#AceWorldNews – TURKEY:Jan.02:The trial of 13 Turkish police officers began in Ankara on Friday.

The officers are accused of setting up bugs to spy on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan when he was prime minister during the corruption scandal in December 2013.

However, only eight of them will be present at the court as five others are on the run.

If found guilty, they face over 30 years in prison.

Erdogan said their actions were concocted by his political rival Fethullah Gulen to bring down his government.


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‘ Forty Nine Hostages Held by Islamic State Freed ‘

#AceWorldNews – TURKEY (Ankara) – September 20 – Forty-nine Turkish citizens who had been held hostages by Islamic State (formerly ISIS) militants have been released, said Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

They were freed on Saturday and are already in Turkey, the official said offering no details on the circumstances of the release.

“Today at 5 a.m. we brought our citizens who were detained in Iraq to our country. From my heart, I thank the families who maintained their dignity,” Davutoglu said on his Twitter account.

The group, including diplomats, was captured in the Turkish Consulate in Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul on June 11, when the Islamist militants were advancing on the Iraqi cities in the north of the country.


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` Five People Arrested in Connection with Soma’s Mine Disaster a Total of 16 People are in Custody ‘

#AceWorldNews – ANKARA – May 19 – Five people have been arrested following Turkey’s mine disaster on May 13 that left 301 people dead, the Prosecutor’s Office of Turkey’s Soma (in the Manisa province) reported.

A total of sixteen people are currently in custody over the mine explosion and collapse.

General manager of the Soma mine Ramazan Dogru, operating manager Akin Celik and other managers of the company are held on suspicion of “neglect and causing multiple deaths”.


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` Turkish court orders `Turkish Telecommunications Ministry ‘ to life ban on Twitter ‘ as it contradicts Constitutional State ‘

#AceSocialNews – ANKARA – March 26 – A court in Ankara has ordered the Turkish Telecommunications Ministry to lift ban on the social network Twitter. The court stressed that blocking access to Twitter “contradicts the principles of a constitutional state.”

Turkish telecommunications authority is expected to order all Internet providers to restore access to Twitter in compliance with the court order.

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