#AceWorldNews – CHINA:Jan.04: A would-be bank robber has been trapped at the scene of his crime after members of the public banded together to stop him from escaping.

CCTV video recorded the man walking into Langfang City’s Wen’an  Rural Commercial Bank in northern China and smashing the bank teller’s glass window with a sledgehammer before climbing through.

He is then caught on security cameras pacing through the staff area looking for money.

Then he climbs through

‘ The Bank Robber makes his way through the glass ‘

But while he does, staff and members of the public who have become aware of the commotion start to gather in the bank’s atrium – cutting off the robber’s escape route.

Bank worker Li Dehua said: “We heard somebody smashing the window when we were working, and my first feeling was that it was a robbery.

He paces through the bank

‘He looks for money ‘

“So I called the police as soon as possible and locked more than 500,000 yuan cash into the safety box. 

They gather in the bank's atrium to prevent the robber from escaping

‘ Meanwhile, the Crowd Gathers ‘

The crowd grew and people power kept the robber trapped behind the counter until police arrived.

According to police, the 22-year-old suspect, who has the surname Yu, was taken into custody.



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` First Chartered Black-Owned Bank in the `US ‘ Opened in 1888 ‘ by a former Slave’


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#Argentina : `Seven Fire-Fighter’s killed as Fire Destroy’s Archive of Bank Documents’

#AceWorldNews says Seven first-responders were killed on Wednesday battling a fire that destroyed an archive of bank documents, AP quoted Argentina’s security secretary, Sergio Berni, as saying.
The dead include five firefighters and two civil defense workers who were killed when a wall of the building collapsed on top of them.
The fire at the Iron Mountain warehouse took hours to bring under control, and the sprawling building is reported to be ruined. Buenos Aires civil defense director, Guillermo Montenegro, said the archives contained banking documents.

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Over Half the Customers Surveyed Said They Felt Undervalued by Their Bank

Ipsos MORI

Ipsos MORI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

#AceFinanceNews says over half of “Consumers feel undervalued by their Bank” leading banks to look at closer at  their customer experience gap,  with friendly, knowledgeable staff and banking services as the consumer demands.

Almost half of consumers in GBGermanyFrance and the US feel their bank does not value them as a customer ( 48 per cent), according to new Ipsos MORI research commissioned by GMC Software Technology. Consumers want to decide how they bank, with almost three-quarters wanting to request the format in which they receive information from their bank (72 per cent) and also at a time that suits them (74 per cent). Banks therefore need to listen to consumers to deliver the services they need. However, only 19 per cent of consumers really believe banks understand
how to deliver good customer experience.



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