A call to Scotland on why we must vote Yes!

I have started doing a lot of articles and blogs on why I think an independent Scotland is a must for everyone in Scotland. Since I have got involved I hear, read and watch the Yes people, people who will vote yes give real reasons, number crunchers, solid proof it can and will work. From the No voters side all I am hearing seeing and watching is fear and lies.
We are being lied to here in Scotland by many media outlets. I did this blog here about the Propaganda we will get http://shaunynews.com/2014/06/08/propaganda-against-an-independent-scotland-goes-into-full-gear-so-here-are-some-facts/

I think so far in the 5 places I put this it has had way over 100,000 reads. I am delighted people are reading it of course but I am more interested in who read it and why than numbers. I am more interested to know if minds have been changed
I know many no voters personally in real life and to be fair none give me a real reason, the reasons are often selfish and short sighted. My main worry is we get a no on September 18th because people were to selfish and stupid to see the bigger picture

This is NOT a vote for the SNP
This is NOT a vote for Alex Salmond
This IS a vote for Scotland’s future

We must keep in mind the SNP and Alex Salmond may very well be gone in 50 years, so voting is about Scotland and Scotland only. The figures from the top of my head are we give Westminster £9 Billion every fiscal year and receive £5 Billion in return. So for one, England does not prop Scotland up in any shape or form.

Scotland has 30% of the UK dept WHEN we break away as a free nation. Many don’t know this but should there be a vote today not one Nuclear weapon is in England. England are busy building their own Nuclear buildings and silos. I will say Westminster actually because I have English family and friends. As the world wars to own Nuclear weapons Scotland, the people inside are voting to rid ourselves of the nuclear option, we can show the world how to leave a union in a peaceful way
I see no hatred or abuse coming from the #YES side of the fence, but the #No side I see it every day. Abuse and hatred are the order of the day.

I was called “Hitler” by a close friend last week, in truth that friend was maybe tongue in cheek in his words, I am a nationalist, there is a fine line between a nationalist and a hater of English people or England. I just want Scotland to take care of its own affairs
The Yes people are doing things right, we don’t fall for the lies or propaganda (check the blog above) But the No people are panicking, they know it will be a yes and Scotland will be free. So I say again don’t be selfish in your vote. I know people in their 60’s and 70’s who are voting no and truly I say to them all “Do you really want to leave me and my kids with Austerity cuts?” Also the entire country. As long as we are honest and true the vote will be yes
I ask you all to ignore the lies, the propaganda and the hatred, we are better than that and we will show the WORLD we are better than this. We can be a world’s first
This is YOUR chance, OUR time, Scotland is ready, the Union is ready. Make it happen Scotland


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