#AceNewsServices – MOSCOW – November 04 – A column of 10 trucks carrying humanitarian aid, sent by Russia’s Emergencies Ministry, has reached Lugansk.



“Ten trucks have arrived in Lugansk, bringing 50 tons of medicines and fuel.

The convoy is starting to be unloaded,” said the deputy head of the National Emergencies Center, Oleg Voronov.

'Humanitarian Aid Trucks Arrive in Luhansk '

‘Humanitarian Aid Trucks Arrive in Luhansk ‘

The regional government had ordered 100 tons of medicines to be brought as well as fuel, which is much needed in Donetsk and Lugansk.

This is the sixth convoy to have provided humanitarian aid, with thousands of tons of aid having already been delivered, including generators, drinking water and warm clothing.

Yesterday it was confirmed that a sixth load of Russian humanitarian aid is ready to be shipped to the suffering people of Ukraine’s Donbass region, according to Oleg Voronov, deputy head of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations.

The shipment will consist of over 100 tons of food and medical supplies and will be sent via 20 lorry trucks to Lugansk and Donetsk.

Source: Tass – RT – RIA Novosti 


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UKRAINE: ‘ Third Convoy of Russian Humanitarian Aid Arrives in Donetsk ‘

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – September 20 – The third convoy of Russian humanitarian aid for eastern Ukraine has arrived in the war-torn city of Donetsk, reported Itar Tass.

© ITAR-TASS/Dmitri Rogulin

© ITAR-TASS/Dmitri Rogulin

The convoy of around 200 vehicles is carrying some 2,000 tons of cereals, canned food, generators, medicine, warm clothes, and bottled water.

Russia said it offered the Ukrainian border guards to check the vehicles on the border on several occasions, but they declined without citing any particular reason.

On September 13 and on August 22 Russia delivered humanitarian aid to the city of Lugansk in eastern Ukraine.

On both occasions Kiev refused to clear the cargoes and accused Russia of invading Ukraine.

The Russian humanitarian convoy crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border early hours of Saturday and in two and a half hours arrived in Donetsk.

There were no incidents en route.

As the trucks are unloaded, they will head back for Russia.


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FEMA: ‘ Looking to Recoup Aid Payments of $5.8 Million From Hurricane Victims in Super-Storm Sandy ‘

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (New York) – September 11 – After Super-storm Sandy hit the East Coast nearly two years ago, the federal government quickly sent out $1.4 billion in emergency disaster aid to the hurricane’s victims.

NYC Sandy Storm

Now, thousands of people might have to pay back their share.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is scrutinizing about 4,500 households that it suspects received improper payments after the storm, according to program officials and data obtained by The Associated Press through a public records request.

As of early September, FEMA had asked around 850 of those households to return a collective $5.8 million. The other cases were still under review.

FEMA’s campaign to recover overpayments, called “recoupment” in agency lingo, typically involves inadvertent violations of eligibility rules, bureaucratic mistakes or missing documentation, rather than outright fraud.


Many people asked to return money were deemed ineligible because their damaged properties were vacation houses or rental properties, not their primary residences. Others had double dipped into the aid pool, with more than one household member getting payments. Some received FEMA money for things later covered by insurance.

As of July 30, the average demanded refund was $6,987, a sum that could be difficult for many, given the modest annual incomes of most aid applicants. Roughly half of the households under scrutiny reported an annual gross income of $30,000 or less.

The larger pool of cases still under review as of that date involved $53 million in aid payments – or about 3.7 percent of the total given out by FEMA through its individuals and households program – though any potential refunds would likely involve only a portion of that money.


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World Food Programme: ‘ GAZA – For The First Time Since 2007 a Humanitarian Convoy of UN WPF Successfully Crossed from Egypt into the Gaza Strip Today ‘

#AceWorldNews – GAZA – August 27 – For the first time since 2007, a humanitarian convoy of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) successfully crossed from Egypt into the Gaza Strip today, carrying enough food to feed around 150,000 people for five days.

​’ Rafah Border Crossing Was Closed Now Open For Aid and Feeding People ‘

After a seven-hour drive from Alexandria – where the food was procured – across the Sinai Peninsula, WFP’s trucks arrived at the Rafah crossing. The convoy of 18 trucks carried 15,600 food parcels – part of a total batch of 25,000 food parcels. The parcels include ready-to-eat food such as canned meat, canned beans, tea and dates.

