(WASHINGTON) JUST IN: Four Iranian intelligence officials have been charged with plotting to kidnap a New York-based journalist critical of Iran, US prosecutors say #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – July.14: The conspirators, who all live in Iran and remain at large, also allegedly plotted to lure a person in the UK and three others in Canada to Iran.

#AceDailyNews says Iranians ‘plotted to kidnap US, Canada and UK targets’, the indictment did not name the target, but Masih Alinejad, an Iranian-American author and activist, says it was her this is still unconfirmed

Masih Alinejad speaking at an event in 2018
Iranian-born author Masih Alinejad said she was the target of the plot

All of the targets had been critical of Iran, according to the indictment.

The US justice department says the Iranian officials sought to lure the New York-based journalist to a third country where the abduction was planned.

The plotters even offered money to the writer’s relatives in Iran to betray them, which they refused to do, the indictment contends.

They hired private investigators to spy on the target’s Brooklyn home and family, and set up a live video feed of the property.

They also researched a service offering military-style speedboats for evacuation from New York City, and maritime routes to Venezuela, an ally of Iran.

Ms Alinejad, 44, is a prominent figure on social media and hosts a programme on the US-funded satellite TV channel Voice of America Persian. She runs the My Stealthy Freedom and White Wednesdays campaigns against the mandatory wearing of headscarves for Iranian women………..Addressing the indictment on TV on Tuesday, she said: “Initially, I naturally felt shocked. Then I got worried… Then I thought about it: we have been scared of the Islamic regime for a lifetime. But now the Islamic regime is scared of me.” The indictment says the Iranian officials were aided by an Iranian resident of California, Niloufar Bahadorifar.She was arrested this month and charged with providing financial aid to the conspirators and violating sanctions against Iran. She has pleaded not guilty.William Sweeney, the head of New York’s FBI office, said it sounded a bit like “some far-fetched movie plot”. “We allege a group, backed by the Iranian government, conspired to kidnap a US-based journalist here on our soil and forcibly return her to Iran,” he said. “Not on our watch.”

In 2019, the Paris-based dissident journalist Ruhollah Zam was enticed by Iranian agents to travel to Iraq, where he was kidnapped and taken to Iran. He was executed last year after being convicted of sedition charges.You might also be interested in:Panorama investigation: The detainees held ‘hostage’ in Iran (August 2020)

#AceNewsDesk report ……Published: July.14: 2021:

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(LONDON) MET Police Report: Having charged two more men over the shooting of equal rights activist Sasha Johnson #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – June.19: On Thursday police charged Prince Dixon, 25, and Troy Reid, 19, with conspiracy to murder: Police previously charged Cameron Deriggs and Devonte Brown, both 18, with conspiracy to murder: They will appear at the Old Bailey in the coming weeks:

#AceDailyNews says two more men have been charged over shooting: Sasha Johnson, a 27-year-old mother of two, remains in a critical condition after the attack at a house party in Peckham, south London, on 23 May after a total of four men have been charged in connection with the shooting, while four others remain on bail until June.

Sasha Johnson in August 2020
Sasha Johnson is a founding member of the Taking the Initiative party

According to Reuters Johnson was shot in the back garden of a house in Consort Road, Peckham

Ms Johnson was rushed to hospital following the incident, which happened in the back garden of a house: She has undergone two operations to release pressure on her brain since but remains critically ill:

Her mother, Ellet Dalling, previously said her family had been left “devastated” by the shooting, and her daughter’s children keep “asking where their mummy is”.

Det Ch Insp Richard Leonard said: “The investigation has made significant progress over the last three weeks as evidenced by these latest charges: The investigation team have worked tirelessly but we are still struggling with a distinct lack of witnesses.”

#AceNewsDesk report ……Published: Jun.19: 2021:

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(EAST JERUSALEM) JUST IN: Israeli security forces have questioned a Palestinian activist who played a significant role in protests against the possible eviction of Palestinian families from homes #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – June.07: Police said the 23-year-old was accused of participating in riots: Ms el-Kurd’s twin brother Mohammed was also questioned after handing himself in to police. Both were later released:

ISRAEL: Arrests Palestinian activist Muna el-Kurd in East Jerusalem: Video footage showed Muna el-Kurd being taken in handcuffs from her home in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.

