CHINA: ‘ Beijing stops construction in South China Sea – FM ‘

#AceNewsReport – CHINA:Aug.05: Beijing has stopped construction in the South China Sea, the country’s foreign minister said on Wednesday.

“China has already stopped,” Reuters quoted Wang Yi as saying at a meeting of Southeast Asian foreign ministers where the disputed waters have taken center stage. “Just take an airplane to take a look.”

Beijing and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) agreed to speed up consultations on a Code of Conduct for the South China Sea, the foreign ministers of China and Thailand said.


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#AceWorldNews – BEIJING – Nov.11 – Russian President Vladimir Putin has talked with US President Barack Obama after the first APEC session in Beijing on Monday, TASS reported.

After the session was complete, all the leaders made their way to the photo shoot, while Putin and Obama stayed behind, approaching the group only a few minutes later.

During that time, both leaders talked. “Putin and Obama are continuing to talk on the sidelines of the forum,”Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, Putin met with Obama at the APEC summit, the Kremlin has confirmed.

But, the encounter between the two leaders was hardly more than a mere greeting and small talk.

Peskov said the two said hello and had a brief talk at the welcoming ceremony.




#AceWorldNews – BEIJING – Nov.10 – President Obama made the remarks at the APEC CEO Summit in Beijing on Monday as reported by USA today. 

He said the U.S. and China need to work together to deepen economic ties.

The president announced that he wants to extend existing visa for Chinese students, tourists and business people.

Obama said student visas will be extended to five years, and business and tourist visas to 10 years.

Obama will also visit Burma and Australia this week.


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#AceWorldNews – CHINA(Beijing) – October 19 – The most important meeting of the year for the 205 members of China’s ruling Communist Party’s Central Committee, beginning Monday, will focus on how to rule the country in accordance with law.

That has fed hopes that the party might move to respect the letter and spirit of the constitution, but some legal experts and political analysts say the country’s leaders are intent on expanding power, not limiting it.



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HONG KONG: ‘ Leung Chun-ying says He is Ready to Start Talks with Pro-Democracy Leaders ‘

#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG – October 16 – Hong Kong’s leader said Thursday he is ready to start talks with student pro-democracy protest leaders as soon as next week, suggesting a breakthrough in a political crisis that has seen activists taking over the city’s key business districts for almost three weeks.

But Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying reiterated that Beijing will not retract election restrictions that protesters oppose, raising questions whether the proposed meeting can overcome the vast differences between the two sides.



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CHINA: ‘ Propaganda Machine Working Fine on Data Collection as Recruitment of Analyst’s Reaches Two Million ‘

#AceNewsServices – CHINA (Beijing) – October 08 – A central government coordination body called Central Internet Security and Informatization Leading Group was established on February 27, 2014 led by the Chinese President Xi Jinping, Premier Li keqiang and head of the propaganda authority Liu Yunshan.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, Premier Li keqiang and head of the propaganda authority Liu Yunshan.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, Premier Li keqiang and head of the propaganda authority Liu Yunshan.

Such high level coordination group suggests that internet information security has become the top priority of the Chinese government.

' Central Internet Security Group '

‘ Central Internet Security Group ‘

In addition the protection of domestic information network, the control over information flow in the Internet through censorship and opinion channelling are considered as most important “stability maintenance” routine. In order to strengthen the monitoring of the Internet, the Chinese government decided to endorse “Internet opinion analyst” as an official occupation status.

Many critics point out that the policy implies a change of the Chinese government propaganda tactic, yet relatively little is known about how opinions are “channelled” and what mechanisms analysts use in order to do their jobs.

This begs the question: what exactly do on-line opinion analysts do? 

Different from the “Fifty-Cent Party,” people who are responsible for channelling public opinions by writing online comments and deleting posts, online opinion analysts use computer software to monitor social networking sites and forums, collect netizen opinions and attitudes, compile reports and submit the reports to decision-makers. Opinion analysts provide crisis management strategies for private, state and party-affiliated institutions such as universities, charity groups and civic organizations, as well as local and national governmental authorities. 

According to The Beijing News, roughly 2 million people in China currently work as public opinion analysts, officially outnumbering China’s 1.5 million active armed service members.

