` Scientists Create a Self-Healing Skin Inspired by the Human Vascular System ‘

#AceNewsServices – ILLINOIS – May 09 – Developed by researchers at the University of Illinois, the new polymer is 100 times stronger then previously designed self-repairing plastics, making it capable of fixing holes as wide as 3 cm.

According to BBC News, researchers were inspired by the veins and arteries found in the human body, and moved to recreate a synthetic vascular system capable of delivering the liquid healing agent needed to patch holes that occur.

“Although self-healing of microscopic defects has been demonstrated, the re-growth of material lost through catastrophic damage requires a regenerative-like approach,” Professor Scott White, one of the lead researchers at the University of Illinois, told the news outlet.

Previously, scientists filled polymers with a capsule containing a specific chemical capable of making repairs. When the polymer was penetrated, the liquid was released and “bridged” the newly created gaps.

By recreating a network similar to the human vascular system, scientists developed a much faster way to distribute the healing chemicals, which now arrive in two different streams and combine to spread a gel-like substance over the affected area. When the gel hardens, the plastic regains roughly 62 percent of its original strength.

“We filled regions exceeding 35mm within 20 minutes, and restored mechanical function within three hours,” the researchers wrote in an article for Science.

“Vascular systems can potentially eliminate fracture in materials by preventing small, noncritical cracks from propagating to critical sizes,” they added.

While the breakthrough is impressive, White and his fellow researchers stated that further research would be needed, and an even more effective distribution system would be required before the plastic would be able to repair itself after more devastating ruptures. In the future, scientists would like products to be able to repair themselves after suffering from bullet strikes and even bomb damage.

“When damage is unpredictable and uncontrolled, more complex and interconnected vascular networks will be necessary to provide sufficient vascular coverage and redundancy to circumvent channel blockage,” Prof White and his co-authors wrote.

Until then, let’s just hope they figure out a way to fix all these broken smartphone screens.


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`Jeremy Hunt trying sneak through a law to allow closure of any hospital within 40 days’

#AceBreakingNews says according to the latest reports and 38 degrees `Jeremy Hunt‘ is trying to sneak through a law which will give him the power to quickly close any local hospital without listening to local people.

No hospital is safe.

38degreesHe’s changing the rules after losing twice in court trying to close Lewisham Hospital against the wishes of local people, doctors and nurses.

The sweeping new law – the ‘hospital closure clause’ of the Care Bill – will give the government the power to shut down any hospital, in as little as 40 days, regardless of how well the hospital is performing. [1]

Jeremy Hunt is hell-bent on pushing this through.

And time’s not on our side. It could be as little as one week before MPs vote this sinister threat into a reality.

If we’re going to have a chance of stopping Jeremy Hunt we need to throw the kitchen sink at this. And we need to move fast. Vote now to decide whether or not we should launch a big campaign. Yes or No?


Our NHS is precious. And it’s important that we know hospitals, accident and emergency and maternity services are there for us in moments of crisis and joy. It’s terrifying to imagine the government having the power to close any hospital without hearing the wishes of the local community.

It’s going to be tough to stop Jeremy Hunt. But we’ve done it before – twice in Lewisham alone. And if enough of us are keen, there are exciting possibilities for next steps. And new tactics we could try which would take even Jeremy Hunt by surprise!

The 38 Degrees staff team sit down on Monday morning to plan out the week ahead and decide on how we split up staff resources.

The most important factor when making those decisions is what 38 Degrees members think.

Should trying to stop the hospital closure clause be 38 Degrees’ top priority over the next few weeks? Please vote now to help decide whether to launch a big campaign by clicking on the buttons below.


Thanks for being involved,

Becky, Ian, Rebecca, David and the rest of the 38 Degrees team

PS: A study of NHS foundation trusts in England has found the number of those in financial trouble has nearly doubled in a year from 21 to 39. Jeremy Hunt has shown before he’s willing to close good hospitals to bail out ones which are struggling – this law would allow him to do this, even if local patients and doctors were strongly against it. [3]

[1] What is the Hospital Closure Clause. Read more on our blog here: http://blog.38degrees.org.uk/2014/02/20/nhs-what-is-the-hospital-closure-clause/
[2] BBC News: Rise in NHS Foundation Trusts with deficit, says Monitor hospitals http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-26299423

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“Catholic Church labels `Government Social Reform’ a Disgrace and is Leaving People Destitute”

#AceUKNews says according to BBC News the leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales has labelled the government’s social reform a “disgrace” for leaving people facing “destitution”.

Cardinal-designate Vincent Nichols said the “basic safety net” for the poorest families had been “torn apart”.

The Archbishop of Westminster claimed there was now a “real dramatic crisis”.

The government responded by saying welfare reforms will “transform the lives” of the poorest families.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Archbishop Nichols, the most senior Roman Catholic cleric in England and Wales, said the welfare state was becoming “more punitive”.

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#AceUKNews `Dunlop Tyre Production’ Could be Moved to Europe’ from `Birmingham’ putting `Jobs’ at Risk”

#AceNewsServices says `Dunlop Tyre Making Could Leave Birmingham’

BBC News reported today that a manufacturer of `Dunlop Tyre Production’ could be moved away from Birmingham, putting more than 240 jobs at risk.

dunlop_tyre_factoryThe 125-year-old manufacturer said its lease on the Erdington factory would expire on 1 September and no other appropriate site was available locally.

Dunlop Motorsport Europe said it was looking instead at moving production from the site to other plants in its European Manufacturing Network.

The company said it understood it was a “difficult time” for employees.

Dunlop Brand Europe managing director Sanjay Khanna said its “strong preference” was to remain on its existing site but this “has not proved possible”.

He said: “For several months, we have also worked closely with local agencies and authorities to identify local Birmingham site alternatives.