Palestinian activist Muna el-Kurd, 23, talks to reporters at home in the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah in Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem after being released from an Israeli police station, 6 June 2021
Palestinian activist Muna el-Kurd is considered a powerful voice of protest among her supporters

Tensions in Sheikh Jarrah played a role in recent fighting between Israel and the militant group Hamas.

The conflict last month saw 11 days of hostilities in which more than 250 people were killed, most of them in Gaza, which is ruled by Hamas.

Clashes that broke out in Sheikh Jarrah and at the al-Aqsa mosque compound in occupied East Jerusalem contributed to the increasingly charged atmosphere in the build-up to the conflict with Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah saying about the land dispute in the eye of a storm

Following Muna el-Kurd’s arrest on Sunday, a spokeswoman for the Israeli police said officers had arrested a suspect “under court order”. 

Footage posted on social media early in the morning showed Ms el-Kurd in handcuffs being escorted out of her home by Israeli security forces.

From the property, she and her brother Mohammed have used social media to bring the issue of the potential forced eviction of several Palestinian families to international attention. The families include her own, which has lived in East Jerusalem for decades.

They face eviction after Israeli courts ruled that the land belonged to a Jewish settler organisation in a long-running and bitter legal case. The case has moved on to Israel’s Supreme Court, which allows the families to appeal. 

Getty ImagesMohammed el-Kurd (R) addresses reporters alongside his sister Muna following their release by Israeli authorities

Mr el-Kurd turned himself in at a police station hours after his sister’s arrest after receiving a police summons, according to reports. They were both released after questioning. 

Their father, Nabil el-Kurd, told reporters he was surprised when Israeli security forces turned up at the family’s home and “searched the whole house”. 

“They will not frighten us or our children,” he said. 

Dozens of Palestinian supporters showed up outside the East Jerusalem police station where Muna el-Kurd and her twin brother Mohammed were being held.

Heavily armed Israeli border police watched as the twins’ father Nabil gave a press conference under the shade of a tree.

“I don’t care if they arrested them, because they are fighting for Jerusalem and for Sheikh Jarrah,” he said. 

As he spoke his daughter was suddenly escorted out of the police station – causing Palestinians and the press to move towards her.

Israeli police then fired at volley of stun grenades, despite the peaceful nature of the event. I saw a Palestinian man later carried into an ambulance. 

It felt like a further needless escalation ahead of this week’s potential rise in tensions again in Jerusalem, with a planned march by Israeli religious nationalists through the Muslim Quarter of East Jerusalem’s Old City. 

Many Palestinians and their supporters have come to see Muna and Mohammed el-Kurd as powerful new young voices of protest. 

The family’s lawyer, Nasser Odeh, said the pair faced charges of disturbing public order and “riotous acts”, AFP news agency reported.

Muna el-Kurd’s arrest came just hours after a journalist for the Al Jazeera news network, Givara Budeiri, was briefly detained while reporting from Sheikh Jarrah.

Faiz Abu Rmeleh/Getty ImagesAl Jazeera journalist Givara Budeiri (R) was reporting on a sitting protest in Sheikh Jarrah when she was arrested

Israeli police accused Ms Budeiri of assaulting officers. She has denied the allegations. 

Al Jazeera condemned the arrest of its journalist, who was covering a sitting protest against the threat to evict Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah and wearing a press vest at the time. 

The network said in a statement that the incident showed a “total disregard for the fundamental human rights of journalists”.

#AceNewsDesk report ………Published: Jun.07: 2021:

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(HONG KONG) JUST IN: Sixty-five-year-old pro-democracy activist Alexandra Wong Fung-yiu, affectionately known as “Grandma Wong” to the 2019 freedom movement, was arrested on Sunday for staging a solo protest march in commemoration of the Tiananmen Square massacre #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – June.02: Wong’s “crime” involved walking up to the China Liaison Office by herself, carrying a yellow umbrella festooned with Union Jacks and a card that said “32, June 4, Tiananmen’s lament.”

