(WOLVERHAMPTON, U.K.) Court Report: A man has been jailed for 10 years after hitting his victim with a hammer several times during one of two horrifying attacks #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Apr.18: The man suffered a serious head injury and multiple cuts and bruises to his body: With all the odds against him, the 50-year-old survived, going from intensive care to rehabilitation. Detectives led extensive investigations, which resulted in Ashley’s arrest.

Man jailed for 10 years after hammer attack: In the first incident Craig Ashley struck a 50-year-old man from behind before beating him as he lay on the ground during the terrifying ordeal in Ballfields, Tipton in April 2020. Craig Ashley has been jailed: Then in June 2020, Ashley attacked the same man with a hammer, hitting him numerous times all over his body at a property in Tame Road, Tipton.

Craig Ashley

15th April 2021

On Friday (9 April), Ashley, of Willingsworth Road, Wednesbury, was sentenced at Wolverhampton Crown Court to 10 years for the assault in June, with two years for the April attack to run concurrently.

The 40-year-old had pleaded guilty days before the trial was due to commence, resulting in some reduction in sentencing of which he will serve two thirds, followed by an indefinite restraining order.

#AceNewsDesk report ………Published: Apr.18: 2021:

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(PAKISTAN) JUST IN: On March 27, an over 100-year-old Hindu temple was attacked in Rawalpindi, by a group of unidentified people according to OpIndia #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Apr.03: As per the police complaint, the incident took place at the Purana Qila area of the city. Around 10 to 15 people stormed into the temple premises at around 7:30 PM. They damaged the main door and another door at the upper storey:

Pakistan: Unidentified people attack a 100-year-old Hindu temple days after temple bells rang for first time in 74 years: ‘ This applies to the ringing of bells at Hindu temples as well as the international media in India and claim they are victims of persecution because of the Citizenship Amendment Act, which offers refuge to non-Muslims persecuted in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.

“Pakistan: 100-year-old Hindu temple attacked in Rawalpindi, where only recently, temple bells had been sounded after 74 long years,” OpIndia, March 29, 2021:

The temple was undergoing renovation from last month, and on March 26, the temple bells rang for the first time in 74 years in front of the potrait of Maa Durga. Rawalpindi Police has registered a case against unidentified miscreants for the incident.

According to Pakistani daily Dawn, the complaint was registered at Banni Police Station by Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi, security officer of the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB), Northern Zone. In his complaint, he said that the construction and renovation work on the temple had been going for the last month. He further added that 10 to 15 people stormed the temple at around 7:30 and damaged the temple premises. Legal action against the miscreants was sought in the complaint.

Temple was infested with encroachments

Before the construction and renovation work could have begun, the administration had to remove encroachments in the premises. As per reports, the encroachment mafia had occupied the surrounding of the temple and established kiosks and shops. There were people living inside the temple premises for years. The district administration had removed the encroachments with the help of the Police.

On March 24, some encroachments were found in front of the temple that was removed. Earlier, the encroachment mafia had occupied the surroundings of the temple for a long time by constructing shops and kiosks. The district administration assisted by the Police recently removed all encroachments.

Security increased at the administrator of the temple

Om Prakash, the administrator of the temple, confirmed that attack on the temple. He said as soon as he received the information about the incident, he reached the temple with Police personnel. The Police brought the situation under control. The Police have increased security at the temple and Om Prakash’s house….

#AceNewsDesk report ………….Published: Apr.03: 2021:

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(PARIS, France.) JUST IN: The public prosecutor of Marseille, Dominique Laurens, tells us that the individual, arrested this morning a man armed with a knife near a kosher bakery on Boulevard Barry (13th) and a school #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.06: According to our information, Jahid, 60, was not considered compatible with a custody measure and was hospitalized automatically:

France: Muslim known to police tries to enter Jewish school and kosher supermarket armed with a knife: Marseille: Medjadi Jahid, already known to the police, arrested with a knife while trying to enter a Jewish school and a Kosher grocery store. (Update: He has been interned),” translated from “Marseille : Medjadi Jahid déjà connu des services de police, interpellé armé d’un couteau en tentant de pénétrer dans une école juive et une épicerie kacher. (MàJ : Il a été interné),” Fdesouche, March 5, 2021 (thanks to Will):

The public prosecutor of Marseille, Dominique Laurens, tells us that the individual, arrested this morning armed with a knife near a kosher bakery on Boulevard Barry (13th), was “out of treatment.” For the time being, therefore, the questions surrounding the real intentions of this man, whose suspicious behavior would have already been spotted yesterday in the neighborhood, remain unanswered. However, departmental security investigators are continuing their investigations.

