` Security Forces Fired Warning Shots as Protesters in Bangui Demand Resignation of Government ‘

#AceWorldNews – CENTRAL AFRICA REPUBLIC – May 30 – Security forces fired warning shots as protesters in Bangui demanded the resignation of the interim government and the removal of foreign troops from the Central African Republic on Friday, AFP said.

Troops and police stopped the protesters gathering in the capital, who numbered in the thousands, and the demonstrators dispersed around an hour later.

Bursts of automatic weapons fire were also heard in the central Bangui neighbourhood that is home to the presidential palace, and in the area of the airport. The capital has experienced an upsurge in violence in recent days.


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` Heavily Armed African and French Peacekeepers Escort Remaining Muslims Out of Central African Republic

#AceNewsServices – BANGUI – April 28 – Heavily armed African and French peacekeepers escorted some of the last remaining Muslims out of Central African Republic’s volatile capital on Sunday, trucking more than 1,300 people who for months had been trapped in their neighbourhood by violent Christian militants.

Within minutes of the convoy’s departure, an angry swarm of neighbours descended upon the mosque in a scene of total anarchy. Tools in hand, they swiftly dismantled and stole the loudspeaker once used for the call to prayer and soon stripped the house of worship of even its ceiling fan blades.

One man quickly scrawled “Youth Centre” in black marker across the front of the mosque.

Others mockingly swept the dirt from the ground in front of the building with brooms and shouted “We have cleaned Central African Republic of the Muslims!”

“We did not want the Muslims here and we don’t want their mosque here any-more either,” said Guy Richard, 36, who loads baggage onto trucks for a living, as he and his friends made off with pieces of the mosque.

Within minutes of their departure, Associated Press journalists witnessed a scene of total anarchy in PK12 as bystanders surged toward the mosque and immediately began desecrating it.

Crowds shouted “The Muslims are gone! The Muslims are gone!” as they stripped the mosque of its ceiling fans and the loudspeaker that had been used for the call to prayer.

AP – Fox News

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` UN says `Chadian Soldiers ‘ have Killed 30 Civilians and Seriously Wounded 300 in an Attack on a Market’

#AceWorldNews – BANGUI – April 04 – Chadian soldiers killed 30 civilians and seriously wounded more than 300 in an indiscriminate attack on a market on March 29 in Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic, Reuters quoted a spokesman for the UN human rights office as saying on Friday.

Local officials and aid workers had previously put the death toll to at least 10, with 30 wounded. Chadian soldiers have been at the heart of African efforts to stabilize CAR, but have been accused of siding with the mainly Muslim Seleka rebels.

Their seizure of power last year sparked tit-for-tat violence with Christian militia.


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` Chadian Soldiers have Opened Fire after they were Attacked by a ` Christian Militia ‘ in Northern Bangui ‘

#AceWorldNews – AFRICA – March 31 – Chadian troops reportedly opened fire and killed at least 24 people in the Central African Republic capital, Bangui, local officials says (BBC)

The attack was by a Christian militia, in a Christian neighbourhood in northern Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic (CAR), an officer with the African peacekeeping force MISCA who requested anonymity told AFP.

The CAR has been hit by civil war since Seleka rebels ousted President Francoise Bozize in March 2013.

Despite 6,000 African Union and 2,000 French peacekeepers, violence has continued unabated. Around a quarter of the country’s 4.6 million people have fled their homes.

The Chadian forces are not part of the African Union peacekeeping force and were in CAR to help Chadian nationals evacuate the country.


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#UN : “Launches Food Airlift to Central Africa Republic and About Time”

#AceWorldNews says `UN Launches food airlift to Central Africa

The World Food Program on Wednesday launched one of its largest-ever emergency food airlifts, flying in supplies to the Central African Republic, AFP reported.

The Bangui City

The Bangui City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The UN food agency’s first cargo aircraft, loaded with 80 tons of rice, landed in the capital Bangui in the early afternoon, WFP spokesman Alexis Masciarelli said. There will be 24 daily supply drops to the city. More than a quarter of the country’s population – 1.3 million people – is in need of food aid.


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“EU Ministers Approve Launch of Central African Republic Military Mission”

#AceWorldNews says `EU ministers approve launch of C. African Republic military mission ‘

English: Coat of Arms of the Central African R...

English: Coat of Arms of the Central African Republic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

EU foreign ministers on Monday approved the launch of a military mission in the Central African Republic, Itar-Tass reported. The decision will be a judicial basis for the EUFOR RCA mission and is the next step for its quick deployment, according to a document signed in Brussels.

The mission is the bloc’s first full military land operation in six years. About 1,600 French troops deployed in the country in December have tried to stem violence between Christian militias and largely Muslim Seleka rebels, who ousted President Francois Bozize last March.


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