HONG KONG: Police Arrest Veteran Activist ‘Grandma Wong’ The umbrella is a symbol of resistance against Chinese tyranny in Hong Kong, the British flag is a symbol of better times before the United Kingdom handed control of Hong Kong to Beijing in 1997, and June 4 is the day in 1989 when countless pro-democracy activists were murderedby the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at Tiananmen Square. The exact death toll has never been established because the Communist Party forbids discussion or investigation of the event.

31: May 2021Anthony Kwan/Getty

HONG KONG, CHINA - APRIL 01: Police officers surround Alexandra Wong, also known as Grandma Wong, as she waves a U.K. national flag outside the West Kowloon Magistrates Courts ahead of a hearing on April 1, 2021 in Hong Kong, China. Seven prominent democratic figures, including Apple Daily founder Jimmy …
HK Activist Arrested

The Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) reported Wong was arrested for singlehandedly carrying out the march originally planned by the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre. The march was originally supposed to include 3,000 to 5,000 participants.

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) cited local media reports that said Wong began her march at a playground in the early afternoon, chanting slogans for about 40 minutes before she set off along the planned demonstration route for the China Liaison Office, followed by police officers who videotaped her every step.

The police stopped her for questioning after about five minutes, then stopped her again when she passed police headquarters, physically accosted her, and carried her into a van. In a video clip of her arrest, Wong could be heard saying, “I’m only by myself, just an old lady here. Why stop me?”

The Hong Kong police banned the island’s traditional commemorations of Tiananmen Square last week, for the second year in a row, ostensibly due to the risk of coronavirus transmission – even though Hong Kong has few coronavirus cases at the moment. Police have offered no credible explanation for how a  65-year-old woman walking by herself presented a public health menace. Pro-Beijing officials have suggested they might suppress Tiananmen observances forever under the draconian national security law China imposed on Hong Kong last summer to crush the pro-democracy movement.

Police officials told HKFP they gave Wong a verbal warning to desist, then arrested her when she refused to comply, charging her with “attempting to incite others to participate in an unauthorized assembly and knowingly taking part in an unauthorized assembly.”

The HKFP noted the dauntless Grandma Wong has been arrested on several previous occasions for participating in the 2019 movement. She disappeared in August 2019 and resurfaced the following October, saying she had been jailed in the mainland city of Shenzhen on the CCP’s all-purpose dissent-crushing charge of “picking quarrels and provoking troubles.”

“Wong was released without charge on Monday afternoon, but she refused bail conditions,” the SCMP reported. Police officials took the occasion of her arrest to remind all Hong Kongers that any participation in banned Tiananmen Square vigils will be punished.

#AceNewsDesk report ……Published: Jun.02: 2021:

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(HONG KONG) Court Report: Democracy Activist Joshua Wong has been sentenced to another 10 months in jail for participating in last year’s gathering to commemorate the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.07: Tens of thousands of people lit candles across the city in what was largely a peaceful event, bar a brief skirmish with riot police in one neighbourhood:

HONG KONG: Activists including Joshua Wong jailed over banned Tiananmen Massacre vigil over democracy sentenced to over Tiananmen Square vigil: Last year was the first time the annual June 4 vigil had been banned in Hong Kong, with police citing #coronavirus restrictions on group gatherings, as they did for all demonstrations in 2020

Published: https://t.me/hongkongfp/12960
Hong Kong Free Press, [May 6, 2021 at 4:53 AM]

You see the back seat of a white police van carrying three young Hongkongers handcuffed with Joshua Wong at their centre.
At only 24 years old, Joshua Wong is currently serving his third jail term.(Reuters: Tyrone Siu)

Wong, 24, is already in prison due to other illegal assembly convictions and was among 47 activists who faced charges under the city’s sweeping national security law. 

On Thursday the District Court reduced his proposed 15-month sentence to 10 months after he pleaded guilty.

Judge Stanley Chan also sentenced Lester Shum, Jannelle Leung and Tiffany Yuen to between four and six months.

Pro-democracy activists outside the court said they were “disappointed” in the sentencing, emphasising that the June 4 rally was a “peaceful assembly”.

