“It does not get any better than this and proves if indeed – such proof were ever needed – that we are in all tiers of local government in total support for our local regiment.”

The Fusiliers can trace their lineage through their historic regiments – The 6th of Foot, Royal Warwickshire Regiment and Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers.

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Two veterans who lived through the D-Day Landings in Normandy in June 1944 were honoured at an event at their care home near Leamington to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the historic event. 06/06/2014 – http://tinyurl.com/mba3l4b


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` Weekly Message from the Chief Executive of Public Health England on our Health and Well-Being ‘

#AceUKNews – LONDON – (PHE) – MAY 16 – Our epidemiologists, microbiologists and public health experts have been at the forefront of the global work around the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV), the new SARS-like virus that began to emerge about 18 months ago.

On Wednesday we published the latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey, which reflects data from 2008 to 2012 and looks at the food and nutrient consumption of children and adults in the UK.

Keeping with the theme, inactivity is the fourth leading cause of ill health in the UK, equivalent to smoking in its contribution to chronic disease and premature death, costing the NHS over £1 billion and society as a whole more than £6 billion n each year.

And finally, the winner of the Nursing Standard first annual award for Public Health Nursing which recognises an outstanding initiative or innovation which has demonstrably contributed to improving and protecting the public’s health is the Alcohol Day Detoxification Service run by Solent NHS Trust.

Warm congratulations to them.

PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND – MAY 16 – PDF – REPORT DS_Friday_message_16_May_2014_final.pdf https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/311859/DS_Friday_message_16_May_2014_final.pdf


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` Sixty Eight Year-Old Woman Became Wedged Between Two Turrets After Falling 30 Feet at Wells Cathedral ‘

#AceUKNews – BRITAIN – April 29 – A woman became wedged between two turrets after falling up to 30ft during a tour of Wells Cathedral.

The 68-year-old was inside the tower when she fell and became trapped in a void between two walls 150ft up inside the bell tower, according to the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue service.

She suffered suspected broken wrists, a broken pelvis and abdominal injuries.

A rescue operation to free the woman was launched by fire-fighters. Paramedics, a doctor and an RAF helicopter also joined the effort.

The victim was given pain relief and then winched up to a stable platform at the cathedral in Somerset.

From there she was lifted to a safe area within the tower and then winched on board an RAF Sea King helicopter which took her to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol.

Sky News


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` Man Who Throttled 12-year old Girl Until Unconscious Gets Unpaid Community Service of 200 Hours ‘

#AceUKNews – INVERNESS – April 24 – A man who throttled a 12-year-old girl until she collapsed unconscious has been ordered to carry out unpaid community work.

Paul Flint-Elkins, 20, of Inverness, assaulted the girl after she called him “chicken”, an earlier hearing at Inverness Sheriff Court was told.

The child was among a group of girls jumping between walls near Ashie Lane in Inverness in March last year.

Flint-Elkins said he could do the same before refusing a dare to do so.

Sheriff Margaret Neilson agreed with a submission by defence lawyer Duncan Henderson that Flint-Elkins could be dealt with by a community-based disposal.

He was ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid community work as an alternative to prison.

BBC News



` Sand Sculptor Recreates ` Last Supper ‘ on Beach in Dorset Following in his Grandfathers Footsteps ‘

#AceUKNews – BRITAIN -April 19 – A sand sculptor is re-creating the Last Supper on a beach in Dorset.

Mark Anderson is sculpting the Easter scene on the beach at Weymouth

Artist Mark Anderson is sculpting the Easter scene in Weymouth, which depicts Jesus sharing a final meal with his apostles before his crucifixion.

Mr Anderson’s grandfather, Fred Darrington, took on the same project in the 1970’s

His grandfather, Fred Darrington, who was also a sand sculptor at the resort, took on the same project in the 1970’s.

Mr Anderson, who has been a sculptor for 28 years, said it was one of the most difficult challenges he had ever taken on.



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Man Arrested over Shooting of ` Tommy Crossan ‘ IRA Who was Killed on Good Friday Anniversary ‘

#AceUKNews – NORTHERN IRELAND – April 19 – A 26-year-old man has been arrested in Northern Ireland after the shooting of a prominent republican hard-liner. Tommy Crossan, a senior member of the Continuity IRA, was fatally shot on Friday afternoon in west Belfast.

