` ACLU ' says that the US has 875,000 on the `Terrorist Watch-List 'though they are not adhering to the Principle of Innocent until proven Guilty '

#AceWorldNews The US had 875,000 people in its terrorist watch-list system as of December 2012. Those secretly blacklisted have no real path to challenge their status, states a new report, thus indefinitely restricting those listed from travel or simply getting a job.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans and foreigners languish in the watch-list system, considered “known or suspected terrorists” based on secret rules and evidence that are basically impenetrable should the average suspect attempt to contest them, says a new report by the ACLU that highlights these challenges.

The US terrorist watch list system, which is shared with state and local law enforcement agencies, can stifle overseas travel, the ability to obtain a US visa or entry into the US, and can lead to invasive screenings or detentions by authorities at airports and the like.

This is not to mention the social pressure of being considered a terror suspect by the US, which can lead to a host of problems ranging from separation from family to ostracization from a community or place of employment, for example.

Despite the endless effects that can stem from being placed in the watch-list system, the US has not taken proper care to avoid the basic fairness principle of innocent until proven guilty, according to the ACLU.

ACLU Report watchlist_briefing_paper_v3.pdf

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