Twenty others facing similar June 4-related charges are due to appear in court on June 11.

The June 4 vigil is expected to be banned again this year.


#AceNewsDesk report ………..Published: May.07: 2021:

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(PARIS, France.) Court Report: French BDS Movement activist Olivia Zemor has gone on trial in Lyon after making an online appeal in 2016 for a boycott of Israeli pharmaceutical giant Teva company #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.23: Zemor, an active advocate of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, was sued for “defamation” by Teva after she accused the company of complicity in apartheid and occupation:

‘Pro-Palestine activist stands trial after leading boycott against Israeli pharmaceutical company: ‘She appeared in court on March 16 over publishing a call by Collectif Palestine 69 on EuroPalestine website, urging readers to boycott Teva, the largest Israeli pharmaceutical corporation by market value’

Monday, 22 March 2021 1:22 PM [ Last Update: Monday, 22 March 2021 1:56 PM ]

In comments to French newspaper Le Courrier de l’Atlas, she said, “Through its financial contribution to Israel, this pharmaceutical giant contributes to the financing of military operations in Gaza and to the development of colonization in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, in defiance of the rights of the Palestinian people and of international resolutions.”

Therefore, she added, it is necessary to call for the company’s boycott.

Pro-Palestine activist Olivia Zemor is going on trial in France after leading a boycott campaign against Israeli pharmaceutical giant Teva pic.twitter.com/ENtpjlLG2I— Middle East Eye (@MiddleEastEye) March 16, 2021

Zemor said Israel seeks the extinction of the Palestinian people and denies the Palestinian people’s human rights. She has been denied entry into Israel on several occasions.

However, Frédéric Jeannin, lawyer for the pharmaceutical company, denied the accusation, claiming that “Teva is not involved in a geopolitical, ethnic or religious conflict, and these actions hamper its economic activity.”

On the day of Zemor’s trial, activists gathered outside the courtroom to condemn the French government’s attempts to silence criticism of Israel and those who speak out against the oppression of Palestinians.

They argue that the European Court of Human Rights last year affirmed the right to boycott Israel and that this ruling invalidates the French prosecution of Zemor, who is the president of the EuroPalestine solidarity group.

French Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti is accused of “a blatant violation of the decision” by distributing a circular to prosecutors urging them to take action against activists supporting the BDS campaign.

Teva, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of generic drugs, provides millions of pounds in tax revenue to the Israeli regime and its military.

The company is accused of “joining hands with the French state to aggressively seek to shut down and silence international voices of conscience for exposing corporate complicity and profiteering from the Israeli occupation regime.”

People have been asked to show solidarity with Zemor by writing to French embassies and consulates and holding protests outside them.

Palestinians have for decades called on civil campaigns against Israel, organized under the BDS umbrella.

The BDS movement was initiated in 2005 by over 170 Palestinian civil society organizations, unions, as well as cultural and rights groups, including all major political parties, trade and academic unions that were pushing for “various forms of boycott against Israel until it meets its obligations under international law.”

Thousands of volunteers worldwide have since then joined the nonviolent campaign, which calls for people and groups across the world to cut economic, cultural and academic ties to Tel Aviv, to help promote the Palestinian cause.

Israel claims that the movement is a strategic threat and accuses it of anti-Semitism – a claim that activists firmly deny, calling it an attempt to discredit them.

The BDS, which adheres to peaceful resistance, intends to exert pressure on the Israeli regime to adhere to international law and human rights by lobbying various states, institutions and individuals to understand its oppression of Palestinians and take action as a result.

#AceNewsDesk report ……….Published: Mar.23: 2021:

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(WASHINGTON) FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Report: The Anti-Defamation League has fingered an online ‘white supremacist’ they’d been monitoring — and tipped off them off precipitating his arrest in a massive, multi-agent raid on his residence for allegedly possessing a gun in violation of his previous parole terms #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.18: Paul Miller, 32, was arrested Tuesday after the FBI’s joint terrorism task force raided the Riverside home he had been renting for a month after Miller moved there from New Jersey:

At Behest Of ADL, FBI Terrorism Task Force Arrests White Comedian Activist Paul Miller On ‘Parole Violation’ Miller is charged with possessing a firearm by a felon and witnesses say they saw agents remove guns from the house: Miller has an internet presence and often appears in costume ranting racist remarks.