Tommy Crossan, a former leading figure in the Continuity IRA (CIRA) was gunned down in an office at a fuel depot in the grounds of an industrial complex on Friday.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) said the arrested man was held in west Belfast by officers from its Serious Crime Branch and is being questioned at a police station in Antrim.

A priest attended to pray over Crossan, 43, after he was shot in West Belfast, an area long known as a republican heartland but which has been relatively peaceful in recent years, following the end of the IRA campaign in 1998.

Alex Attwood, West Belfast MLA for the nationalist Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP), suggested three gunmen carried out the killing and detectives are examining the possibility that rival republican dissidents were involved in the murder.

Crossan had been strongly opposed to the 1998 peace deal. Northern Ireland has been predominantly peaceful since the signing of the Good Friday agreement.

However, there have been occasional outbreaks of sectarian violence, which have intensified over the past 18 months.

More than 3,600 have died in sectarian troubles between Catholic Irish nationalists and union protestants who wish to remain part of the UK since the ‘troubles’ began in the 1960’s.

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` Labour Party has Recruited Top Adviser to ` Barack Obama ‘ to help with Election Campaign ‘

#AceUKNews – BRITAIN – April 18 – Labour Party has recruited a top adviser to US President Barack Obama’s campaigns to help with its leader’s election bid next year, AP reported.

The UK opposition party said David Axelrod will join its election campaign team as senior strategic adviser.

Axelrod, a key figure behind Obama’s two presidential victories, will take part in regular strategic discussions with party leader Ed Miliband. Axelrod said on Thursday that both Miliband and Obama had the vision to focus on the “experience of everyday people.”

Career: Career History: Senior White House adviser (January 2009-January 2011) Partner of AKP&D Message and Media formerly known as Axelrod & Associates (since 1985); Partner ASK Public Strategies (since 2002); Media Adviser to Barack Obama (2004 and 2008)
Birthday: Feb. 22, 1955
Hometown: New York, N.Y.
Alma Mater: University of Chicago, B.A. (political science), 1977
Spouse: Susan Landau
Web site: N/a

(WP) – Axelrod, the political consultant who for two years was Barack Obama’s senior adviser at the White House, often derides fellow consultants he says see themselves as being at least as important as – and often smarter than – the candidates for whom they work.

“I have never believed in the Wizard of Oz theory of consulting, that I am all-knowing and all-seeing, and that everyone around me is kind of a backbencher,” he once said.

UK and US News.


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` Andy Coulson Reveals for the First Time he did Listen to private Voice-Mail Relating to David Blunkett ‘

#AceUKNews – LONDON – April 16 – (BBC) – Andy Coulson has revealed for the first time that he did listen to private voicemail messages relating to former home secretary David Blunkett.

The ex-News of the World editor said that when he did so in August 2004 it was “the first and the only time
voicemail messages were played to me”.

Who are the defendants?

He told the hacking trial he now knew the material “was the product of an illegal act”, but was not aware then.

Mr Coulson, 46, denies the charges against him.

He is accused of conspiracy to hack phones and conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office.

Mr Coulson, who became Downing Street director of communications after leaving the News of the World, is testifying at the Old Bailey for a third day.

He was also asked about using the phrase “do his phone” in an email, which he said was not a reference to hacking TV celebrity Calum Best’s mobile phone but was in relation to an inquiry into a reporter at the paper.

Read More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-27046180

Yesterdays News of the Trial – April 15 – 21.26 GMT – #AceUKNews – BRITAIN – April 15 – (BBC) – Andy Coulson has said he should have paid more attention to the use of some of the “dark arts” while editor of the News of the World http://wp.me/p165ui-4Od


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` Andy Coulson refers to `Phone Hacking ‘ as a ` Dark Art ‘ and Should have Paid Attention as an Editor ‘

#AceUKNews – BRITAIN – April 15 – (BBC) – Andy Coulson has said he should have paid more attention to the use of some of the “dark arts” while editor of the News of the World.

Who are the defendants?

Mr Coulson told the hacking trial he believed the “investigative techniques” used by the newspaper were

But he said he did not give the practice of getting information from “phone traffic” – by examining phone bills – enough thought.

Mr Coulson, 46, denies the charges against him.