A second convoy with the remaining parcels is expected to cross into Gaza in the next few days.

​This is the first time that WFP has used the Rafah crossing point since the start of the Gaza blockade in 2007.

“It is extremely important that we have access to the Gaza Strip from different routes including the Rafah crossing to ensure a constant flow of humanitarian supplies to meet the growing needs of the people affected by the recent violence. We are grateful to the Government of Egypt for opening the Rafah crossing and allowing WFP to procure food in Egypt,” said Mohamed Diab, WFP Regional Director for the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and East Europe.

To respond to the urgent need for humanitarian aid in Gaza, the UN in Palestine has activated the logistics cluster. Under the leadership of WFP, the cluster is in charge of coordinating the movement of humanitarian assistance into Gaza. The Egyptian Red Crescent is coordinating all the crossing of humanitarian goods through Rafah.

“The opening of the Rafah crossing for humanitarian aid provides a major opportunity to scale up aid delivery to Gaza and needs to be sustained,” says WFP Country Director Pablo Recalde. “WFP has provided emergency relief from the onset of the conflict and will continue its food deliveries to Gaza to reach people affected by the conflict”.


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UN: ` Impending Drought Threatens Syria’s North-West Increasing the Starving Refugees to 6.5 Million ‘

#AceWorldNews – GENEVA – April 08 – The United Nations is concerned about a drought that threatens Syria’s north-west, as it can bring the number of people in need of emergency food aid to 6.5 million.

Spokeswoman for the United Nations World Food Program (WPF) Elisabeth Byrs said that the rains have been scarce since September, and it could have a considerable impact on the wheat harvest due to start in May.

The WFP spokeswoman added that only one month is left before the rain season ends in the region, so there is little hope the situation will improve.

The looming drought will mostly hit farmers in the north-west of the country, in provinces of Aleppo, Idlib, and Hama, which produce half of Syria’s wheat.

The last time that Syria suffered from severe drought occurred in 2008. WPF experts forecast the wheat harvest to stand at 1.7-2 million tons this year, while an estimated 5.1 million tons is needed for domestic consumption.

Byrs said that up to 6.5 million people in Syria could face food shortages and would depend on international assistance to survive.

This means that the WFP will have to double the distribution of food aid in Syria, which already amounts to $41 million weekly. In April, the organization plans to provide food assistance for 4.25 million of Syrians.

WPF – Food and Media Sources


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#Geneva2 : “Aid Chief `Valerie Amos’ a day ago urged the `UN Security Council’ to Act to Improve Access in the Country”.

#AceWorldNews reports that Syria’s government is doing its best to improve humanitarian aid access, according to the `Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad’ on Friday.

UN aid chief Valerie Amos a day ago urged the UN Security Council to act to improve access in the country.

“While we have done our best and will continue to do our best, I think some of her statements were absolutely unacceptable,” Reuters quoted Mekdad as saying in Geneva.

Amos in many statements does not recognize that “there are terrorist organizations which are hindering the movement of goods and humanitarian assistance to many parts of Syria,” Mekdad said.

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#Syria : ” Repeated Obstruction to Deliver Aid to `Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee Camp’ in Syria May Amount to a `War Crime’ UN Say’s”

#AceWorldNews says repeated obstruction of convoys trying to deliver aid to the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Syria may amount to a war crime, UN High Commissioner for #HumanRights Navi Pillay said Friday. The UN said that some 18,000 people inside the camp cannot get access to food and medical supply as attempts by humanitarian organizations over the past four months to deliver aid to have been thwarted by government forces and the rebels fighting in the area.

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#Syria : ” Western and Gulf Arab Nations Pledge More Than $2.4 Billion for UN Aid Efforts”

#AceWorldNews says Western and Gulf Arab nations have pledged more than $2.4 billion for UN aid efforts in #Syria, Reuters reported. The UN announced appeal last month for $6.5 billion in 2014, the largest in the organization’s history. Kuwait’s ruling emir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah, promised $500 million in new aid at a donor conference, while the US announced a contribution of $380 million. Qatar and Saudi Arabia pledged $60 million each, the EU pledged $225 million and Britain $165 million. Only around 70 percent of $1.5 billion pledged at a similar meeting last year has reached UN coffers.