After his arrest, the Anti-Defamation League put out this tweet:

“Several months ago, ADL’s Center on Extremism identified Paul Miller as a volatile white supremacist-accelerationist. COE tracked him to Fort Lauderdale and shared significant intelligence with federal law enforcement before today’s arrest.”

CBS 4 spoke to Carla Hill with the ADL’s center on extremism on Wednesday.

She says Miller started becoming more extreme six months ago.

“The concerning thing is he seems to get more extreme to keep his followers interested. He has several red flags. His violent rhetoric. He has weapons, he expressed the need for a race war,” she says.

At the end of his hearing, Miller expressed regret saying, “I’m really sorry about all of this. I really am.”

Like the recent case of Travis Patron in Canada, Jewish supremacist groups are exercising their power behind the scenes to get law enforcement to arrest people they don’t like on trumped up “hate speech” charges using whatever legal technicalities they can find.

And this is not a “conspiracy theory” — the ADL has openly bragged that they have “working relationships” with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security — and when the ADL talks, the FBI listens.

Let’s face it — if the FBI wanted to, they could arrest tens of thousands of violent Black felons on parole violations — especially for  weapon possessions — every day of the week, all year long, but they don’t.

Black violence is not considered “domestic terrorism” — and Black mass murderers “don’t count” among “real” mass murderers, according to law enforcement.

In fact, courts will often dismiss weapons charges against these violent Black felons — while allegedly pursuing convictions on more “serious” crimes.

Paul Miller has no apparent history of violent criminality — he was apparently arrested 13 years ago when he was around 18 years old on some sort of drug charges — and part of his parole agreement was that he not possess any guns, which is standard for felony charges.

Apparently, he violated the terms of his parole and was charged with possessing a gun in 2018 in New Jersey — according to the recent indictment.

And yet despite violating his terms of parole, his parole officer allegedly allowed him to leave New Jersey and recently move to Florida — which is very strange considering the “seriousness” of that violation.

But Miller has been on the FBI’s radar for years — for his activism protesting the lockdown — but more significantly, for protesting the apparent murder of Duncan Lemp during an illegal police raid.

But here’s where it gets even more strange — part of Paul Miller’s online act as the “Gypsy Crusader” — where he dresses up as the Joker, the Riddler, or one of the Mario Brothers — and trolls people with “racist” comments on the Omegle chat server — is that he often brandishes a handgun at people as he trolls them.

Even if that handgun that he uses in his act is fake — which it most assuredly is — it is certainly a stupid thing to do because if the FBI saw him with that gun, they could very easily be justified in getting a search warrant to investigate if it is indeed real.

And given how he openly uses the most raw and extreme language in his act — he must have known that he would get the attention of Jewish groups like the ADL who would look for any excuse to shut him down and get him arrested.

He has posted his troll videos on Bitchute — under his own GypsyCrusader channel — and he has a Telegram feed.

Paul Miller’s act is all about shocking people with “forbidden” naughty words — like nigger, kike, dyke, etc. — and in many ways he’s not unlike the Jewish “comedian” Lenny Bruce, who was famous for calling Blacks in his audience “nigger” at his live stand-up shows.

In fact, when Lenny Bruce says “nigger”, it’s not a violation of YouTube’s terms of service — but that’s because Jews openly admit hypocrisy and double standards are part of their way of live.

But, of course, the crucial difference is that Lenny Bruce had Jewish privilege — when he called Blacks “nigger”, it was for the “right” reasons — but Paul Miller isn’t allowed to say it, even though he’s made it abundantly clear he was doing it as “comedy entertainment” to destroy the social power that the word has, just like Lenny Bruce.

Despite the ADL’s attempt to portray Paul Miller as “inciting violence”, there is no proof whatsoever that anyone has been harmed by his online act — even indirectly — and a recent suppressed Federal government report admits that online “hate speech” like Miller’s does NOT cause violent “hate crimes” in the real world.

