` Bulgarian `Kuneva ‘ of Greek Party Coalition of the Radical Left ` Syriza ‘ will Run for Member of European Parliament ‘

#AceWorldNews – EUROPEAN – April 15 – (Nova) – Bulgarian Konstantina Kuneva will run for a Member of the European Parliament from the left-wing Greek party Coalition of the Radical Left, also known as SYRIZA.

Kuneva, who tragically became known after being splashed with acid in December 2008 in Athens, will run sixth in the party’s elections list, Bulgarian Nova Tv reports.

Besides Kuneva, who is a trade union leader, among the 14 non-party candidates who will run on a SYRIZA ticket in next month’s elections to the European Parliament are a Roma activist, as well as journalists.

Among the 20 party officials running are MPs Dimitris Papadimoulis, Sofia Sakorafa and Yiannis Milios.


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` Bulgarian Policeman is Killed and Three Officers Wounded in Shoot-Out with Armed Man at School over Noise ‘

#AceWorldNews A Bulgarian policeman was killed and three officers wounded in a shoot-out with an armed man at a school in the central town of Lyaskovets, police said Friday.

The man who had threatened the pupils and the headmaster was identified as 52-year-old Petko Petkov, Reuters said.

He reportedly opened fire on police officers before barricading himself into his apartment opposite the school.

The man was wounded within the course of the operation in Lyaskovets, a town some 220 kilometres east of Sofia.

The shoot-out began after officers arrived at Petkov’s apartment to question him about letters he had sent to the school headmaster, complaining about the noise.


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` US, Bulgarian and Romanian start `Joint Naval Exercise’s ‘ in the Black Sea ’

#AceWorldNews A joint naval exercise of US, Bulgarian and Romanian naval forces has started in the Black Sea, after they were delayed by one day on Tuesday due to bad weather.

“This time the exercise has begun as planned,” Lieutenant-Colonel of the Bulgarian Navy Dimitar Titev told Reuters.

The USS Truxtun, a US guided-missile destroyer with about 300 crew and part of the US Sixth Fleet head-quartered in Italy, Bulgarian naval frigate Drazki and three Romanian vessels will take part in the drills.

They started across the water from the Crimean Peninsula, where a referendum on the territorial status will be held on Sunday.

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` Bad Weather has delayed start of what is being termed `Joint Naval Exercise’s ‘ taking place in the Black Sea’

#AceWorldNews Bad weather has delayed by one day a joint naval exercise by US, Bulgarian and Romanian naval forces in the Black Sea, Reuters said, citing a statement by the Bulgarian Defence Ministry.

A US navy destroyer was due to take part in maneuvers with Romanian and Bulgarian warships near the Crimean Peninsula.

To the north in Poland, US fighter jets are also to take part in joint exercises.


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` Navy destroyer USS Truxtun crosses Dardanelles en route to Black Sea ‘

#AceWorldNews says that the US Navy destroyer USS Truxtun has reportedly crossed the Dardanelles on Friday, as it heads into the Black Sea.

The US Navy earlier announced the guided missile destroyer’s “routine” deployment to conduct training with the Romanian and Bulgarian navy, saying it had been decided long before the crisis in Ukraine.

The ship left Greece on Thursday and is expected to cross the Bosphorus later Friday.


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