“Unfortunately no other appropriate site was available locally which would have provided continuity of supply to our key customers.”

‘No loyalty’

The company said it had started informing affected employees at the Erdington site.

“It is important our attention is now focused on supporting the employees who will be affected,” the managing director added.

“We will work with our unions and employees throughout the consultation process to provide support.”

The firm said the proposal still remained subject to a consultation with union representatives.

However, Andy Taylor from the Unite union said he believed a decision over the plant had already been made and the union had not been properly consulted beforehand.

He added: “They’ve done it after the decision appears to be made and we’ll obviously be seeking legal advice on that.”

Dominic Hinks, from the GMB union, said he felt “really let down” by the news and that the company had been “disingenuous about how seriously it has considered the option of relocating in Birmingham”.

In September the Birmingham Post reported Dunlop Aircraft Tyres was given a £1.5m government grant to develop tougher and lighter aircraft tyres.


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UK: “Team of Scientist’s `Test Internet Speeds’ up to 1.4 `Terabyte’s’ per Second”

#AceNewsServices says according latest news  44 HD films a second: Team in UK manages fastest ever ‘real world’ internet speeds

Published time: January 23, 2014 12:49
Reuters / Mike SegarReuters / Mike Segar
Remember a time when 256Kbps offered a broadband revolution in permanent connectivity? Those days truly belong to the digital dinosaurs, as UK scientists have created the fastest ever real-world internet connection, clocking in at 1.4 terabits per second.

A terabyte is a trillion bytes or a million megabytes, and if the speeds registered by the joint research team from French telecoms company Alcatel-Lucent and London-based BT prove commercially viable, a user would be able to download as many as 44 high-definition films in one second.

The team employed a protocol dubbed Flexigrid, which allows for the overlaying of multiple transmission channels over the same connection. The resulting ‘Alien Super Channel’ sees seven 200 gigabit-per-second channels running in parallel, boosting transmission efficiency by 42.5 percent over previous attempts.

Speaking with BBC News, Kevin Drury, optical marketing leader at Alcatel-Lucent, likened the new development to reducing the spaces between lanes on a busy highway, enabling more lanes of traffic to share the same space.

Dr. Tim Whitley, BT’s MD of research and innovation, told CNET UK the trials were part of BT’s “long history of being on the cutting edge in telecommunications innovations.”

“These trials continue that tradition, as we work with Alcatel-Lucent to push the boundaries of fiber technology, allowing us to support the ever-increasing bandwidth required by our customers, and deliver new and exciting services which rely on fast, data-hungry applications,” he said.

Although faster internet speeds have been measured in labs, this is the first time such a blisteringly fast connection has been obtained under “real world conditions.”

What’s particularly exciting about the Flexigrid protocol is that it does not necessitate infrastructure changes, and could in theory run on currently existing fiber whose utility is not being maximized.

At present, the average peace speed for the UK hovers around 36.3 megabits per second, almost double the global average, and just a hair behind the US.

The semi-autonomous city-state Hong Kong, meanwhile, is the global internet hot spot, registering average high speeds of 63.6 megabits per second; treble the global average and over 22,000 times slower than that achieved in the Flexigrid tests.

Of course, other technology is in the works to supercharge the flow of web traffic. Google Fiber, which has been rolled out in select locations in the US over the past several years, offers subscribers a one Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) internet option.

In South Korea, mobile operator SK Telecom Co announced plans this week to introduce a 300-megabit-per-second option, leaving Western 4G services in the dust.

On the experimental end of wizardly Wi-Fi connections, in October a German team of scientists pulled off a 100 Gbps connection. Even Wi-Fi speed that swift could soon become the internet’s version of the horse and buggy.

Swen Konig, one of the researchers on the project, told Gizmodo that with a few tweaks, Wi-Fi could catch up with recent fiber optic feats in no time.

“By employing optical and electrical multiplexing techniques, i.e., by simultaneously transmitting multiple data streams, and by using multiple transmitting and receiving antennas, the data rate could be multiplied,” said Konig.

“Hence, radio systems having a data rate of 1 terabyte per second appear to be feasible.”


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UK Citizens are Paying Some Politicians Energy Bills for Their Second Homes

According to the BBC News tonight some of our dedicated politicians who serve the public, are serving themselves, with charging tax-payers for their gas and electricity! What makes it worst is the charges are for their “SECOND HOMES” and while people who are elderly and fuel poor struggle!
This reminds me of the days of “Scrooge” treating people as second class citizens, disgraceful!

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Care Industry Regulator Agrees Two Tier Scale of Fees

A two tier system of Care exists in this world as we know, but according to BBC News this goes as far as paying care homes that reach a certain standard what is called ” Premium Fees ” these are agreed by the care regulator based on reaching certain standards!

But as with all systems it is open to abuse and as the BBC News has reported The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has warned that care homes with five-star ratings are receiving “premium fees”despite not meeting essential standards set out by the care regulator.

Local authorities pay higher fees to care homes awarded top ratings. The CQC stopped issuing its own star ratings in 2010 and now some homes pay independent ratings companies and consultants to assess them instead.

The fact that this even exists is bad enough,but to allow independent ratings companies and consultants to assess them, is tantamount to abusing the system even more!  As we all know when you pay a company to do a job like this it is all about looking good to the general populace and image is everything! I mean know one pays an image consultant large sums of money to look bad, do they! Well the same applies in this case.

Within the care industry we need an independent body of people to look after the interests of our ailing care services and the people they serve, before it is too late!

Of course do not forget this government and a previous Prime Minister in the 1980’s said ” this lady is not for turning” and she wanted rid of the health service, well from what l have seen of Cameron’s cronies they are happy to keep up her legacy, come what may!

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