` Greek Government is about to use a Drone to oversee its Sea Borders of the Aegean ‘

#AceWorldNews – ATHENS – April 11 – (Neonline) – The Greek government is about to use a drone to oversee its sea borders in the Aegean, one the of main avenues for immigration into the EU, in a pilot project. Athens’ Ministry of Shipping has issues a competition call for a drone that, according to the competition rules, has to be handed over to the authorities by the end of June.

Greece’s Shipping Minister, Miltiadis Varvitsiotis recently revealed that the country is receiving around 1,000 immigrants a month through the eastern Aegean Sea. Immigration flows have intensified in the Aegean since Greece put up a fence to close off its land border with Turkey alongside the river Evros in the north-east of the country. Immigration flows have also been affected by the deterioration of conditions in Syria.


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Earthquake Magnitude 5.6 was reported in ` Greece ‘ on Friday ‘

#AceWorldNews – ATHENS- April 5 – A magnitude 5.6 quake was reported in Greece on Friday. The quake, the epicenter of which was in the Aegean Sea near Hydra Island at a depth of 94.9 km, was felt in the country’s capital, central Greece, the Peloponnese Peninsula and Crete.

There were no reports about injured or damage.

Greece is one of the countries of the highest seismic activity in Europe.

Almost half of all the recorded quakes in Europe have taken place in its territory.


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