#GREECE Germany Agrees Bailout Banks Reopen Monday for Business ‘ @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport#GREECE July.17: Germany has just signed and agreed third bailout and Greek banks will reopen on Monday, but according to a senior government official withdrawal restrictions will remain. “From Monday, the services offered will be widened.

All the banks everywhere will be open,” Deputy Finance Minister Dimitris Mardas told ERT television adding that bank customers “can deposit cash [and] they can transfer money from one account to the other.”

He also noted that if someone doesn’t want to take €60 on Monday and wants to take it on Tuesday, they can withdraw €120 or €180 on Wednesday. Banks in the country have been closed since June 29, after the Greek government imposed capital controls. On Thursday the ECB increased the cap on emergency funding that Greek lenders can draw from their domestic central bank by €900 million.

Following tough negotiations, Greece finally struck a preliminary rescue deal with its creditors on Monday, which is hoped, would help to prevent an imminent financial catastrophe.


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` Greek Government is about to use a Drone to oversee its Sea Borders of the Aegean ‘

#AceWorldNews – ATHENS – April 11 – (Neonline) – The Greek government is about to use a drone to oversee its sea borders in the Aegean, one the of main avenues for immigration into the EU, in a pilot project. Athens’ Ministry of Shipping has issues a competition call for a drone that, according to the competition rules, has to be handed over to the authorities by the end of June.

Greece’s Shipping Minister, Miltiadis Varvitsiotis recently revealed that the country is receiving around 1,000 immigrants a month through the eastern Aegean Sea. Immigration flows have intensified in the Aegean since Greece put up a fence to close off its land border with Turkey alongside the river Evros in the north-east of the country. Immigration flows have also been affected by the deterioration of conditions in Syria.


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` Car Bomb Explodes in Centre of `Athens ‘ in Front of ` Bank of Greece ‘ No Casualties ‘ Reports ‘

#AceWorldNews – ATHENS – April 10 – A powerful explosion occurred Thursday morning in the centre of Athens in Greece. The explosive device was planted on a car parked in front of Bank of Greece, reports Associated Press.

Adjacent buildings and cars were damaged, though there were no casualties, report local media. According to reports, the incident occurred at 6:00 local time. At the time of the blast two security guards were in the building.

About 45 minutes before the explosion, unknown individuals called called the local Internet portal Zougla and notified of the blast to take place.

The moment of the explosion was caught on CCTV cameras, but the footage is of insignificant use due to insufficient lighting.


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` Greek Labour Unions Stage a ` Nationwide Strike ‘ to Protest Austerity prior to Angela Merkel’s Visit ‘

#AceWorldNews – ATHENS – April 09 – Greek labour unions staged a nationwide strike on Wednesday to protest against austerity policies imposed on the country by its foreign creditors, Reuters reported.

The strike comes as Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to visit Athens this week.

Schools and pharmacies were shut, ships remained docked at ports and hospitals operated on emergency staff.

Transport in Athens was disrupted due to the walkout called by private sector union GSEE and its public sector counterpart ADEDY.

The disruption could be most keenly felt in maritime transport such as the ferry services and also on the railways.


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` Golden Dawn Supporters Organise a Pre-election Rally in Athens '

#AceWorldNews – GREECE – April 01 – Around 1,000 Golden Dawn supporters organised a pre-election rally in Athens, Monday, Ruptly reports.

The rally was held near Saint Panteleimonas Greek Orthodox church, which is an area of central Athens mostly populated by immigrants. Golden Dawn supporters sang the party’s anthem and held Greek and Golden Dawn flags.

Earlier on Monday, Antifascists organised a counter rally which was attended to by a high police presence.

Reporting the event (GreekReporter) said Golden Dawn won 18 seats in the Greek Parliament in the June elections and has continued to agitate against immigrants. Scores of civil rights groups, anti-racist movements and intellectuals, including Nobel laureates Dario Fo and Bernard Kouchner, walked through Athens in a silent march from the nation’s legislature to the Acropolis in what they called “a wake-up call” not only for the Greece, but other European nations facing rising tides of far-right extremism.

“We’re not denying the fact that Golden Dawn was elected to Parliament. Nor do we aspire to physically oust them from the chambers of democracy,” said Benjamin Abtan, the chief organizer and president of the European Grassroot Anti-racist Movement.

“But Greeks have to realize that they are neo-Nazis and that their success story will whet the appetite of other far-right extremists in Europe. Racism, anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism are growing without any strong and determined mobilizations from the democrats,” he said.


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` Fighting breaks out in `Athens’ outside the `Finance Ministry’ as `Greece’s Debt Inspector’s’ to meet over Fiscal Reform’s’

#AceWorldNews says scuffles broke out Friday between demonstrators and police outside the Finance Ministry in central Athens.

The protests took place as Greece’s international debt inspectors met with ministers to discuss the pace of fiscal reforms, AP said. Ministry cleaning staff, school guards and municipal workers were protesting job cuts required under Greece’s bailout agreement.

Riot police used small amounts of pepper spray as protesters attempted to block a major avenue in the capital’s main Syntagma Square outside the ministry.

More than a dozen protesters were earlier detained who attempted to enter another nearby government ministry.


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"Greek `Dock Workers' start `24-hour Strike' to `Protest Plans' to sell stakes in Piraeus Port Authority"

#AceWorldNews says that Greek dock workers have started a 24-hour strike to protest plans to sell stakes in the Piraeus Port Authority, AP said.

Wednesday’s strike over the country’s largest port is expected to affect ports across the country.
Dock workers were also planning a protest rally and demonstration in Athens.

Privatizing state-held assets is a critical part of Greece’s international bailout agreement.


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#AceWorldNews says ATHENS Reuters Greek opposition leader Alexis…

#AceWorldNews says ATHENS (Reuters) – Greek opposition leader Alexis Tsipras said on Sunday he will not support any candidate for president in spring 2015, in the hope of forcing a parliamentary election.

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#Greece : “Earthquake Hits `Greek Island of Kefalonia` on Monday”

#AceBreakingNews says `New earthquake hits Greek island of Kefalonia; 16 people slightly hurt, roads, port damaged. 

Greece EarthquakeATHENS, Greece (AP) — A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude between 5.7 and 6.1 hit the western Greek island of Kefalonia before dawn Monday, sending frightened residents into the streets just over a week after a similar quake damaged hundreds of buildings, reviving memories of a disaster in the 1950s’

Authorities said about 16 people had been slightly hurt, mainly by falling objects, while roads, homes and shops were damaged and some areas suffered power and water supply cuts.

Christos Kyrakatos, a resident of one of Kefalonia’s villages, told Greek television that at least one person in his village had been taken away by ambulance. The power and water supply to the area had been cut, and residents who had fled their homes also had to contend with intense bad weather, with strong rain and low temperatures.

Greece Kephlonia Hit By EarthquakeKefalonia Mayor Alexandros Parisis said the port at the island’s second largest town of Lixouri, the closest to the epicenter, had been damaged.

Earthquakes have been rattling Kefalonia constantly for the past week, after a 5.9-magnitude temblor struck the area on Jan. 26, damaging homes and slightly injuring seven people. Since then, thousands of residents have been  spending nights with relatives or in ships sent to accommodate them.

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