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“Turkish Police Have Carried Out Raids in Istanbul and Five Other Cities”

#AceWorldNews says Turkish police have carried out raids in Istanbul and five other cities, detaining several people allegedly linked to Al-Qaeda, AP reported. Those detained include an employee of a prominent Islamic charity. The aid organization, IHH, confirmed Tuesday that its storage facility near the Syrian border was searched and an employee was detained. However, it rejected any ties to Al-Qaeda and denounced the police raid as an attempt to discredit the organization. The IHH had organized a Gaza-bound aid flotilla which was raided by Israel in 2010. The group rejected last week news reports claiming that it was involved in the shipment of arms to #Syria.

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Tony Cartalucci: UN’s Syria “Aid” Appeal is Bid to Relieve Trapped Terrorists

#AceWorldNews says rebel leaders hope to starve Colonel Gaddafi’s home town of Sirte into submission, laying siege to his last remaining stronghold in an attempt to avoid mass bloodshed, according to the man spearheading efforts for a peaceful takeover. #Syria

UN’s Syria “Aid” Appeal is Bid to Relieve Trapped Terrorists

By Tony Cartalucci
Global Research, December 16, 2013
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In August 2011, the Telegraph reported in an article titled, “Libya crisis: Rebel leaders hoping to starve Gaddafi stronghold of Sirte into submission,” that:

Rebel leaders hope to starve Colonel Gaddafi’s home town of Sirte into submission, laying siege to his last remaining stronghold in an attempt to avoid mass bloodshed, according to the man spearheading efforts for a peaceful takeover.

Assisting them in the starvation of the 100,000 civilians who populated the coastal city of Sirte was NATO who rained bombs down upon the besieged city relentlessly while terrorists on the ground cut off electricity, water, gas, food, and other essential supplies.

AP would also report on the starvation of Sirte in its article, “U.N. Warns Libya Is Short of Water, Fuel, Medicine:”

Rebel commanders have been negotiating with tribal leaders in Qaddafi’s hometown of Sirte, hoping to avoid further bloodshed. They announced Thursday that they had extended the negotiations’ deadline for another week, from this coming Saturday.

“We want to save our fighters and not lose a single one in battles with Qaddafi’s forces,” said Mohammed al-Rajali, a spokesman for the rebel leadership in the eastern city of Benghazi.

“In the end, we will get Sirte, even if we have to cut water and electricity” and let NATO pound it with airstrikes, he said.

And despite the title of the report, the UN made no mention of the tactics of the terrorists and their NATO backers. Instead, the UN was more concerned with aiding areas of the nation already taken by NATO’s proxy army.

In 2011, the general consensus appeared to be that cutting off an entire city surrounded on all sides by desert and sea, constituted a “humane” and “peaceful” means of taking the remaining strongholds of the overthrown Libyan government. How times and the sensibilities of the West have changed…

The Syrian Arab Army Surrounds Al Qaeda

It is now the end of 2013, with the conflict in Syria having dragged on for three years. The Syrian government has decisively turned the tide against waves of NATO-backed foreign terrorists and their extremist collaborators within the country, having restored order in many parts of the country and having surrounded the terrorist proxies in a dwindling number of districts across the Syria.

Image: “Humanitarian aid – Qatari Red Crescent-style.” As the UN prepares to flood the Syrian conflict with another 6.5 billion dollars, tales of how “aid money” is ending up facilitating the activities of terrorists inside and along Syria’s borders suggest the UN is not trying to provide mercy for the Syrian people, but perpetuate the tragedy further still. Were it truly interested in relieving Syrians, it would expose the true genesis of the conflictto the world and hold those responsible accountable.


In some areas, the terrorists have been completely surrounded, cut off from reinforcements and supplies. Just as in Libya, the Syrian Arab Army is waiting for the terrorists to be starved out rather than attempt a bloody assault – the difference being that civilians – women and children – most certainly are allowed (at least by the Syrian government) to leave the besieged areas, leaving the terrorists alone.

Reuters attempts to frame the Syrian government as obstructing aid and intentionally leaving women and children to starve and freeze to death. In its article titled, “Syria uses red tape, threats to control UN aid agencies,” it states:

Syrian government is accused of using hunger as a weapon of war against its people and preventing U.N. aid staff in delivering food and medicines to rebel-held suburbs.

Reuters continues (emphasis added):

As the United Nations launched an annual appeal on Monday to help 16 million people affected Syria’s civil war, divisions among world powers that have crippled peacemaking are also denying UN staff the power to defy President Bashar al-Assad’s officials and push into neighbourhoods now under siege.

