USA Gov.Report: ‘ Female Veteran’s Commit Suicide at 6-times Rate of other Women ‘

#AceNewsReport – USA:June.08: Female veterans commit suicide at nearly six times the rate of other women, new government research shows.

It approaches the rate of male veterans. That’s alarming because, in general, men are far more likely to kill themselves. Also alarming: Nobody is sure why.

It might have more to do with who joins the military than with what they experience while serving.


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United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund for the Victims of Human Trafficking

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Protect the Child Ambassador Ariana-Leilani King-Pfeiffer

Vienna, 20 November 2012 (UNODC) – On United Nations Universal Children’s Day the Board of Trustees of the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund for the Victims of Human Trafficking issued the following statement:

“The date, 20th November marks the day on which both the Declaration on the Rights of the Child (1959), and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) were adopted by the General Assembly. In observance of the 23rd anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child of the United Nations, the trustees of the UN Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking, in particular women and children, would like to call for a targeted and immediate response to the plight of millions of children around the world who are still denied their fundamental rights and are prevented from the enjoyment of a happy childhood. Remembering particularly at this time the young girls…

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