La Provence

In Marseille, at around 8:15 am this Friday morning, a man armed with a knife tried to enter the Juïve Yavné school, in the 13th arrondissement of the city. Turned back by security guards, he then turned to a nearby Kosher grocery store. It was there that he was subdued by the same people who prevented him from entering the school.

Students confined for the duration of the police intervention

No injuries were reported. The students were all confined while the police intervened. The police chief gave instructions to immediately reinforce security around the sites of the Jewish community of Marseille with the passage of patrols (police and guards). In addition, a police patrol is now pre-positioned in front of the Yavne school.

France Bleu

The worst was perhaps avoided on Boulevard Barry (13th) in Marseille, less than an hour ago. According to our sources, a man in his sixties got out of his vehicle with a towel over his head and a knife in hand. He then went to a kosher bakery located at this intersection and in front of which were customers but also students from the Yavne Jewish school, located a stone’s throw away.

Fortunately, the security guards of this Jewish school, who quickly confined students as a precaution, noticed the suspicious behavior of this individual and immediately immobilized him before the arrival of the municipal police and then of the Bac.

For now, no witness has reported words such as “Allah Akbar,” but the man’s intentions will have to be determined by the departmental security investigators after discovering the facts. According to our sources, the demining services are going there to rule out any danger around his black Seat vehicle.

La Provence

#AceNewsDesk report ………..Published: Mar.06: 2021:

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(LONDON) Winchester Court Report: A young man has today been sentenced to 12-month-referral-order in a ‘ Young Offenders Instituiton ‘ for stabbing a 59yr-old-man #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Nov.20: Kieran Clarke has been sentenced today at Winchester Crown Court: Clarke was sentenced to three years detention in a Young Offender Institution for stabbing a 59-year-old man according to CPS report:

His accomplice, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to battery and criminal damage at Southampton Youth Court in June 2020: He was sentenced to a 12-month referral order, and must pay £50 compensation to the victim:

#AceNewsDesk report ………….Published: Nov.20: 2020:

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(COVENTRY, U.K.) Crown Court Report: Two dangerous men convicted today Mon.09: November for killing and dismembering a Dudley woman in 2019 and also found guilty of 4-rapes, attempted rape and threaten to kill #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Nov.09: Nathan Maynard-Ellis, 30, and his boyfriend, 25-year-old David Leesley, were found guilty at Coventry Crown Court for killing and dismembering Julia Rawson: Maynard-Ellis was also found guilty of four rapes, an attempted rape and a threat to kill:

By chance on 11 May 2019, Julia Rawson met Nathan Maynard-Ellis when she took the wrong bus home and ended up at the Bottle and Cork Public House, New Mill Street in Dudley. They chatted and she went back to his flat in Mission Drive, Tipton, by taxi. At the apartment, Maynard-Ellis and Leesley killed Miss Rawson, dismembered her body and disposed of her remains in black bags in land adjacent to a nearby canal: Later, Julia Rawson was reported missing, police discovered her body parts five weeks later. Police traced her last steps to the defendants’ flat. Forensic evidence placed Julia Rawson at the flat, and both men were arrested for her murder.

During the police investigation, an ex-partner of Maynard-Ellis came forward to reveal that she had been raped and sexually assaulted by him many years ago; and he threatened to kill her: The account she gave provided striking similarities in details discovered by the police surrounding the murder, dismemberment and disposal of Julia Rawson, which included a link in time between the date of the break-up of their relationship and her death:

James L Francis of the CPS said: “The details that led to Julia Rawson’s death remain unknown, but the facts support the Crown’s case that Nathan Maynard-Ellis and David Leesley are extremely dangerous individuals and were responsible for her death. They lied many times throughout the investigation to avoid detection for the allegation of murder, but we were able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that both Maynard-Ellis and Leesley murdered Julia Rawson, their conviction will protect others from future harm. I want to pay tribute to the surviving victim in this case for the strength and determination that she has shown to ensure justice was served for her and Julia Rawson. Thanks to her bravery, others will now be protected from these dangerous men.”