In reality, the Jewish supremacists wanted Paul Miller silenced because he openly challenges their Jewish supremacy and hypocrisy — and to the ADL, when you challenge their power, you are a “terrorist”.

#AceNewDesk report …………Published: Mar.18: 2021:

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WASHINGTON: America’s Most Prominent Anti-Muslim #Activist and head of ACT is Welcome Meet at the White House – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Mar.21: On Monday night, Brigitte Gabriel, head of ACT for America, tweeted that she was, “In D.C, preparing for my meeting at the White House. What topics would you like me to address?The Atlantic Reported on Tuesday…

Among the replies: “Ban sharia law from US,”, “Officially identify Islam as a political system and not a ‘religion’” and “ask how we can get islam [sic] ed out our schools & universities?”

America’s Most Prominent Anti-Muslim Activist Is Welcome at the White House No one familiar with Gabriel—a Lebanese-born Christian who distorts Lebanese history to incite hatred of Muslims—would find those replies surprising. Her organization, ACT for America, is the largest grassroots purveyor of anti-Muslim bigotry in the United States.

Many conservatives claim they oppose only “radical Islam.” Gabriel doesn’t bother with such euphemisms. “Islam,” she wrote in her 2008 book, They Must Be Stopped, “has created and unleashed an uncontrollable wave of hatred and rage, on the world, and we must brace ourselves for the consequences. Going forward we must realize that the portent behind the #terrorist attacks is the purest form of what the Prophet Mohammed created. It’s not radical Islam. It’s what Islam is at its core.”

In 2007, she declared that “If a Muslim who has—who is—a practicing Muslim who believes the word of the Koran to be the word of Allah, who abides by Islam, who goes to mosque and prays every Friday, who prays five times a day—this practicing Muslim, who believes in the teachings of the Koran, cannot be a loyal citizen to the United States of America.” After Khizr Khan held up a copy of the US Constitution in his speech at last year’s Democratic national convention, Gabriel accused him of lying. “Waving the Constitution,” she declared, “is a misrepresentation when one’s religion teaches that it and any other man-made law, for that matter, are to be removed and superseded by the Quran.”

As these quotes suggest, Gabriel does not consider Islam a religion like Judaism or Christianity but rather a totalitarian political ideology like Nazism or Soviet communism. Thus, she does not believe Muslims deserve the freedoms of worship and association enshrined in the First Amendment. ACT lobbies to ban the Council on American-Islamic Relations—a Muslim civil rights organization that Gabriel calls a front for the Muslim Brotherhood—from addressing state legislatures. In more than a dozen states, ACT has helped introduce legislation to ban the use of Sharia law by state courts. Such bans would prevent a Muslim prisoner from citing Islamic law to justify suing a state prison for not providing her Halal food. They would, argues the ACLU, have the effect of “denying Muslims the same religious accommodations afforded to people of other faiths.”

For ACT, that’s exactly the point. The organization has condemned cities with large Muslim populations for serving halal food in public schools. In 2013, its Houston chapter urged members to “protest” food companies that certify their meat as compliant with Islamic dietary law. ACT tries to dissuade Jews and Christians from conducting interfaith dialogue with Muslims. And in state after state, it has lobbied state legislatures and school boards to purge textbooks of references that create “an inaccurate comparison between Islam, Christianity and Judaism.” Gabriel’s agenda isn’t subtle. She wants to stigmatize, and to some degree criminalize, the practice of Islam.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Trump administration had not confirmed Gabriel’s meeting, but she later posted photos of herself at the White House on Facebook.

In February, she distributed a photo of herself with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, where she had delivered a “national security briefing.” Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn served on ACT’s board. CIA Director Mike Pompeo last year won the group’s National Security Eagle Award. Trump counterterrorism advisor Sebastian Gorka has spoken before ACT chapters.

Last December, Gabriel wrote that “ACT for America has a direct line to Donald Trump, and has played a fundamental role in shaping his views and suggested policies with respect to radical Islam.” Since Trump launched his campaign for president, the unthinkable has become not only thinkable, but pedestrian. The president and his aides have transgressed prior standards of decency and honesty in so many ways that it’s sometimes hard to remember what those standards even were.

