` Macedonia Votes in Parliamentary Elections with the SEC Appealing for Free and Democratic Voting ‘

#AceWorldNews – MACEDONIA – April 27 – Today the citizens of Macedonia are to choose between two presidential candidates, Gjorge Ivanov from VMRO-DPMNE and Stevo Pendarovski from the Macedonian opposition, the Independent Balkan News Agency reports. In the first round of the presidential elections, Ivanov won 449 442 votes while Pendarovski won 326 164 votes.

Pendarovski has called on Albanians to support his candidacy.

But, on the other hand, the largest Albanian party, BDI, has called on its voters not to vote any of the presidential candidates. This stance has also been articulated by other Albanian parties.

Macedonia’s State Election Commission (SEC) appealed for free and democratic elections and for people to be able to vote freely.

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` EU Backed Special Tribunal ' for Trial of ` Albanian Guerillas ' accused of ` Harvesting Organs ' from Murdered Serbs'

#AceWorldNews – KOSOVO – April 04 – Western officials are considering a plan for an EU-backed special tribunal to try Kosovo Albanian former guerrillas accused of harvesting organs from murdered Serbs during the Balkan country’s 1998-99 war, Reuters reported.

RT reports that Saturday’s edition of the Kosovo daily, Koha Ditore, will carry an interview with Jonathan Moore, director of the US State Department’s Office of South-Central European Affairs, who said preparations were under way with EU participation for a court based in Kosovo.

BELGRADE – The Serbian Office of the Prosecutor for War Crimes has welcomed the information by Tanjug that came from Brussels, which says that those from the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) indicted for the crimes listed in the report by Dick Marty will be tried in The Hague, and not in Pristina.

The majority of the work will be done outside Kosovo, meaning witnesses will give testimony abroad to protect them.

The move to stage a court stems from a 2011 report by Council of Europe rapporteur, Dick Marty.


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