#AceNewsServices – BRUSSELS VIEW – October 20 – Britain risks “alienating” friends in Europe by loose talk of migration curbs, the outgoing European Commission chief is to warn.

“It is an illusion to believe that space for dialogue can be created if the tone and substance of the arguments you put forward … offend fellow member states”, Jose Manuel Barroso is to say in a speech at the Chatham House think tank in London on Monday (20 October).

“It would be an historic mistake if on these issues Britain were to continue to alienate its natural allies in Central and Eastern Europe, when you were one of the strongest advocates for their accession”.

The speech describes EU freedom of movement as a “basic right, which cannot be decoupled from other single market freedoms”.

It also urges the British government to make the case for the EU ahead of an in/out referendum in 2017.

“This case is one which needs to be made nationally. It is now high time to get out there and dispel the illusions”.

Barroso’s speech comes amid a shrill debate on EU immigration in the UK.

The ruling Conservative Party wants to renegotiate Britain’s obligation to the EU treaty principle amid electoral gains by the anti-immigrant Ukip party.

British media report one idea is to cap the number of net migrants to 100,000 a year by limiting national insurance numbers issued to unskilled workers.



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‘ Ali Khamenei Accuses Western Countries of Instigating a Rift Among Muslims by “Creating the ISIS in Iraq and Syria ‘

#AceNewsServices – UNITED STATES (New York) – October 18 – On the day before the most crucial round of Iran’s diplomatic talks with world powers on achieving a solution to the impasse of its nuclear program, Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei has found time again to bash the Western countries involved in the talks by accusing them of instigating a rift among Muslims by “creating the ISIS in Iraq and Syria.” 

Behrooz Behbudi, Founder of the Centre for a Democratic Iran, Comments:

Behrooz Behbudi, Founder of the Centre for a Democratic Iran, Comments:

“The evil Britain has created the ISIS and al Qaeda to confront the Islamic republic of Iran and the Islamic awakening across the world,” Khamenei claimed in a speech on Monday.

Khamenei’s paranoia of “the enemy”

Khamenei’s paranoia of “the enemy”

“America, Zionism, and especially the veteran expert of spreading divisions – the wicked government of Britain – have sharply increased their efforts of creating divisions between the Sunnis and Shia,” he said. 

The speech, marking the Shia Muslim religious holiday of Eid Al Ghadir, was posted on his website, where he has also published video footage showing his recovery from a recent prostate surgery.

The Centre for a Democratic Iran, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote and pursue an independent, peaceful and democratic Iran, followed these events with great interest.

CDI Founder, Behrooz Behbudi, offered his thoughts:

“In parallel with every foreign and domestic policy that the self-declared moderate administration of Hassan Rouhani has been taking to get Iran out of the socio-economic calamities that the eight years of Ahmadinejad rule has created, one can clearly see a deliberate hard-line policy by Khamenei to derail a return by Iran and the Iranians to peace and prosperity, however minimal given Rouhani’s allegiance to the regime. 

However, Khamenei’s “radicalism” and ranting against Western powers is in fact a facade that is aimed at concealing his political and leadership weaknesses, as well as demonstrating his paranoia about the roots of the problems among the Muslims of the Middle East. 

In raging against the US and Britain in his speech Khamenei is deliberately acting as a political player to distance himself from the behind the scene deals that his regime officials are making with world powers, with the help of the Russians as their mediators. 

Islamic State is undoubtedly a threat to the peace and security of the Middle Eastern nations as well as the West, as we have watched their barbaric acts with horror on our TV screens. 

However, by claiming that “the ISIS has been set up to confront the Islamic republic,” Khamenei – who incidentally refers to himself as the Caliph of Shia Muslims – wants us to forget that a similar type of extremist ideology in the name of Islam has for long actually been practiced by the very regime that he leads in Iran.