Yet doing so is essential. A woman who leads an organization dedicated to persecuting people because of their faith just boasted about her access to the White House. If confirmed, her invitation will say something terrible about America’s president. If she can visit the White House without being greeted by protests, it will say something terrible about America’s people.

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#Brittius says #Activists it’s what they want but judges, put the paperwork at the very bottom of the pile, several times, because #activists want to make a splash with the media – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Nov.22: This is a #Brittius News and Views on this post from breaking news on activists #Breaking144 – Portland, Ore., #police confirm #activist leader of ‘Portland’s Resistance’ arrested on charge of disorderly conduct during anti-Trump protest – KPTV – @AceBreakingNews
// #Breaking144 @Breaking144
#AceBreakingNews – Nov.22: Portland, Ore., #police confirm #activist leader of ‘Portland’s Resistance’ arrested on charge of disorderly conduct during anti-Trump protest – KPTV

#Brittius says it is what they want. Many have told me, decades ago, to arrest them. I did, and marked the paperwork as such.

When the paperwork went to the judge’s bench, every one of judges, put the paperwork at the very bottom of the pile, several times, because activists want to make a splash with the media.

They remain jailed until arraigned. Some up to two weeks before the paperwork finally surfaced in the pile of cases.

The judge now, should let the activist rant, then slap him with contempt of court and jail him for six month. That usually smartens them up.

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#AceWorldNews – FERGUSON – Nov.30 – Ferguson officials on Sunday planned to address the resignation of a police officer who fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown, as his parents prepared to attend a church service where civil rights activist the Rev. Al Sharpton was scheduled to preach AP reported. 

Darren Wilson, who had been on administrative leave since the Aug. 9 shooting, resigned Saturday, effective immediately, according to his lawyer, Neil Bruntrager, who declined further comment.

An attorney for Brown’s family didn’t immediately return messages seeking comment.


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The New York-based NGO said on Thursday that Khawaja appeared before a Bahraini court to face charges related to two previous incidents, in which she had torn up photographs of the king.

Once in the courtroom on Wednesday, she pulled out and ripped up another photograph of the monarch.

“A Bahraini rights activist jailed for ripping up a photo of King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa in court on October 14, 2014, should be released immediately.

Bahrain should drop all freedom-of-expression related charges against the activist, Zainab al-Khawaja, who is eight months pregnant and has been charged with insulting the king,” the body has said.

“Zainab al-Khawaja has exposed the thin skin of Bahraini authorities, armed again only with a photograph,” Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch, said.

“Where are the voices of the United States and United Kingdom, the supposed global champions of human rights, when it comes to Bahrain, a serial offender when it comes to punishing free speech,” he noted.

HRW calls for Bahrain activist immediate release

HRW calls for Bahrain activist immediate release

Amnesty International has said Khawaja could face up to seven years in prison if convicted. HRW has said she could also face a fine of up to USD 26,500.

She previously spent almost a year in prison on a number of charges, including taking part in illegal protests and insulting police officers, before being released in February.

Her father, prominent activist Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, is serving a life sentence after calling for a political reform in Bahrain.




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BAHRAIN: ‘ Public Prosecutors Order Detention of Activist Nabeel Rajab for Public Insults on Twitter ‘

#AceNewsServices – BAHRAIN – October 02 – Bahrain’s Public Prosecution on Thursday ordered prominent rights activist Nabeel Rajab to be held and questioned for one week, Reuters said.

' Freed in May after two years in jail '

‘ Freed in May after two years in jail ‘

The ruling came over remarks published on his Twitter account that were critical of state institutions, according to an associate of Rajab.

' Arrested for Tweeting Public Insults on Twitter '

‘ Arrested for Tweeting Public Insults on Twitter ‘

The Public Prosecution confirmed it had charged a person with publicly insulting a government institution on social media and had detained him for questioning. However, it did not name the individual.

The founder of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights was freed in May after two years in jail on charges of organizing and participating in illegal protests.


