SAUDI ARABIA: ‘ Car Explosion Near High Security Prison Killed Driver & Wounded Two Security Officials ‘

#AceNewsReport – SAUDI ARABIA:Post Update:July.17: A car explosion at a checkpoint near Saudi Arabia’s highest security prison killed the driver and wounded two security officials, the interior ministry said on Thursday, as reported by AFP.

“The driver blew up the car and killed himself,” said the spokesman, adding that the explosion is now under investigation.

The policemen, who were in a “stable condition,” were taken to the hospital, according to the official Saudi Press Agency.


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YEMEN: ‘ Islamic State claim responsibility for Car bombing at Houthi Mosque ‘

#Breaking Update:Yemen:June.20:19.48GMT

#AceNewsReport – Post Update: YEMEN:June.20: At least two people were killed and six others injured as a car bomb went off near the Qiba Mahdi mosque in the rebel-controlled capital, Sanaa, on Saturday, witnesses told Reuters.


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#BREAKING Suicide Bomber attacks Tourist Site in Egypt

#AceBreakingNews – EGYPT:June.10:A suicide car bomber has targeted the Karnak Temple at Luxor temple tourist site in southern Egypt

According to private Egyptian newspaper Youm7, two terrorists were killed and one police officer was injured when a car bomb detonated near Luxor’s Karnak Temple. Sky News Arabia reports that the detonation occurred after security forces confronted the car laden with explosives. Sky News added that a third attacker was injured in the foiled car bomb attempt.

Suicide Bomber Attacks Tourist Site in Egypt


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#Baghdad : `Reports of 49 people have been killed in a series of bomb-blasts’

#AceBreakingNews says at least 49 people have been killed in a series of bomb blasts in the capital Baghdad and the city of Hilla in central Iraq, police and medics said.

Several explosions rocked mainly Shiite districts in the Iraqi capital on Tuesday killing 14 people. The deadliest attack took place in the district of Bayaa, when a bomb inside a parked vehicle exploded near a bus station, killing five and wounding 24,

Reuters said citing sources.

Further 35 people were killed in the central Iraq, when three car bombs went off in different locations in the city of Hilla and four more in nearby towns.

Hilla hospital has received 35 bodies so far from seven car bomb blasts,” said one health official.

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