Furthermore, it is a well-known fact among Iran’s political forces that Khamenei owes his leadership status more to behind the scene power broking tactics by former president Rafsanjani than anything else, as his credentials as a cleric have never been accepted by Iran’s religious establishment, a complex that he has long concealed by advocating his bankrupted “political Islam”.

Since ascending to power and turning into an absolute religious leader and skilled political player, Khamenei has managed to dominate the political scene of Iran by empowering the Revolutionary Guard, the Basij militias and the security and intelligence organs of the regime around his “anti-American-Israeli” paranoia.

In reality, as world powers begin a new round of negotiations with the Islamic republic over the nuclear issue, they are effectively trying to reach a deal with another fundamentalist “Islamic State” that is ruling Iran with Khamenei at its Caliph in the name of the medieval system of Velayat-e Faqhi, or the Islamic government.

The irony remains however that Western powers are at the same time mulling over whether to involve the military forces of this dictatorship in Iran to help them overthrow the barbarism of the ISIS in its neighboring country in an act of appeasement to Khamenei and his associates in the Revolutionary Guard.

You cannot ask one dictator to join your forces to fight against another dictator in defence of freedom and humanity. 

NEW YORK, October 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —



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BRITAIN: ‘ UK Pays Million’s of Pounds in Benefits to Immigrants Whose Children Live Abroad ‘

#AceNewsServices – BRITAIN (London) – October 05 – The UK pays out an average of 600,000 pounds every week in child benefits to parents living outside the country.

Labour said the figures show the government “seems to have given up” on stopping immigrants from gaming EU rules to cheat British taxpayers.

Figures unveiled by the Telegraph show a total of 31 million pounds (US$950,000) was doled out to families of children living abroad in 2013. In total, 20,400 Child Benefit claims were made on behalf of 34,268 children.

Approximately two-thirds of those children reside in Poland.

Others relying on the system include: 1,231 families in Ireland receive payments covering 2,505 children; 1,215 families in Lithuania; 797 families in Latvia; and 789 families in France.

Children living outside of the UK receive the same amount of money as those living in the UK, even if they have never called Britain home. This is true in countries with both a lower cost of living and a lower level of domestic child benefit.

For example, Poland pays out 13.60 pounds ($21.76) a week for children under five, 18.20 pounds ($29) for children aged five to 18 and 19.60 pounds ($31.30) for those aged 18-24 who are enrolled in education. By contrast, British parents receive 20.50 pounds ($32.80) a week for their first child and 13.55 pounds ($21.68) for any further children in Britain.

Excluding Northern Ireland, average wages in Britain are more than 3.6 times higher than in Poland. And according to Numbeo, consumer prices in London are 112.47 percent higher than in Warsaw, rent prices are 306.06 percent greater, and grocery prices in London are 121.48 percent higher than in Warsaw.

Labour said the figures demonstrate that the governing coalition “seems to have given up any effort to end the scandal of millions of pounds of child benefit being sent abroad every year.”

“Rather than admitting defeat the Prime Minister should be ordering his ministers to work with governments across the European Union to bear down on this abuse of our benefits system,” the Telegraph cites Rachel Reeves, the shadow Work and Pensions secretary, as saying during a visit to France last week.



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BRITAIN: ‘ Cameron and Hammond Appoint Ex Army Man as New Head of Secret Intelligence Services (SIS) ‘

#AceNewsServices – BRITAIN (London) – October 05 – The UK government appointed a new head of its Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) MI6 on Friday, replacing its outgoing chief, Sir John Sawers.

The headquarters of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) at Vauxhall Cross on the River Thames in central London. (Reuters)

The headquarters of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) at Vauxhall Cross on the River Thames in central London. (Reuters)

Little is known about Alex Younger, except that he is an economics graduate who has worked for MI6 since 1991, following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Younger, who was also in the British Army, has worked in Europe, the Middle East and Afghanistan.

He was appointed with the agreement of Prime Minister David Cameron and Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond.

