AUSTRALIA: ‘ Arrest Warrant issued for Billionaire Nathan Tinkler ‘

#AceNewsReport – July.20: Arrest warrant ordered for former billionaire Nathan Tinkler
An arrest warrant is ordered for former billionaire Nathan Tinkler after he fails to appear in the Supreme Court in South Australia.


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“How One Left Wing Billionaire Bought the Oval Office”

#AceWorldNews says on of the newest staff members to recently join the White House elite, was none other than John Podesta ,the 64 year-old founder of the Center for American Progress {CAP} and also the head of President Obama’s 2008 transition team. He was also former chief of staff to President Clinton, and former lobbyist and co-founder with his brother Tony, of the "Podesta Group"

So Podesta is joining the administration for one year as White House counselour specializing in energy policy. And despite the fact that he has done more than any other unelected official to shape the policies of cap-and-trade and green energy subsidies, and to employ and place the talent that has attempted to implement those policies during the Obama presidency, the White House assures us that he will never, never have any say in whether the Keystone Pipeline, slow-walked by this president for years, is approved or denied.
“John suggested that he not work on the Keystone Pipeline issue,” a White House aide emailed Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker, “in review at the State Department, given that the review is far along in the process and John’s views on this are well known.” Podesta opposes the pipeline, vociferously, because he says it will exacerbate global warming. But if his opposition to Keystone disqualifies him from working on the issue in the West Wing, wouldn’t that also be a problem for his seat on the Foreign Affairs Policy Board at the State Department, where the pipeline issue is “in review”? Or for his seat on the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board, which must have discussed the pipeline at some point? And does anyone besides the gullible greens at Credo Action, the political arm of a cell phone company that provides its customers feelings of moral superiority, really believe Podesta will be “silenced” when it comes to “what may be the single most closely watched decision of the Obama presidency”? Does anyone who has ever interacted with Podesta or his brother believe either man is capable of silence?

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