` Vladamir Putin appeals to ` European Nations ‘ Interested in Bolstering Ukraine’s Economy ‘

` Kerry takes offence to critical comments made by `Israel's ' defence minister the US Foreign Policy Agenda '

` Russian Foreign Ministry continues with `Sanctions ‘ on US and EU’s under ` Tit-for Tat ‘ Response ‘

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` European Union offers 15 Billion Euro’s to Ukraine and Yatsenyuk is asking for 35 Billion over Two Years ‘

` Nakamoto denies he is the creator of `Bitcoin ‘ despite earlier reports ‘

` @GSElevator loses his book deal as he goes down to ground level ‘

` Crimea `Autonomy within the Ukraine’ will join `Ruble Zone’ if admitted to Russia ‘

` European Central Bank leaves `Key Interest Rates ‘ steady with ` Refinancing ‘ rate at 0.25 Percent’

` While Americans pay their `Taxes ' Corporations like `Apple ' avoid theirs by moving billions to `Tax Havens '

` Banking World changes as `Japan’s biggest brokerage `Nomura Holdings’ has chosen a `Woman’ to head its Banking Arm’

` Bank of England suspends worker over possible manipulation in `Forex’ or `Sharing of Confidential Client Data’

` Jamie Olivier announces opening of `Italian Restaurant ‘ for city in Cantonese ‘

` Bitcoin storage site `Flexcoin ' is closed after hackers robbed it of `$600.000 ' from its Hot Wallet '

` IMF : Pressures mounts to give `Green Light’ to an `Aid Program ‘ for Kiev ‘

` First there was a `New Currency ‘ called `Bitcoin’ then came `Greed ‘ now comes Taxation ‘ allowing `Greed ‘ to have its own Reward’s

` Fifty Million Americans live in Poverty even though they receive Benefits’ the Year 2013′

` Super Rich Taxation could Boost the Economic Growth according to IMF ‘

` Excess and Greed has its own way of showing People the Truth'