Giving evidence for a second day, Mr Coulson, who also denied being involved in the hacking of murdered teenager Milly Dowler’s mobile phone, was asked about the use of the “dark arts” while he was editor.

The court heard the News of the World’s “school of excellence”, which gave staff legal refreshers, briefed journalists about the “dangers of the dark arts”.

Read More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-27031723


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` Dave Lee Travis is Charged with One-Count of Indecent Assault Under Operation Yewtree ‘

#AceUKNews – BRITAIN – April 15 – (BBC) – Former Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis has been charged with one count of indecent assault under Operation Yewtree.

The 68-year-old is alleged to have assaulted a woman, who was over the age of 16, in January 1995.

The Crown Prosecution Service said last month it had authorised police to charge him with the alleged offence.

The fresh charge comes after Mr Travis was cleared of 12 counts of indecent assault in February.

He faces a retrial on two outstanding charges.

Read More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-27041407


` Liverpool’s Anglican Church Bells Chimed 96 Times in Memory of the 96 Fans that Died Today ‘

#AceUKNews – LIVERPOOL – April 15 – (BBC) – Bells have been rung 96 times across Merseyside to mark the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster.

A seat was left empty and draped with a football scarf for each Liverpool fan who died

The bells of Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool Town Hall and churches in Merseyside rang at 15:06 BST during a one-minute silence.

It marked the moment Liverpool’s FA Cup semi-final at the Sheffield ground was halted on 15 April 1989 after a crush that led to the deaths of 96 fans.

An annual memorial service was held at Anfield stadium.

Campaigner Margaret Aspinall, chair of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, and other families of victims were clapped as they arrived for the service.


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` Metropolitan Police Have Tried to Silence a ` Whistle-Blower ‘ who ` Exposed Manipulation ‘ of Crime Figures ‘

#AceUKNews – LONDON – April 14 – (PressTV) – The Metropolitan (Met) police, Britain’s largest force, have tried to silence a whistle-blower who exposed manipulation of crime figures, newly-released documents show.

According to the papers seen by the British daily, The Guardian, on Sunday, senior officers made three attempts over a period of about five months to prevent Police Constable James Patrick from blowing the whistle on massaging crime statistics by the Met.

Patrick received a letter warning that he will be barred from having any contact with the public.

The whistle-blower was also threatened in another two letters with further disciplinary action if he continued to expose the crime figures scandal through interviews with the media.

Patrick, who is currently awaiting disciplinary proceedings, told MPs in November 2013 that rape and sexual offences were being routinely under-reported by as much as a quarter.

His remarks prompted an investigation and led to admissions by the police inspector Tom Windsor and the Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe that crime figures produced by the force were likely to be unreliable.

The constable resigned in March 2014, saying he was forced to quit his post “as a result of making disclosures in good faith and in the public interest.”


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` One of the Victims of a ` Hammer Attack’ at ` London Hotel ‘ has been left with 5 Percent Brain Function ‘

#AceUKNews – LONDON – April 12 – (BBC News ) – One of the victims of a hammer attack at a London hotel has been left with 5% brain function and has lost her left eye, police said.

The woman, from the United Arab Emirates, was attacked with her two sisters in their room at the Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch on 6 April.

Philip Spence, 32, of no fixed abode, has been remanded in custody charged with three counts of attempted murder.

He also appeared in court charged with one count of aggravated burglary.

He is due to appear at Southwark Crown Court on 17 April http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-27000875

Ace Related News – Reported the original story on April 08 – 21.13 GMT – #AceUKNews – LONDON – April 08 – An attacker has bludgeoned three Emirate’s women with a hammer in a central London hotel during a possible theft attempt.

One victim was in a critical but stable condition at a central London hospital, while the other two both sustained serious injuries but were not in a life-threatening condition, following the attack early on Sunday at London’s Cumberland Hotel. http://wp.me/p165ui-4HW


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` Seamus Daly Faces 29 Counts of Murder and and 2 Charges Linked to the Explosion in Omagh Bombing '

#AceNewsServices – DUNGANNON – April 11 – (BBC) – A man accused of murdering 29 people in the 1998 Omagh bombing has been remanded in custody.