A recently leaked evaluation of an opinion-channelling program at Peking University reveals much about the mechanism of Party-led opinion making in China. The research centre, led by the Communist Youth League of China, is responsible for the coordination of opinion channelling and analysis within the University.

The program monitors on-line conversations and messaging within the University community and publishes regular reports analysing online opinion for University administrators.



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CHINA: ‘ Total of 21,000 People Diagnosed with Dengue Fever As Cases Rise Alarmingly ‘

#AceNewsServices – CHINA (Beijing) – October 6. /TASS/. The number of people infected with dengue fever is rising alarmingly in South China with 1,431 new cases reported in Guangdong Province, Xinhua news agency said on Monday.

A total of 21,527 people have been diagnosed with dengue fever in 20 out of 21 prefecture-level cities in Guangdong so far, the agency quoted local health authorities as saying.

One new fatality case was reported by the provincial health and family planning commission on Sunday, bringing the death toll in the province to six, Xinhua said.

' Dengue Fever Symptoms'

Dengue Fever Symptoms’

Dengue is a mosquito-borne, potentially fatal disease that affects, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 100 million people in tropical and subtropical regions every year, causing fever combined with muscle and joint aches.

The outbreak of dengue this year is believed to be the worst in 20 years, Xinhua said, adding that health authorities attributed the outbreak to high temperatures and wet weather in Guangdong, where the mosquito population was five times the normal level.

Apart from Guangdong, some other southern provinces and regions, including Fujian, Hunan and Guangxi, also reported dengue cases lately, the agency said.


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HONG KONG: ‘ Midnight Deadline Reached as Mass Demonstrations Break-Out and Police and Protesters Clash ‘

#AceNewsServices – HONG KONG – October 03 – Scuffles between protesters and groups supporting Beijing broke out in a key Hong Kong shopping district on Friday, Reuters said. More than 50 police were sent to Mong Kok, just north of the Tsim Sha Tsui shopping district on the Kowloon side of the harbour, to form a human chain between the groups.


‘ More than 50 Police were sent to Mong Kok, just north of the Tsim Sha Tsui Shopping District ‘

Several people were reportedly injured. Mong Kok is popular with tourists from mainland China. Meanwhile, the People’s Daily, the newspaper of China’s Communist party, said Friday that authorities will not make concessions to protesters in Hong Kong and that their cause is “doomed to fail.”


‘Protesters in Hong Kong scuffled with Police outside Government Headquarters on Friday ‘

Protesters in Hong Kong scuffled with police outside government headquarters on Friday, despite an 11th-hour agreement for talks, AFP reported.

Most overnight demonstrators had gone home by Friday morning, but around 100 remained outside the government complex, while parts of the city have remained at a standstill for five days.

Demonstrators had set a midnight Thursday ultimatum for Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to resign and for Beijing to stop vetting candidates who want to stand for the chief executive’s job in 2017 elections.

Sources: AFP – RT – People’s Daily – Reuters   


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CHINA: ‘Foreign Minister Says Beijing Will Not Tolerate Interference in its Internal Affairs ‘

#AceNewsServices – HONG KONG – October 02 – China’s foreign minister made it clear Beijing would not allow other countries to meddle into its ‘internal affairs’, responding in this way to US Secretary of State’s call for Beijing to grant Hong Kong the “highest possible degree of autonomy.

The American and the Chinese heads of foreign offices exchanged their views on the massive protests in Hong Kong before their talks at the US State Department on Wednesday.

Hong Kong affairs are China’s internal affairs,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said. “All countries should respect China’s sovereignty. And this is also a basic principle governing international relations. I believe for any country, for any society, no one will allow those illegal acts that violate public order.”

Wang added he believed the current Hong Kong leadership was able to handle the large-scale sit-ins by itself.

The remark was made after US Secretary of State John Kerry reiterated Washington’s support for “universal suffrage” in Hong Kong, the main demand put forward by protesters in the Asian financial hub.

We support universal suffrage in Hong Kong accordant with the Basic Law, and we believe in open society with the highest possible degree of autonomy and governed by rule of law is essential for Hong Kong’s stability and prosperity,” Kerry said.

Wang Yi received the same message from Barack Obama, whom he met later the same day, according to a White House statement about the meeting.

The United States has consistently supported the open system that is essential to Hong Kong’s stability and prosperity, universal suffrage, and the aspiration of the Hong Kong people,” the statement reads.