While only the defendants know precisely what transpired in that flat on 12 May 2019, forensic evidence supported the prosecution case that Julia Rawson had been murdered in that flat and both men had tried to hide the crime: At the onset of the investigation, police discovered that the defendants’ had removed furniture and replaced sections of the living room carpet. However, washed traces of Julia Rawson’s blood were found on the floor under the new underlay and carpet. When the sofa in the living room was examined, they found staining along one edge of a cushion with blood that had come from Julia Rawson: The defendants also disposed of their clothing in a garden incinerator at the home of Maynard-Ellis’ mother. Blood from Julia Rawson was found on a pair of burnt grey fleece shorts:

The CPS was able to prove the case as a result of the presence of multiple strands of evidence that included details provided by a complaint made by an ex-partner of Maynard-Ellis, CCTV footage showing the movements of the victim and Maynard-Ellis, scientific evidence proving the presence of the victim’s blood on floorboards inside the defendants’ flat, expert evidence detailing the examination of the dismembered remains of the victim and admissions made by Maynard-Ellis and lies told by Leesley:

#AceNewsDesk report ……….Published: Nov.09: 2020:

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(WARWICK, U.K) Court Report: A man who ‘ impriosned & raped a woman ‘ over a person of 32-hours has been convicted of 10-counts of ‘ rape & false imprisonment ‘ on Friday #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Nov.09: On 6 November 2020 at Warwick Crown Court, a jury found that Chukwudi Bright Olowo, 30,  who had previously been found by a judge to be mentally ‘unfit to plead’, had committed the acts, in a prosecution relating to 10 counts of rape and one count of false imprisonment: The victim attended Olowo’s home but soon realised she did not wish to remain in the property: She attempted to leave but was falsely imprisoned by Olowo who subjected her to an ordeal lasting thirty-two hours during which he raped her numerous times:

The victim had been reported missing by her family as her absence was out of character: While officers were trying to locate the victim, they spoke to a takeaway delivery driver who told officers he had delivered food to Olowo’s address several days earlier and had the door slammed in his face by the occupant after delivering the food and before being paid: Officers accompanied the driver to the door of the address in question and when the door was opened, the victim took her chance to flee and told officers what happened. Olowo was found hiding in a cupboard by police: Olowo denied rape and false imprisonment but was found to have committed the acts. He will be sentenced on 20 November 2020:

Tamina Greaves of the CPS said: “I would like to express my gratitude to the victim for her incredible bravery and courage in helping us bring the defendant to justice. She was the victim of what can only be described as a harrowing experience, which has unsurprisingly had a devastating impact on her life. The defendant is undoubtedly an extremely dangerous individual who poses a serious risk to women, and this finding is the first step in ensuring justice for the victim.”

#AceNewsDesk report ………….Published: Nov.09: 2020:

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(TEESSIDE, U.K.) Crown Court Report: Two men who were involved in an altercation with a Yarm man in the hours before his death have been sentenced today #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Oct.30: Edwin Taha, 20, of Lavender Way, Norton and Ali Abdulmajieed, 19, of Corvus Drive, Stockton were each sentenced for a charge of affray in relation to an attack on Luke Jobson, whose body was discovered in the river Tees in January of last year. All of the men had been out in Yarm High Street in the early hours of Saturday 26 January when an argument broke out between Luke and another man, who was an associate of Taha and Abdulmajieed:

After a failed pursuit of Luke on foot the pair then returned to a vehicle, which was driven by Abdulmajieed, leading to a further altercation at Yarm School during which Taha sprayed a substance in Luke’s eyes from a bottle he was carrying. The men then drove away leaving Luke Jobson in the grounds of Yarm School, where he was captured on CCTV entering a boathouse some time later. Tragically, Luke’s body was recovered from the River Tees near to the school around 48 hours after these events: Taha was also sentenced for five further charges in relation to the possession and supply of cocaine, MDMA and ketamine.

Chris Atkinson of CPS North East said: “While Taha and Abdulmajieed have been sentenced today for these charges our thoughts remain with the family of Luke Jobson, for whom this will no doubt be a particularly difficult time: ” While we have proved beyond reasonable doubt that both men were involved in an affray with Luke prior to his death, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest any causal link between their actions and the tragic events which occurred after their attack took place.”