Seamus Daly, 43, from Culloville, County Monaghan, in the Republic of Ireland, faced 29 counts of murder and two charges linked to the explosion in Omagh, at Dungannon Magistrates’ Court.

The Real IRA attack was the worst single atrocity of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

The victims included a woman who was pregnant with twins.

It happened just four months after the Good Friday peace agreement was signed.

Andy Martin, BBC Ireland correspondent, said there was a light security presence outside the court as Seamus Daly was led into the dock.

Read More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-26984920

Ace Related News – April 10 – http://wp.me/p165ui-4Ju


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` Hillsborough Inquest Continues with a Father Recalling his ` Beautiful Daughters ‘ Dying on that Dreadful Day ‘

#AceUKNews – BRITAIN – HILLSBOROUGH – April 10 – A father whose “beautiful” daughters died at the Hillsborough disaster “lost everything – the present, future and any purpose”, a coroner has heard.

Sarah Hicks, 19, and her sister Victoria, 15, were two of 96 Liverpool fans who died after a crush at the FA Cup semi-final in April 1989.

Their parents Trevor and Jenni Hicks read statements about them at the inquests in Warrington.

Campaigners Mr and Ms Hicks divorced in 1991 “as a result of Hillsborough”.

‘Buried together’

Mr Hicks, president of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, said: “The loss of a child is one of the worst things that can happen to a parent.

“It’s not that losing two is twice as bad, it’s that you lose everything – the present, future and any purpose.”

He said: “They lived together, died together in horrific circumstances, supporting the team they loved. They are buried together. Need I say more?”

Mr and Ms Hicks read their statements on what would have been Sarah’s 44th birthday.

Read More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-26969833


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` House of Commons MP ` Nigel Evans ‘ has been Cleared of a String of ` Sex Abuse Charges ‘ including Rape ‘

#AceUKNews – PRESTON – April 10 – (BBC) – Former deputy speaker of the House of Commons Nigel Evans has been cleared of a string of sex abuse charges, including one of rape.

The rape claim was one of several allegations made by seven men during a five-week trial at Preston Crown Court.

The former Conservative MP was said to have used his political influence to take advantage of his alleged victims.

But the defence pointed out inconsistencies in various witness accounts.

There was profound shock on all sides when the allegations of sexual offences against the then deputy
speaker first surfaced – and no shortage of MPs and peers willing to speak up for him.

The jury unanimously found Mr Evans not guilty of one count of rape, five sexual assaults, one attempted sexual assault and two indecent assaults.

Read More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-26974975


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` MOD Accused of trying to stop the Publication of its Own Book on Afghanistan's Helmand Province '

#AceUKNews – BRITAIN/LONDON – April 09 – (PTV) – The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been accused of trying to stop publication of its own book on Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, as the contents are too critical.

The book on Britain’s war in Helmand — authored by Dr. Mike Martin who was commissioned to do research by the MoD — was due to be published on Tuesday. However, British officials have blocked the release claiming it breaches the Official Secrets Act.

Following the decision, the author, Mike Martin, said “I have been forced to resign. I was employed as a constructive critic and I strongly believe that the Army needs reform.”

Martin also reportedly criticized the MoD for being more interested in protecting its reputation than learning the lessons.

In response to Martin’s resignation, the defence ministry said in a blog posting that “the Army simply decided that it was inappropriate for a serving officer to publish a book that is so heavily critical of the Army, the MoD and our allies. It respects the decision Dr Martin has taken.”

Meanwhile, the book’s publisher has said it had taken legal advice and would go ahead with publication.

Britain is to pull out troops from Afghanistan by the end of this year. Some 5,200 British forces are presently stationed in Afghanistan.

The US and its allies invaded Afghanistan in 2001 under the pretext of combating terrorism. The offensive removed the Taliban from power, but the foreign troops have not been able to establish security in the Asian country.


Contributions from British Media and News – BBC – Guardian


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` No New Investigation into the the Birmingham Pub Bombings of 1974 ‘ Julie Hambleton will continue Fighting ‘

#AceUKNews – BIRMINGHAM – April 07 – (BBC) – Reports that there is to be no new investigation into the Birmingham pub bombings, the family of one victim has been told.

Twenty one people were killed and another 182 injured when two bombs exploded at the Mulberry Bush and Tavern in the Town in November 1974.