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‘ Taiwan and China Meet at Undisclosed Location on Free-Trade-Agreement Sparking Protests Over Secrecy ‘

#AceWorldNews – September 10 – Taiwan and China resumed talks Wednesday at an undisclosed location on a goods free trade agreement, sparking a protest against secrecy by demonstrators suspicious of closer ties with Beijing AFP reported. 

Students and other protesters hold banners inside Taiwan's legislature in Taipei

Economic affairs minister Woody Duh told reporters before the talks opened in the afternoon that Taiwan would focus on flat panels, petrochemicals, machine tools and auto-mobiles where its industries are competitive.

But his ministry has declined to say where the three-day talks are being held, prompting suspicions from the political opposition and activists opposed to the pact.

“Why are the talks being held when the Legislative Yuan (parliament) is in recess? This is a procedure… intended to skip parliamentary supervision,” activist Chen Wei-ting told reporters as dozens of slogan-chanting demonstrators rallied at the ministry.

“The economics ministry would not even reveal the venue of the talks,” Chen added.

The talks had been delayed about five months following a series of major protests led by Chen and other student leaders against parliament’s earlier approval of a services trade agreement with the mainland.

That pact provoked an unprecedented occupation of Taiwan’s parliament and mass street protests in March and April.


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CHINA: ' China's Legislature Rules-Out Open Nominations in Inaugural Elections for Hong Kong's Leader Saying it Would Create a Chaotic Society '

#AceWorldNews – CHINA (Beijing) – August 31 – China’s legislature on Sunday ruled out allowing open nominations in inaugural elections for Hong Kong’s leader, saying they would create a "chaotic society.

" Democracy activists in the Asian financial hub responded by saying that a long-threatened mass occupation of the heart of the city "will definitely happen."

The legislature’s powerful Standing Committee said all candidates should be approved by more than half of a special nominating body in order to go before voters.

That’s at odds with demands from Hong Kong’s pro-democracy camp, which staged a massive protest in July to press for genuine democracy in the Chinese territory over fears candidates would continue to be screened to assess their loyalty to Beijing.


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' Chinese City Sealed Off As Man Dies of Bubonic Plague '

#AceWorldNews – CHINA (Beijing) – July 24 – A Chinese city has been sealed off and 151 people have been placed in quarantine since last week after a man died of bubonic plague, state media said reported by (Guardian Citing AFP Beijing)

​The 30,000 residents of Yumen, in the north-western province of Gansu, are not being allowed to leave, and police at roadblocks on the perimeter of the city are telling motorists to find alternative routes, China Central Television (CCTV) said.

A 38-year-old man died last Wednesday, the report said, after he had been in contact with a dead marmot, a small furry animal related to the squirrel. No further plague cases have been reported.

CCTV said officials were not allowing anyone to leave. The China Daily newspaper said four quarantine sectors had been set up in the city.

"The city has enough rice, flour and oil to supply all its residents for up to one month," CCTV added. "Local residents and those in quarantine are all in stable condition." No further cases have been reported.

Bubonic plague is a bacterial infection best known for the Black Death, a virulent epidemic that killed tens of millions of people in 14th-century Europe. Primarily an animal illness, it is extremely rare in humans.

The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says modern antibiotics are effective in treating plague, but that without prompt treatment the disease can cause serious illness or death.

Back in 2009 Homeland Security News Wire reported Pneumonic plague, a virulent variant of the bubonic plaque, has killed two and infected 10 in a Chinese city; authorities have sealed off the city

Chinese health officials have sealed off a town in a sparsely populated area of north-central China to halt the spread of an aggressively deadly strain of plague. As of Sunday, two men have died from the outbreak, and another 10 – most of them relatives of the first dead man — are under quarantine.

​Rik Myslewski writes that the disease is pneumonic plague, which the World Health Organization (WHO) refers to as “the most virulent and least common form of plague.” Pneumonic plague is a variant of the bubonic plaque — the Black Death — that killed an estimated 75 to 100 million people worldwide in the mid-1300s.


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‘ Samsung Suspends Business With Supplier Over Child Labour Issues ‘

#AceWorldNewsCHINA (Beijing) – July 17 – Samsung suspended business with a supplier in China after a watchdog group found child labour was being used in its factories.

