`Militants of Syrian Armed Opposition have Attacked with ` Mortars Border ‘ areas in Eastern Lebanon ‘

AceWorldNews – BEIRUT – Militants of Syrian armed opposition have attacked with mortars the border areas in eastern Lebanon on Monday.

Lebanon-based TV channel Al Mayadeen reported that four rocket projectiles launched from the Syrian territory fell in Shiite settlements of Nabi Osman and al-Labweh.

There were no reports about victims or the extent of destruction.

Sunday night, two people were killed and 6 were wounded as a result of a terrorist attack in Nabi Osman. Al- Manar Television channel reported that a suicide bomber set off a car bomb. Ahrar al-Sunnah militant group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Nabi Osman and al-Labweh are situated in a mostly Shiite region in Beqaa valley.

Local experts link the terrorist act with developments in Yabroud, where the Syrian army eliminated units of armed opposition on past weekend.

The militants stepped back to the area of Lebanese border town of Ersal, where their rear bases are located.


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" Hezbollah will respond with an `Israeli Air Strike' that hit one of their bases and will choose time and place – Reports"

#AceWorldNews says that Hezbollah will respond to an Israeli air strike that hit one of its bases Monday night, the militant group said Wednesday.

“The new aggression is a blatant assault on Lebanon and its sovereignty and its territory,” according to a statement on Hezbollah run Al-Manar Television.

Hezbollah “will choose the time and place and the proper way to respond to it,” the group said, adding that the strike hit the Lebanese-Syrian border near the Bekaa Valley village of Janta.

Israel has not confirmed the strike, Reuters said.


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