“I am pleased to announce that Alex Younger has been appointed as the next Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service,” Hammond said in a statement. “The work of SIS is world-class, and its operation vital to the safety and security of the United Kingdom.”

“Alex brings a wealth of relevant experience including his work in Afghanistan and helping keep the country safe during the London 2012 Olympics,” he added.

Younger’s appointment comes at a crucial time for the intelligence service, as it faces fresh challenges abroad, particularly from the militant Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq and Syria.

The agency is currently monitoring up to 500 Britons fighting for the militia, while working with foreign intelligence agencies in coordinated military attacks against the group.

“I am delighted and honored to become Chief of SIS and lead one of the best intelligence agencies in the world,” Younger said upon his appointment.

“Our dedicated staff work tirelessly against an array of threats that this country faces. They do so in close partnership with both MI5 and GCHQ, with whom I am looking forward to co-operating closely.”

Outgoing MI6 head Sawers said Younger had played a “vital role” in modernizing the SIS.



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BRITAIN: ‘ Watch-Dog Slam UK Nuclear Weapon’s Maker for Flouting Safety Regulations in Disposal of Hazardous Waste Materials ‘

#AceNewsServices – BRITAIN – October 05  – A British nuclear weapons maker has been issued official warnings by two state watchdogs for flouting safety regulations regarding the disposal of hazardous radioactive material.

The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) has been issued official warnings by two state watchdogs for flouting safety regulations. (Reuters/Phil Noble)

The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) has been issued official warnings by two state watchdogs for flouting safety regulations. (Reuters/Phil Noble)

A private firm that runs Trident nuclear facilities for Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been heavily criticized by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) and the Environment Agency (EA) for inadequate management of hazardous waste.

English: Atomic Weapons Establishment at Alder...

English: Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The consortium in question, known as the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), produces nuclear weapons for the MoD and has bases at Aldermaston and Berkshire.

Following its failure to ensure key staff positions were filled in order to monitor vital waste disposal practices, the AWE was sent an official warning by the Environment Agency, the Guardian revealed on Friday.

The compliance issue was detected by the EA following a site audit. The vacant positions included specially appointed waste officials, radioactive specialists, and a top executive responsible for environmental issues.

The AWE claimed security procedures, which entail intensive vetting of potential employees, created delays in their recruitment processes. But the EA argues the AWE has contravened regulations implemented in 2012 to ensure an adequate amount of skilled employees are available to oversee the safe disposal of radioactive waste.

“Operators are expected to comply with their permit conditions at all times,” an EA spokesman told RT on Friday. “Following a site audit we found that AWE Aldermaston was not fully complying with all their permit conditions.”

Integrated waste disposal facility, Allington

Integrated waste disposal facility, Allington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following the EA’s warning, however, the AWE insisted its staffing arrangement is constantly reviewed, and its radioactive waste disposal methods are “robust.”

“At the time of the EA inspection candidates were identified to fill the posts, but the security requirements have led to recruitment delays. In the interim, existing staff are covering the roles,” the firm told the Guardian.

The AWE has also come under fire from the government-funded Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) over an ongoing failure to meet the body’s basic requirements.

A picture shows the Trident Nuclear Submarine, HMS Victorious, on patrol off the west coast of Scotland on April 4, 2013. (AFP Photo/Andy Buchanan)

A picture shows the Trident Nuclear Submarine, HMS Victorious, on patrol off the west coast of Scotland on April 4, 2013. (AFP Photo/Andy Buchanan)

In 2007, the firm pledged to repackage and downsize its waste by 2014, but failed to honor its commitment. As a result, the ONR is currently considering legal action against the AWE, particularly with respect to the company’s failure to make 1,000 containers of radioactive waste safe.

“ONR is continuing to investigate AWE’s failure to meet the requirements of the license instrument, in accordance with our normal processes,” an ONR spokesman told the Guardian. He added that the ONR will “consider enforcement action in accordance with our enforcement policy when all investigations are completed.”