Child Labour Watch Samsung

China Labor Watch issued a report last week noting “at least five child workers” and calling Samsung’s auditing process “ineffective.”

After what the electronics giant said was the fourth investigation into the South Korean subsidiary, it discovered suspected child labour and halted business.

Samsung pledged to sever all ties if the claims were found to be true.

The company has been in trouble before—in 2012, China Labour Watch said seven child workers were being used by suppliers in the country.

The investigator discovered children working for as little as 70p an hour over the course of a night shift.

They allegedly had no contract and were working under a fake ID.

The investigator reported: ‘The children said working on the night shift is exhausting.

They say they sometimes feel like sacrificing eating for sleeping.

‘Each shift is a daily struggle for these children. Tired, they must face high quotas and strict management, with supervisors frequently yelling at them.

‘Workers are not allowed to talk, and if they are caught doing so, they are scolded by a supervisor.’

The child workers were found to be earning a third less than adult workers per week.

The investigator discovered five children aged between 14 and 15 working on the same production line during a period of high demand.

Children were required to work 11 hour shifts – but were only paid for ten hours – and were expected to assemble 700 units per hour.

The investigator also observed an absence of safety training, no overtime wages and no social insurance for temporary workers, who constituted at least 40 percent of 1,200 employees at the factory.

The report came shortly after Samsung said its audit found no evidence of child labour at its factories in China.

Samsung began inspecting its Chinese suppliers after CLW brought child labour to its attention in 2012.

Following the latest revelations, Samsung has temporarily suspended business with the factory after conducting its own investigation which found evidence of suspected child labour.



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‘ Oil Rig Moved Away From Disputed Waters ‘

#AceWorldNews – CHINA (Beijing) – July 16 – According to Reuters the Chinese oil rig has finished drilling near the disputed Paracel islands in the South China Sea after finding signs of oil and gas and is being moved away from the area, more than two months after its deployment damaged relations with Hanoi.

Chinese Oil Rig Removed out of Disputed Waters

The Vietnamese coastguard said the $1-billion (£583.27 million) rig had been towed from contested waters. China’s official Xinhua news agency said the rig would be relocated off the southernmost island province of Hainan. It gave no time-frame.

The rig’s relocation could reduce tensions between the two neighbours after one of the worst breakdowns in ties since they fought a brief war in 1979.

Its movement toward Hainan is also likely to be welcomed by Washington, which had criticised China’s decision to put the rig in waters disputed with Vietnam, calling it a “provocative” act.


Hanoi had said the rig was in its 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone and on its continental shelf. Beijing had said it was operating completely within its waters around the Paracel islands, which China occupies.


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' UN Population Fund and Xinhua News Agency Sign Memorandum of Understanding on World Population Day 2104 '

#AceWorldNews – Beijing, July 11 (Xinhua) — UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, and Xinhua News Agency signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Beijing on 11 July 2014, World Population Day, to join their forces in raising awareness of key population and development issues around the world.

2013 – Should we relax about world overpopulation because population growth is expected to end in 100 years? Can civilization survive 50% additional population? We have the power to end overpopulation this century, if couples the world over are informed about the state of world population and make the loving decision to limit the size of their family.

Please use this video freely. Share it, show it in classrooms, at meetings, on television. We grant you the right to do that.

These issues highlighted were identified during the twenty-year international review of the results of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) held in Cairo in 1994.

This year is a crucial year for the ICPD. As the deadline initially agreed in Cairo arrives, many of the population issues identified in 1994 are still central to sustainable development and others have come to the fore in ways not imagined in 1994.

UNFPA believes that it is vital to advocate for these issues to make them central in the discussions on the post-2015 global development agenda.

With the signing of this strategic cooperation framework, Xinhua, one of the most influential media institutions in China, will further promote awareness of the importance of population issues and their interrelation with sustainable development by using its extensive global presence..

“UNFPA values Xinhua’s contribution to promote sustainable development through its continued cooperation with agencies, funds and programmes of the United Nations. We hope to focus the attention on the importance of supportive, voluntary and rights-based population programmes, in China and other parts of the world,” said UNFPA Representative to China Mr. Arie Hoekman at the signing ceremony.


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‘ Police Reportedly Arrested 511 People Holding a Sit-In After Thousands Marched for Democracy ‘

#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG (Beijing) – July 02 – Police have reportedly arrested 511 people holding a sit-in a day after tens of thousands in Hong Kong joined a massive march to push for Democracy.

