(JAKARTA) #Coronavirus Report: The Indonesian island of Bali is running out of oxygen for its #COVID19 patients as infections surge, the chief of its health agency said, as Southeast Asia’s biggest country struggles with the region’s worst in the epidemic #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – July.25: We’ve had an oxygen shortage since July 14 and it’s getting critical by the day because of a surge in new cases,” Ketut Suarjaya, the head of Bali’s health agency, said as quoted by Antara state news agency as saying on Friday.

#CoronavirusNewsDesk says there’s an oxygen crisis in Bali.” As Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous country, has had more than 3 million #COVID19 infections and 80,598 deaths according to official data the spread being driven by the Delta variant, has shown no sign of slowing acording to Telegram Reuters Wires…

Telegram Reuters Wires

Reuters Wire News, [Jul 24, 2021 at 09:19:

Research organisation Our World in Data said the country had a death rate three times higher than the global average.

The debate over coronavirus restrictions has pitted health experts, who say it is premature to ease curbs during the surge of infections, against employer groups that have warned of mass layoffs unless the curbs are relaxed.

Suarjaya said patients in Bali needed 113.3 tonnes of oxygen on Thursday, while hospitals only had 40.5 tonnes. He was not immediately available for comment on Saturday.

Oxygen shortages have also been seen on Java. The government has begun to import oxygen supplies from countries such as the United States and China.

#AceHealthDesk report ……….Published: July.25: 2021:

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“Indonesia Releases Australian Woman Convicted of Smuggling Marijuana”

#AceNewsServices says `Indonesia `Releases’  Australian Woman Convicted of smuggling Marijuana’

An Australian woman convicted of smuggling marijuana into Indonesia walked free from jail on Monday after being given parole. Schapelle Corby, 35, said nothing as she left Bali‘s Kerobokan prison Monday, AP reported.

Schapelle Corby,Her release from prison was carried live on TV networks across Australia. Corby was convicted of smuggling 4.2kg of marijuana onto Bali in a boogie board bag in 2004 and sentenced to 20 years in prison. In 2010, she asked for clemency, citing her poor mental state.

Corby will have to stay in Bali and cannot return to Australia until 2017.

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” UK Government Heralds WTO Export Deal – But All That Money Will Do Very Little For the UK Economy”

END WTO#AceNewsServices says a landmark global trade deal, which will boost the UK economy by more than £1bn a year was heralded by Prime Minister David Cameron today.

Sounds great and almost too good to be true but of course behind every headline is a real truth wanting to get out, well this deal is no different. The companies that benefit from the £1 billion trade deal will be the some of the 100 that have duly supported all the austerity measures so far, with more to come. Well you have to pay for the 134 hangers-on that visited China, the word paternalism comes to mind in this case. The real truth about this deal is those that need it most will not even get a sniff, and those that need it least will benefit to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds!

The emphasis will be on jobs and of course we all want full-time employment, or wage slaves willing as l have found out to work for less than the minimum wage, just for the fear of losing their benefits. The cost of these jobs to the “British People” apart from their self-respect well short-term contracts for long-term gain for the companies that benefit.

Well as long as the economy benefits it would seem a good deal, but truth as l have said is stranger than fiction and exports for companies who can afford it, such as Ford, Jaguar and JCB means massive profits. These massive profits though will not benefit the UK to the tune of £1.00 ,as all these companies have offshore domains and bank accounts to match. So all their profits will not come back into the UK ,but be held offshore until one day they need to fund another “Trade Deal” and can look like they are re-investing into the “British Economy” with one hand and taking it out with the other.


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