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WASHINGTON: ‘ This Day Asteroids and Net Neutrality

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (Washington) – September 10 – Today the committee will hold a hearing examining ways to explore the solar system, focusing on a bill from Reps. Bill Posey (R-Fla.) and Derek Kilmer (D-Wash.) that would create property rights for exploring asteroids.

Also that day, activist groups and Web companies including Mozilla, Etsy, Demand Progress and Engine Advocacy are launching a protest to raise support for strong net neutrality rules. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is in its second round of comments for a proposal that seeks to ban Comcast, Cox and other Internet companies from treating users differently depending on which websites they visit.

The coalition is launching an “Internet Slowdown” to encourage companies to use a “loading” symbol that will not actually slow down their traffic but will represent their fears about a slower Web.

The FCC has received more than 1.2 million comments on its plan, a spokesperson said, the most of any regulatory process.


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` Women's Rights Activist's in ` Saudi Arabia ' petition for limits on `Absolute Authority' of Male Guardian's' over Women'

#AceWorldNews says that Women’s Right Activists in Saudi Arabia have petitioned the country’s Shura consultative council callings for limits to be imposed on the “absolute authority” of male guardians over women, a signatory said. Activist Aziza Youssef told AFP they had demanded “measures to protect women’s rights.

” Youseff says many of the proscriptions against women, for example, those which forbid women to work, travel or perform “certain surgeries” without the consent of a male guardian are “not based on religious teaching.”

The petition, signed by 10 female activists, also demands that women be allowed to drive in the ultra-conservative Sunni Muslim kingdom.


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`Russian Court Orders House Arrest for Opposition Activist Navalny’

#AceWorldNews says a court in Moscow on Friday ordered opposition activist Aleksey Navalny to be placed under house arrest over charges of allegedly embezzling money from cosmetics company Yves Rocher, RIA Novosti reported.

He has also been banned from using the internet or talking to the media. Navalny is currently subject to a five-year suspended sentence on a theft conviction.

He has denied any wrong doing and called both cases politically motivated. Navalny was jailed until Monday for resisting arrest earlier this week during a protest in Moscow.

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`Russian Activist `Aleksey Navalny’ was sentenced to 7 days in prison after protest march in Moscow’

#AceWorldNews says Russian opposition Activist Aleksey Navalny was sentenced Tuesday to seven days in prison after participating in a protest in Moscow.

A court convicted him for resisting police orders during a protest Monday near Red Square over the trial of protesters accused of rioting on Moscow’s Bolotnaya Square on May 6, 2012.

Police said 420 out of about 500 demonstrators were detained. Boris Nemtsov, a leader of the RPR-Parnas liberal party and a deputy in the Yaroslavl Region parliament, was sentenced to 10 days in prison.

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” Venezuelan Offices of the `Opposition Party Popular Will’ have been raided to arrest their Founder ”

#AceWorldNews says Venezuelan military intelligence officers are reported to have raided the headquarters of the country’s opposition party, Popular Will.

Several of the party’s officials alleged armed officers arrived at the office, threw tear gas, and attempted to remove several individuals from the premises.

“The intelligence officers arrived and began to harass us,” said party activist Adriangela Ruiz. Security camera footage provided by Popular Will, which has not been independently verified, showed officers entering the party’s offices armed with guns.

Venezuela’s government has issued an arrest warrant for Leopoldo Lopez, Popular Will’s founder, who has been accused by the Maduro administration of inciting violence and acts of terrorism.

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#AceWorldNews says Reuters China will begin a long…

#AceWorldNews says (Reuters) – China will begin a long-awaited trial next week of a prominent anti-graft activist campaigning for officials to reveal their wealth, his lawyer said on Friday, on charges he broke the law by organizing demonstrations.

Xu Zhiyong, who has also pushed for greater civil rights, was formally arrested in August in a case that has exposed shortcomings in the government’s drive against deep-rooted #corruption.

His lawyer said the trial would open on Wednesday.

Western governments have sparred with Beijing over human rights and both the United States and European Union have expressed concern about Xu’s case.

Founder of the “New Citizens’ Movement”, Xu advocates working within the system to secure change. He had called on officials to disclose their assets and fellow activists have gone into the streets to urge citizens to fight corruption.

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