Beijing warned recently it holds the ultimate authority over the former British colony, although a mini-constitution gives the city a high degree of autonomy until 2047, AP said.

Police said 511 people were arrested Wednesday for unlawful assembly and preventing police from carrying out their duties.

About 98,600 people joined Tuesday’s rally at its peak, police said, while organizers insist 510,000 turned out, the highest estimates in a decade.

AP – Reuters – RT – AFP – Hong Kong News


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‘ China National Oil Company Preparing Evacuation Plans to Leave Iraq as ISIS Forces Approach Baghdad ‘

#AceNewsServices  – CHINA (Beijing) – June 19 – China’s biggest oil firms have prepared evacuation plans in case violence spreads in Iraq, state media reported Thursday.

​China has more than 10,000 workers on a wide range of projects in the Middle Eastern country, AFP reported. “If insurgents begin to attack Baghdad, we will pull out of the country immediately,” the Global Times quoted an employee of Chinese state-owned energy giant China National Offshore Oil Corp. as saying.

​Resources are a key interest for China, the world’s second-largest economy, and Iraq is its fifth-largest source of crude oil imports, while China is the largest foreign investor in Iraq’s oil sector.

Production at the four oil fields of PetroChina, the listed arm of China’s largest oil producer China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC), has not been affected, a company representative told the paper.

All of them are in central or southern Iraq, but the representative added: “Some Chinese nationals in the north were evacuated. We have prepared some contingency plans.”

The Global Times also reported that more than 1,000 Chinese employees of state-run firm China Machinery Engineering Corp were “stranded” in the northern Iraqi city of Samarra, although a company representative disputed the description.


(NYT) – June 17 – As the violence of the American-led invasion of Iraq and the ensuing civil war ebbed after 2008, some analysts said that China had emerged as the big winner from the strife, at least in terms of oil interests. China National Petroleum Corporation, the largest state-owned energy company, had become the biggest foreign investor in the Iraqi oil industry. With a tolerance for risk and willingness to accept lower profits, C.N.P.C., as it is commonly called, won major government contracts and invested billions of dollars in Iraq.

Now, the company’s acceptance of risk is being tested as it anxiously watches the growing Iraq crisis. A well-trained Sunni jihadist group, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, began a broad offensive this month that threatens to drag Iraq back into civil war.

​(CNPC) – January 2013 – The energy giant China National Petroleum Corp is looking to expand its business in Iraq.

US oil company Exxon Mobil Corp wants to sell stakes in the West Qurna phase 1 oilfield in Iraq, and CNPC unit PetroChina, China’s largest energy producer, is interested in buying 60 percent for $50 billion, according to Reuters.

An official who declined to be named at CNPC said he has not been informed of the deal, while Exxon Mobil declined to comment on Wednesday.

However, another industry insider who works at an organization under CNPC told China Daily the company has shown great interest in buying stakes in the West Qurna phase 1 since last year. “It’s just too sensitive to release anything now,” he said.

The insider said that since CNPC signed a service agreement with Iraq’s Ministry of Petroleum on the development of the Al-Ahdab oilfield in November 2008, the company has accumulated rich experience in Iraq.

As one of the biggest oilfields in Iraq, West Qurna phase 1 has reserves of about 10 billion to 15 billion barrels, with a highest daily output of 1 million barrels.

CNPC has three oil projects in Iraq – the Al-Ahdab, Rumaila and Halfya oilfields, with an overall daily output of about 1.6 million barrels, accounting for about half of Iraq’s total daily output.

Iraq’s oil output will exceed 6 million barrels a day in 2020 and rise to more than 8 million barrels a day in 2035, according to a report from the International Energy Agency in November.


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' Chinese Rich People Leaving Country '

#AceNewsServices – CHINA (Beijing) – June 11 – Money may be able to buy many things, but even China’s ultra-rich can’t instantly make their country’s air cleaner, its food safer, or its schools on par with the likes of Harvard. It can buy something almost as good, however: a visa to a foreign country to avoid all of these issues at home.

​A report published on June 6 by Hurun Report and immigration consultancy Visas Consulting Group on the emigration habits of Chinese high-net-worth-individuals (HNWIs) finds that a growing number of them are taking advantage of investment visa programs to escape serious problems that the majority of China’s population has no choice but to deal with.

