` Ukraine in risk of default sad `Standard & Poor’s’ due to political unrest cutting their Investment Rating’

#AceWorldNews says Ukraine is at risk of default after the political crisis “deteriorated substantially,” Standard & Poor’s has said.

The agency cut Ukraine to CCC – eight levels below an investment rating – from CCC+ and kept its outlook negative, Bloomberg reported. S&P said the risk is increasing that President Victor Yanukovich’s government will fail to service its debt.

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`Beijing Issues `Yellow Alert’ as calling for more measures to prevent `Smog’ including `Dust Busting’

#AceWorldNews says that Beijing authorities have for the first time issued an alert forSmog’ precautions, Bloomberg reported.

The city’s 20 million people were asked to reduce trips in the face of predictions of three days of heavy pollution.

In October, the Chinese capital issued a plan for emergency measures to cope with heavy air pollution.

Alerts from the most serious to less serious are tagged red, orange, yellow and blue. Thursday’s yellow warning called for dust-busting measures including more road cleaning, spraying of water at construction sites, and reduced excavation work.

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#Iran : “Tehran may Modify `Arak Heavy Water Reactor ‘ thus Removing Stumbling Block”

#AceWorldNews says Tehran may modify Arak heavy-water reactor it is official.

An Iranian official said for the first time that Iran may modify a heavy-water reactor near Arak. “We can do some design change… in order to produce less plutonium in this reactor, and in this way allay the worries and mitigate the concerns,” Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, told Press TV.

The statement signals a willingness to compromise as the uncompleted Arak heavy water reactor was a stumbling block that almost derailed nuclear talks last November, Bloomberg reported.

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