#AceNewsDesk report ……………Published: Oct.30: 2020:

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(LIVERPOOL) Crown Court Report: A man who was acting as an armourer to criminals and storing the weapons and materials to make explosives at the home of a vulnerable man he claimed to be caring for has been jailed for eight years on Monday #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Oct.20: The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said that Michael Green, 31, of Micawber Street in the Toxteth area of Liverpool, had a detailed knowledge of the world of firearms and munitions: He had acquired firearms, ammunition, and items that could be used to construct explosives: Police raids at his home and the home of a vulnerable man in the Liverpool area uncovered rifles, ammunition and materials to make explosives: The raids also revealed equipment that could be used to adapt or engineer weapons, together with books, manuals and diagrams of the same nature: The CPS said that Green was an armourer who had weapons, ammunitions and the  wherewithal to make explosives so that he could provide them to whoever wanted them to commit serious crimes: He pleaded guilty three charges of possession of a firearm and ammunition without a certificate and seven charges of being in possession of an explosive substance: Today (19 October 2020) at Liverpool Crown Court, Michael Green was sentenced to eight years in jail.

On 6 July 2018: Police executed a raid on the home of a vulnerable man in the Liverpool area. They found a whole host of weapons in a wardrobe in a locked room at the flat: Green’s fingerprints were on many of the weapons. Police went on to raid Green’s home in Micawber Close and found equipment and materials to make explosives: The man, who was then 52, told police that the room had been locked and used by Michael Green, who was acting as his carer: Green also used the details of the man to make purchases from Amazon and Paypal of items connected to weapons. One of the giveaways that it was Green buying the items was that he also used the same details to buy personalised items for members of his family.

On 15 July 2018: Green attended at St Anne Street Police Station and was arrested on suspicion of possession of a firearm without a certificate and remained silent. He went on to deny the items were his and blamed the vulnerable male but the overwhelming forensic evidence led to him eventually accepting his guilt:

Senior Crown prosecutor Rachael Barber, of CPS Mersey Cheshire, said: “Michael Green had accumulated a wide range of potentially lethal weapons, ammunition and explosives in order to supply the criminal underworld: “He exploited the vulnerability of the man he was supposed to be caring for by storing these dangerous items in his home: ” Guns, ammunition and explosives bring death, destruction and chaos to our communities. They are the tools of the criminals who also bring drugs and other forms of criminality to our streets: ” Green eventually pleaded guilty, but not immediately. He has now been sentenced for his part in the dangerous and deadly world of organised crime.”

#AceNewsDesk report ……………..Published: Oct.20: 2020:

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#AceWorldNews – FRANCE:Jan.17: Prosecutors in the French city of Avignon confirmed charging a 28-year-old man with “murder, attempted murder and possession of drugs” after he stabbed a Moroccan man, Mohamed El Makouli, to death inside his house.

The assailant rushed into the house of El Makouli in the village of Beaucet on Wednesday shouting “I am your god, I am your Islam” before stabbing the man 17 times, the National Observatory Against Islamophobia said Friday.

The attacker has been committed to a psychiatric hospital in Montfavet. More than 50 anti-Muslim incidents have been recorded by the Central Council of Muslims in France since the Charlie Hebdo incident.


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#AceWorldNews – WASHINGTON:Jan.02: Washington has denied accusations by Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh that it was involved in Tuesday’s attack on the presidential palace.

' USA Deny Accusations of Involvement in Military Coup in Gambia '

‘ USA Deny Accusations of Involvement in Military Coup in Gambia ‘

Jammeh blamed foreign dissidents based in US, Germany and UK for what he called an attempted coup. “The US government had no role in the events that took place in Banjul,” a US State Department official said.

Earlier the US embassy in Banjul described the violence as a coup against Jammeh, but the African nation’s leader said it was a foreign-sponsored terrorist attack.

Banjul (Gambia) (AFP) – Dozens of military personnel and civilians were arrested and a large cache of weapons and explosives found after an alleged coup attempt in The Gambia, an intelligence source said Thursday. 

The suspects have been interrogated and were being held in “four villas” in or near the tiny west African nation’s capital Banjul, said a source close to Gambia’s National Intelligence Agency (NIA).

A group of heavily armed men led by an army deserter attacked the presidential palace before dawn, but were repelled by forces loyal to Gambia’s leader of 20-years, Yahya Jammeh.


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#AceWorldNews – KASHMIR – Dec.05 – Militants attacked an Indian army camp in disputed Kashmir on Friday morning, and a gun battle left 10 Indian troops and three suspected gunmen dead, AP reported.

Up to six rebels tried to enter an artillery unit of the camp in Uri region, hurling grenades and firing automatic rifles.

The camp is also the regional headquarters of the army’s artillery regiment.

It sprawls near the militarized line of control that divides the Himalayan region between Indian and Pakistani sides.


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#AceWorldNews – CHINA – Nov.29 – An attack in China’s Yarkant County in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on Friday left four victims dead and another 14 injured, Chinese CCTV reported.