“In government-controlled parts of Syria, what, where and to whom to distribute aid, and even staff recruitment, have to be negotiated and are sometimes dictated,” said Ben Parker, who ran the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Syria for a year until last February.

“According to the Syrian government’s official position, humanitarian agencies and supplies are allowed to go anywhere, even across any frontline,” he wrote last month in the journal Humanitarian Exchange. “But every action requires time-consuming permissions, which effectively provide multiple veto opportunities.” Fighting and rebel groups are also obstacles.

The United Nations appealed for $6.5 billion on Monday to help 16 million people affected by the Syrian civil war, including millions made hungry and homeless by the conflict soon entering its fourth year. The world body estimates about a quarter of a million Syrians are living under siege as winter bites, most of them encircled by government forces, but also including 45,000 in two towns in the north that are besieged by anti-Assad rebels.

A binding Security Council resolution could formally oblige the authorities to let aid agencies into areas like the Damascus suburbs and the old city of Homs, where local doctors say children are dying of malnutrition. But divisions between Western powers, backing the rebels, and Russia, have paralysed the world body over Syria since the conflict began in 2011.

Of course, Reuters excuses itself once again from having to qualify any of its claims – particularly those regarding the intentional starving and freezing of women and children. It does so by stating:

Lack of access for independent agencies makes it hard to verify food and medical supplies in many areas. But opposition activists have posted video of the bodies of several skeletal children who local doctors say died of malnutrition.

Once again, accusations of the Syrian government’s “crimes against humanity” are solely based on the “activists say” school of journalism, where “rebel” propagandists renowned as serial liars, have posted videos of unverified footage then reported as fact by their Western collaborators – with disclaimers later buried deep within reports.

What the West is Using the UN for this Time

The gambit is two-fold. First, to portray the Syrian government as guilty of yet more “crimes against humanity,” which then justifies the second – passing a binding UN Security Council resolution that would give the West direct access to their terrorist proxies inside of Syria under the guise of providing “humanitarian aid.”

This is being done in conjunction with plans to drop the pretense of “moderate rebels,” and fully back Al Qaeda and other extremist fronts through a network of proxies including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Jordan.

In a recent e-mail leak released by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), correspondences between US contractor Matthew Van Dyke and Western journalists revealed that in addition to intentionally deceiving the public regarding the nature of the conflict, aid shipments were being used to smuggle in equipment, fighters, and weapons.

Van Dyke being an armed militant himself, along with those in his company, riding freely back and forth between Libya and Syria on aid ships should raise suspicions at the very least regarding “aid” the UN plans to provide entrapped terrorists.

Stories like Alakhbar English’s “Qatar Red Crescent Funds Syrian Rebel Arms,” also raises immense concern about so-called aid flowing into Syria specifically to help those fighting the government. The article reports:

Sources in the investigation team said that Mahmoud confessed to receiving around $2.2 million from Khaled Diab, a Qatar Red Crescent official. He was then to hand the money over to a Lebanese cleric identified as O.O., born in 1983 and affiliated with Muslims Without Borders, in the Bekaa village of Bar Elias.

“Through the cleric, Mahmoud was able to acquire 30 RPG launchers for $900,000 and 300 shells for $300,000, which were then transferred to Syria by a smuggler known as Anwar or his nom de guerre Abu Salah.” The smuggler then handed over the weapons to the Syrian national known as Abu Abdullah in the Damascus countryside.

Mahmoud also bought 100 Kalashnikovs and an ammunitions cache for $40,000 from the Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon. The source added that Mahmoud entered the refugee camp with the Syrian national Mohammad Abdullah, known as Abu Hamza, under the guise of distributing humanitarian aid to refugees from Syria.

One can only imagine what will be bought and done with the $6.5 billion the UN has called for to assist those in terrorist-held territory. It will most likely be fed directly into the terror networks the NATO and its regional allies have been preparing to expand.

Should the UN decide to truly care about ending the ongoing catastrophe that is the proxy invasion of Syria by foreign-backed terrorists, it could always point out the true nature of the conflict and hold those responsible for it, NATO and its regional axis, fully accountable. Anything less is but a criminal rouse meant to intentionally perpetuate the conflict and give the West yet another chance to end it on terms they find favorable.

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