Reflecting on the threat of legal action, the AWE said it was working with the ONR to solve the matter.

But the company, responsible for the production of military wares regularly utilized by the MoD, stressed that the ONR was content with its waste storage practices in the short term.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’s (CND) general secretary, Kate Hudson, described the AWE’s breeches of safety obligations as “outrageous.”

“Not filling key posts which are essential to ensure hazardous waste is dealt with properly is unacceptable,” she told RT on Friday.



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‘ Britain and Germany Not to Take Part in Air-Strikes in Syria Against Islamic State ‘

#AceWorldNews – September 11 – The foreign ministers of Germany and Britain said Thursday their states would not be taking part in air-strikes in Syria against the Islamic State militant group. Germany’s Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in Berlin: “To quite clear, we have not been asked to do so and neither will we do so.” Philip Hammond, in his turn, said Britainsupports entirely the US approach of developing an international coalition” against the Islamic State.

However, he said the UK will not be taking part in any airstrikes in Syria. “We have already had that discussion in our parliament last year and we won’t be revisiting that position,” Reuters quoted him as saying.


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‘ Two Ryanair Boeing 737-800 Planes Damaged in Collision at Stansted Airport in Essex ‘

#AceWorldNews – BRITAIN (Essex) – June 28 – Two Ryanair Boeing 737-800 planes have been damaged in a collision at Stansted Airport in Essex, causing a three-hour delay but no injuries to passengers or crew.

The wing tip of one plane and the tail cone of the other were damaged. Essex police were called to the scene and conducted breath tests on the pilots, both of which were negative.

A spokesman said no one was injured and no further police action would be taken.


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Obama talks about Scottish Independence, but can’t help his own people !

Really annoyed at this one today, Obama met with UK leader and Eton boy David Cameron and Obama HAD to have a say on Scottish Independence. Well I ask, did he? I mean this was a PR stunt of the highest order. Should Scotland leave the UK, there will still be England, Wales and Northern Ireland in the Union, in reality American would have a new friend in a free Scotland

Coming from a man who stands back and watches hundreds of his own people die every day due to no Health Care and spends more on Islam than he does on his own people, I think this is a slap in the face to each and every American who actually cares about Scotland leaving the Union/UK, and I am guessing these numbers would be very low. For Obama to stand and say these things slaps in the face of Scotland also. Who is he to tell us what we can or can’t vote. I think speaking to many Scottish people this evening many are very annoyed at Obama having the cheek to even remark on this issue and his remarks were so far from the truth it is untrue, many in the World will lap his words up but up here in Scotland we all laughed and shook our heads at a disaster of a PR by David Cameron

What gives Obama the right to dictate to anyone. He can’t run his own Country properly. If I could send one message to Obama it would be “No matter what happens Mr President, you will still have the UK as a partner” He had no right to stick his mouth into any debate. I am not angry at this I am fuming! I am mad! This was David Cameron asking Obama to help his cause for a NO Vote on September 18th.

Thankfully the people of Scotland are FAR more clever than this propaganda and have as I though we would laughed this stupid stunt off. It was rediculous, ill timed, not right and since when does Obama have a say on these matter? Again, NO MATTER the outcome, the UK will still exist. This is media crap and I urge every Scottish person to ignore it and laugh at it for exactly what it is. A stupid remark rehearsed in advance on a people who have a bigger IQ than Obama does. Scotland won’t fall for this propaganda rubbish


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Many people ask this question, is there a UK Royal’s tie to Nazi Germany, well the question is, of course, yes. Anyone who researches hard enough will see it as clear as a summer’s day.