Police, responding to the emergency, killed 11 attackers.

Police said the assailants drove to a lively street in a local town and started throwing bombs and stabbing people.

The Chinese authorities described the incident as a terrorist attack.

The province, home to a considerable Muslim Uyghur minority, suffers from such outburst of random violence regularly.


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#AceNewsServices – Nov.26 – The Islamic State has released photographs purporting to show a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) exploding near the Trebil border complex.

The complex, which is part of the Karameh border crossing with Jordan, is in the Iraqi village of Trebil in the western province of Anbar. The attack, which was directed at an Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) checkpoint, is said to have killed or wounded several Iraqi military personnel.

The picture was produced by the Islamic State’s Wilayat Anbar and then disseminated on Twitter by its supporters. The terrorist organization has taken to releasing its propaganda that way as the social media site has cracked down on official Islamic State accounts. The provincial division (Wilayat) of Anbar is one of the Islamic State’s 18 declared provinces.

The attack, according to several Arabic-language news agencies, left at least four Iraqi military personnel dead and four others wounded. According to Iraqi Spring, an activist media group in Iraq, at least six military personnel were killed or wounded. The latter fits with a report from the Institute for the Study of War that says two Iraqi Army personnel were killed and four were wounded.

The Trebil crossing was captured by the Islamic State on June 22, just a day after the group seized the Al Qaim border crossing with Syria. Al Qaim, an Iraqi city along the Euphrates River near Syria, is now part of the Islamic State’s Wilayat al Furat (Euphrates Province).

The Trebil crossing, however, was recaptured by the Iraqi military on June 24. As such, it has been a contested area for some time.

Source: The Long War Journal


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#AceBreakingNews – AFGHANISTAN (Kabul) – Nov.16 – Shukria Barakzai, a women’s rights advocate, has survived a suicide attack in the Afghan capital which killed three civilians and injured ten more, said Hashmat Stanekzai, a spokesman for Kabul’s police chief. Barakzai, who was slightly injured in the attack, is a member of parliament and a close friend of the country’s newly elected President Ashraf Ghani.

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#AceWorldNews – EGYPT – Nov.13 – An Egyptian Navy vessel came under “terrorist” attack in the Mediterranean Sea on Wednesday, AFP reported.

'8 missing after attack on Egypt naval vessel in Mediterranean '

‘8 missing after attack on Egypt naval vessel in Mediterranean ‘

Five servicemen were injured and eight others are missing at sea, according to the military.

Four boats used by the assailants were destroyed and 32 of the suspected militants were reportedly arrested.

MENA news agency said that a naval vessel had been set alight in an exchange of fire with assailants about 70km from Egypt’s shore off the coast of the Damietta province in the north-east.


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#AceNewsServices – BAGHDAD – Nov.09 – Iraqi soldiers battling the Islamic State group recaptured the heart and outlying districts of the town of Beiji, home to the country’s largest oil refinery, state television and a provincial governor said Tuesday AP reported.

Retaking Beiji, 250 kilometers (155 miles) north of Baghdad, could allow Iraqi forces a base to attack neighboring Tikrit, taken by the extremists in their lightning advance this summer.

But troops backed by Shiite militias faced pockets of stiff resistance around Beiji, hindering their advance.

The top army commander in Beiji, General Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi, was quoted by state television as saying that troops had recaptured the city’s local government and police headquarters.

The town is home to the country’s largest oil refinery. Retaking Beiji could allow Iraqi forces to use it as a base to attack neighbouring Tikrit, which was taken by the extremists this summer.

It’s also a morale boost for Iraq’s security forces.


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` Mumbai Rape ` Accused ‘ are ` Sentenced to Death’ in Landmark Decision for Rape does not Include Death of Victim ‘

#AceWorldNews – MUMBAI – April 04 – Three men were sentenced to death on Friday for two gang rapes last year in Mumbai, Reuters reported.

They included an attack on a photojournalist that sparked protests in the city.

A Mumbai court sentenced Vijay Jadhav, Kasim Bengali and Mohammed Salim Ansari to death, the first time capital punishment has been given for rape not involving the death of the victim.


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#AceBreakingNews says according to latest news The…

#AceBreakingNews says according to latest news “The State Department” for the first time blames specific groups and militants for the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi attack, designating them as terrorists, further undermining initial claims the attack was spontaneous.

More on this story http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/01/10/state-department-names-groups-behind-benghazi-strike/

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