` North Korea deports `John Short ‘ after one month of detention for distributing religious material’

#AceWorldNews says that North Korea on Monday deported a 75-year-old Australian missionary, detained last month for distributing religious material, AFP reported.

Hong Kong-based John Short arrived in Beijing on a commercial flight from Pyongyang hours after the North’s official KCNA news agency announced he was being released.

North Korea had arrested him a week ago after leaving “Bible tracts” in a Buddhist temple in Pyongyang during a tour.


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“Hostility Increase Worldwide Towards Religious Groups”

#AceWorldNews says recent report in connection with “Violence and Discrimination Against Religious Groups” reveals that governments and rival faiths have reached new highs in all parts of the world except the Americas, “Pew Research Center” has said in a report. The share of countries with a high or very high level of social hostilities involving religion reached a six-year peak in 2012, it said. Social hostility, including attacks on minority faiths or pressure was strong in one-third of the 198 countries and territories surveyed in 2012. Religious-related terrorism and sectarian violence occurred in one-fifth of the states.
Almost 30 percent of those states imposed legal limits on worship, preaching or religious wear. Hindus, Buddhists and folk religions saw lower levels of hostility. The report said the highest social hostility concerning religion was in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Somalia and Israel.

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