According to Hurun statistics released in January, the rate of Chinese HNWIs who have emigrated or want to do so increased to 64 percent in 2013, marking an increase over the previous year’s 60 percent. The newly released survey of 141 individuals moving abroad or in the process of doing so finds that quality of education, pollution, and food safety are the top three reasons for emigration among this group, followed by social welfare and medical care standards.

Visa access abroad does not come cheap, however. Members of this elite fraction of society often secure entry to foreign countries through special investment visa programs that require them to pour a significant amount of money into the host country’s local economy. For example, the United States’ EB-5 visa programoffers a green card to anyone who invests $1 million in the U.S. economy (or $500,000 in a high-unemployment area) and provides at least 100 jobs to American workers. As a result, the hope of being able to emigrate is the third-highest reason for China’s wealthy to invest abroad, and overseas investments account for an average of 16 percent of Chinese emigrants’ total wealth. Chinese citizens are the main beneficiaries of the U.S. program, taking up 80 percent of all EB-5 visas offered in 2012.

Read More: BI


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‘Nine People Sentenced To Death On Terrorism Charges’

#AceNewsServices – CHINA (XINJIANG) – June 06  – Nine people have been sentenced to death on terrorism charges in China’s north-western region of Xinjiang.

State TV said they were among 81 people found guilty. Sentences were handed down at six different courts.

The charges included murder and arson.

Earlier 29 “terror suspects” were detained in Urumqi on charges including inciting separatism and ethnic hatred.

Chinese officials have blamed militant Uighur groups for a growing number of violent attacks across the country.

These include an attack in Beijing, where a car ploughed into pedestrians in Tiananmen Square, killing five people, and attacks at railway stations in Urumqi and Kunming.

China’s state broadcaster described the main charges against those sentenced on Thursday as relating to organising, leading or participating in a terrorist organisation.

Six courts in Xinjiang heard a total of 23 separate cases, it said, handing down nine death penalties and long custodial sentences.

‘Year-long campaign’

The latest convictions come amid a sweeping security crackdown in the region, reports the BBC’s John Sudworth in Shanghai.

Last month China launched what it called a “year-long campaign against terrorism” after 39 people were killed when five suicide bombers attacked a street market in Urumqi, Xinjiang’s capital.

Last week 55 people were sentenced for terrorism, separatism and murder at a show trial in Xinjiang.

Beijing has blamed an increasing number of attacks on civilian targets on Uighur separatists, who it says are inspired by extreme religious ideology from abroad, our correspondent says.

Critics of China’s policies in Xinjiang point to economic inequality and cultural and religious repression as other possible reasons for the growing radicalism and resentment.

China says it is pouring money into the Xinjiang region, but some Uighurs say their traditions and freedoms are being crushed.

BBC – China Daily


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‘ Three Activists Released on Anniversary of Tiananmen Square’

#AceNewsServicesBEIJING – (Reuters) – China released on Thursday three activists who had been detained for a month for attending a meeting to commemorate the military suppression of pro-democracy protests in Tiananmen Square in 1989, their lawyers said.

The activists were freed a day after the 25th anniversary of the bloody crackdown, marked by tens of thousands of people in Hong Kong, even as Chinese authorities sought to whitewash the event in the mainland.

Two of their peers remained in custody.

The detentions had sparked criticism from the United States and the European Union, with both calling for their release. China issued new, stronger objections to renewed complaints from the United States and lodged a diplomatic protest.

For the ruling Communist Party, the 1989 demonstrations that clogged Tiananmen Square in Beijing and spread to other cities remain taboo. The government has never released a death toll for the crackdown, but estimates from human rights groups and witnesses range from several hundred to several thousand.

Liu Di and Hu Shigen, both dissident writers, and Xu Youyu, a research fellow with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a government think tank, were released on bail, their lawyers and a relative said.

All three had been detained for “causing a disturbance” in connection with the meeting held in a private apartment.

China also has lodged a diplomatic protest over US remarks on the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown, Reuters said.

The White House had honoured those who were killed in the action to crush the protests and said it would support the rights that the protesters sought. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Beijing was “strongly dissatisfied” and “firmly opposed” to the US statement, Xinhua reported, adding that it had “lodged solemn representations” with Washington.



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