#AceNewsServices – WASHINGTON – Nov.20 – Amnesty supporters and detractors alike have long expected Barack Obama to announce unilateral action regarding immigration shortly after the Nov. 4 midterm elections.

According to a Reuters report Wednesday, that announcement will come Friday during a stop in Las Vegas.

Early reports are based on a Las Vegas Review-Journal report confirming Obama has scheduled a stop in the city this week and a subsequent CNBC claim that he will share details of an executive order during the trip.

While there are few confirmed details regarding the contents of his anticipated immigration plan, Reuters cited a source who advised the action will defer deportation of the illegal parents of legal American citizens.

Activist Dawn Le of the Alliance for Citizenship sent an email out to her contacts this week calling for the formation of “watch parties” Thursday evening and Friday in anticipation of a “celebratory” announcement regarding amnesty. BuzzFeed reported that labour union representative Jeff Hauser passed the correspondence along to several news organizations – apparently by accident.

The email, which was obviously sent to rally pro-amnesty activists, arrived in the inboxes of reporters from major outlets, including the New York Times and USA Today, before Hauser followed up with a second email asking the recipients to “please ignore” his previous message.

Obama will also likely allow immigrants currently in the U.S. illegally to remain in this country and could announce new border security measures.

Reports suggest the only deportation efforts Obama is interested in pursuing involve illegals convicted of serious crimes.



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‘ Ukrainian Parliament Approve Laws Allowing Amnesty for Those Involved in Hostilities ‘

#‎AceBreakingNews‬ – September 16 – UKRAINE – The Ukrainian parliament has approved laws on special status for the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions, as well as amnesty for those participating in the hostilities.


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#AceBreakingNews KIEV April 13 Ukraine’s acting interim President…

#AceBreakingNews – KIEV – April 13 – Ukraine’s acting interim President Alexander Turchinov has promised an amnesty to the anti-Kiev protesters in eastern Ukraine if they turn in arms by 09:00 local time (10:00 Moscow time) on Monday, April 14. Reported on Press Service


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` Ukrainian Parliament Passes `Amnesty Bill by 232 out of 226 ‘ to Release 25,000 or one Fifth of Prisoners ‘

#AceWorldNews – KIEV – April 08 – The Ukrainian parliament on Tuesday passed an Amnesty bill by 232 votes out of 226 that were required. About 25,000 people or every fifth Ukrainian prisoner will be let out of jail.

“The bill grants an amnesty to persons serving prison terms for petty offences, most of which are linked to political or business activities,” Serhiy Sobolev, the head of the Batkivshchyna faction in the Ukrainian parliament, told journalists on Tuesday.

Ukraine had 127,830 inmates in 182 prisons and penitentiaries at the start of 2014.

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`Moscow court sentences eight people to trial over mass disorder during rally in Russian Capital’

#AceWorldNews says the Zamoskoretsky District court in Moscow on Monday started announcing the sentence to eight people in the trial over mass disorder during a rally in the Russian capital on May 6, 2012.

On February 21, they were found guilty of mass riots and attacks on police officers during street violence. Four people in the case were released late last year under amnesty, which could not be applied for the rest as they had been charged with attacking police officers.

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#Ukraine : `Amnesty for Protesters has come into force today with over 200 Detainees to be set Free’

#AceWorldNews says the amnesty for Ukrainian protesters has come into force in Ukraine, with more than 200 detainees due to be set free over the next month.

The amnesty became possible after the protesters had agreed to meet the authorities half-way.

Maria Balyabina

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#Ukraine : `Amnesty Law In Force Today’

#AceNewsServices says `Ukrainian Amnesty Law Comes into Force Today’

law granting amnesty to the participants of the mass protests in Ukraine came into force SundayThe law granting amnesty to the participants of the mass protests in Ukraine came into force Sunday. The government and the opposition have agreed that the Ukrainian parliament, the Verkhovnaya Rada, would announce an amnesty if administration buildings and roads were unblocked by the rioters. The protesters have 15 days to meet the demands.

The amnesty does not affect those who committed major offences such as murder or kidnaping during the riots that have gripped the country for weeks.


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