Russia Today broadcast a graphic highlighting the British royals’ links to various Nazis while its presenter asserted, “If anyone knows real Nazis, it’s the royal family.” Among the highlighted connections Russia Today showed were a picture of Charles’s great uncle, Prince Edward the Duke of Windsor, visiting Hitler at his Obersalzberg mountainside retreat in Bavaria, accompanied by the assertion that the American wife of the prince, Wallace Simpson, “hung out with Hitler.” (Edward had to abdicate the monarchy in 1936 to marry her, since she was divorced.) The broadcast also noted that the late Princess Sophie — the sister of the current Queen’s husband — Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh — was married to an SS officer; this was Sophie’s first husband, Prince Christoph of Hesse.

And it screened a photograph of Charles’s son, Prince Harry, wearing a Nazi uniform at a 2005 fancy-dress party, with the commentary: “Prince Charles’s very own son likes to dress up like a Nazi even if it’s just for Halloween.”
Russia Today’s Thursday assault on the royals came after Moscow demanded an official explanation for Charles’s reported comparison — not denied by the royals — of Putin’s actions in Ukraine to those of Hitler.
“If these words were really said, then undoubtedly they are not worthy of a future British monarch,” Russia’s foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in Moscow. “We have requested an official explanation from British authorities over the statements.”

Lukashevich slammed Western media for using Charles’s reported words in what he said was a propaganda campaign against Russia. “We consider it is unacceptable, disgusting and low that Western media are using members of the British royal family to unroll a propaganda campaign against Russia on a contentious international issue like the situation in Ukraine,” he said. Russia and Britain’s positions “differ widely and that is obvious, we see that from the statements of British politicians,” Lukashevich said. “To discuss these topics, we have absolutely legal two-way channels and that does not call for pronouncing judgements in a broad public forum.” The heir to the British throne made the apparently unguarded comments during a trip to a museum in Canada this week, in a private conversation with a Polish-born woman who had fled the Nazis as a child.

“I had finished showing him the exhibit and talked with him about my own family background and how I came to Canada,” 78-year-old Marienne Ferguson told the Daily Mail newspaper. “The prince then said: ‘And now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler.’” The remark made headlines around the world, and Russian media said it threatened to further “complicate” relations between Britain and Moscow. Charles and Putin are both attending commemorations marking the 70th anniversary of D-Day on June 6, although royal aides said no formal meeting was scheduled. UK Prime Minister David Cameron declined to comment on a private conversation, but said: “Of course, everyone is entitled to their private opinions.” Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said the future king was “free to express himself.”

Opposition Labour leader Ed Miliband went even further, saying: “I think he has got a point about President Putin’s actions, and I think he is absolutely entitled to say that there are real concerns about that.” The prince’s office would not confirm or deny the remarks but said he would not have intended to make a political statement. “We do not comment on private conversations. But we would like to stress that the Prince of Wales would not seek to make a public political statement during a private conversation,” a spokeswoman said.

The prince reportedly made the remark during a tour of the Canadian Museum of Immigration in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as part of a four-day trip to Canada with his wife Camilla. Ferguson, who moved to Canada with her Jewish family when she was 13 and who lost relatives in the Holocaust, confirmed her account of their conversation in a later interview with the BBC. She added that it was “just a little remark — I didn’t think it was going to make such a big uproar.” Members of the royal family by convention do not comment on political affairs, and Queen Elizabeth II is famous for keeping her own counsel.

However, her 65-year-old son Charles has come under criticism in the past for his outspoken remarks about everything from genetically modified food to architecture. Ties between London and Moscow were plunged into deep freeze following the 2006 murder of Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian dissident, in London. Relations began to improve in 2011, but the crisis over Ukraine has led to fresh tensions as the United States and the EU imposed sanctions on Russia for its intervention in the former Soviet state.

Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton made a similar comparison at a private event in March, according to a local newspaper report. Describing how Moscow justified sending more troops into Crimea as a way to protect Russian speakers from a pro-Western government, Clinton said: “If this sounds familiar, it’s what Hitler did back in the 30s.” The Russian foreign ministry last month complained to the German ambassador after Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble reportedly drew parallels between Moscow’s annexation of Crimea and Hitler’s aggression in Czechoslovakia on the eve of World War II.

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