` Libya’s Colonel Ibrahim Sensussi Reportedly Assassinated in his Car by Unidentified Gunman ‘

#AceWorldNews – TRIPOLI – May 08 – The head of intelligence in eastern region of Libya, Colonel Ibrahim Senussi, was reportedly assassinated on Thursday afternoon.

His car was shot at near the Benghazi medical college, and Senussi tried to escape but was shot again some 200 meters farther along the road, this time fatally, the Libya Herald said. Senussi was not identified by name, but was introduced as intelligence chief when he spoke on Libya’s Awalan TV two days ago.

He said terrorist groups were targeting anyone who had been trained abroad since the revolution, accusing Ansar Al-Sharia of being behind much of the violence in the city, the paper said.

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"Tunisian Police Arrest Suspect Wanted in Connection with the Murder of Mohammed Brahmi"

#AceBreakingNews says a suspect in last July’s murder of Tunisian opposition politician, Mohamed Brahmi, was arrested near the capital Tunis following a reported gun battle with police overnight on Saturday, the interior ministry’s spokesman said.

cropped-header-breaking-news.jpgSecurity forces “surrounded a house where a terrorist group had holed up. Following a sustained exchange of fire, four elements were arrested,” interior ministry spokesman, Mohamed Ali Aroui, told Agence France-Presse.

“Among them is Hmed el-Melki, alias ‘Somali,’ one of the elements implicated in the assassination of the martyr, Mohamed Brahmi,” he added. “The interior ministry stresses that it was a successful operation,” said the spokesman. Authorities blamed Brahmi’s murder, as well as that of Chokri Belaid, another opposition politician, who was killed in February, on the Ansar Al-Sharia, a jihadist outfit.

The group, however, never claimed responsibility for the attacks.


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