Six people were jailed in 1975, but their convictions were quashed in 1991.

Julie Hambleton, whose sister Maxine was killed, met West Midlands Police on Monday, but said she had been told there would be no fresh inquiry.

She said she was angry, but had feared this outcome.

Julie Hambleton vowed to “continue to fight until justice is done”

` History of that Night tells a Story for the Victims ‘

(History of War) – On November 21st 1974 the terrorist group the PIRA exploded two bombs in the centre of the city of Birmingham, UK. This was the worst terrorist attack in UK history until the London bombings of July 2005 and killed 19 people, injured 182 and two further victims died later.

The bombs were triggered by timers and were placed in two busy inner city pubs, the ‘Mulberry Bush’ which was underneath Birmingham’s famous Rotunda building, and in a low level pub ‘The Tavern in the Town’ in New Street near Birmingham’s central shopping area and main railway station, (this pub is now renamed the Yard of Ale).

At 20.11 the Birmingham Post newspaper received a phone call saying that there was a bomb in the Rotunda building. The Police were informed and started to search the Rotunda buildings upper floors but the Mulberry Bush pub at ground level was still packed out, 6-12 minutes after the phone call, the first bomb exploded, quickly followed by the second bomb exploding 50 yards (47 meters) away, luckily a third IED placed outside a bank on Birmingham’s busy Hagley Road failed to detonate. Both pubs were packed with young people and the bombs had gone off at one of the busiest times of night leaving a scene of carnage behind. Many of the injured were taken to hospital in private cars and nearby taxis as the ambulances arrived. Maurice Buck then assistant Chief Constable for the West Midlands Police described the devastation caused by the bombs as “disastrous and appalling”. The impact on the people of Birmingham was enormous and the attacks severely damaged relations with the Irish community and are still remembered today. A plague to remember those who died can be found in the grounds of central Birmingham’s St. Philip’s Cathedral.

It is thought the attack was planned to coincide with the return to Ireland of the body of James McDade, a PIRA member who had died in Coventry the week before when a bomb he was planting exploded prematurely. Some PIRA members later said that the short length of time between the warnings and the bombs going off was an error and this would certainly fit the profile of Irish terrorist attacks during this period as the intention was not a large body count but to gain media attention. A PIRA member who was later arrested for another attack claimed that the public phone boxes that they had planned to use to make the warning calls from had been vandalised so it took time to find a working phone box. In 2004 on the 30th anniversary of the attack Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams expressed regret for the loss of life in the attacks but the PIRA has never officially taken responsibility for the attacks.

Under immense pressure to get a result the British police quickly arrested six men, Hugh Callaghan, Paddy Hill, Gerry Hunter, Richard McIlkenny, William Power and Johnny Walker. These men became known as the Birmingham 6 and were convicted in 1975, but the conviction was unsafe to say the least and was over turned 16 years later and the six were released. Three detectives were charged with perjury but their trial was abandoned in 1993 due to media coverage influencing the jury. The real bombers have never been brought to trial and it remains one of the most controversial cases in British counter terrorism history and one of the most painful for the people of Birmingham.

Courtesy of Dugdale-Pointin, T. (28 November 2007), Birmingham Pub bombings, 21 November 1974, http://www.historyofwar.org/articles/birmingham_pub_bombings.html


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` Same Sex Marriages in ` Britain ‘ becomes Legal at Midnight with many Couples Hoping to say their Vows at 12.01 GMT.

#AceUKNews – BRITAIN – March 29 – The first same-sex marriages in the UK will take place at the stroke of midnight tonight, after years of tireless campaigning by gay couples fighting to have their unions recognised by law.

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act came into force in July last year, but it was not until 13 March that couples were able to register their intention to marry under the Act for the first time.

Campaigners who spent years battling for the legalisation of gay marriage will see the historic law enacted at midnight, despite objections from the Church of England and some members of the Conservative party.

Civil partnerships were introduced in England and Wales in 2005 to provide gay couples with the same legal rights as heterosexual partners, but campaigners continued fighting to have their marriages recognised by law.

A number of couples are hoping to claim the title of being the first ever to be married in Britain by trying to time it perfectly so their vows are said at 12.01am.

Read More: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/first-gay-marriages-in-the-uk-will-take-place-tonight-9220985.html


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