Cash for access: Clegg pledges new regulation to tackle lobbying – Telegraph

Following disclosures by The Telegraph about MPs and peers taking money from undercover reporters posing as lobbyists, the Deputy Prime Minister pledges to bring in laws to create a “cleaner, better politics”.

Writing in The Telegraph, Mr Clegg says the lobbying scandal has again shown that our “political system has long been crying out for head-to-toe reform”.

His comments came as a peer, Lord Laird, resigned from the Ulster Unionist Party. Two other peers were suspended by Labour after further cash-for-questions revelations.

The MP Patrick Mercer has already quit the Tory party following an investigation by The Telegraph and BBC’s Panorama that revealed he tabled parliamentary questions and motions and offered lobbyists a security pass to the Commons after being paid thousands of pounds.

Cash for access: Clegg pledges new regulation to tackle lobbying – Telegraph.

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Austerity Kills Political Gain


Austerity (Photo credit: Anne Helmond)

When a government imposes #austerity on the people who have less, than themselves they create a world of haves and have-nots! But this eventually leads to a society of l want what he/she has, and in many cases, l do not care how l get it! In the case of successive governments, this has led from bankers, to politicians and finally to the man or woman in the street! Now we are told there are no longer 3 classes of people in this country, but many more. The real truth is we live not in a society of classes, but in a society of people who lie for a living and call it business!

The fact that disturbs me the most, is people make comments like ” l did not steal or lie a lot” and then try to acquit themselves by relating it to bankers or politicians, siting examples as they proceed to justify their actions! But the biggest lie of all is the use of the word #austerity, as a way to convince us all, it is for our own good! The truth is if you tell people enough times, they will believe it! The real truth is they have asked for it, and now this government has given them what they asked for,so they have nobody to blame but themselves! The fact is in the end this party will be un-cloaked for what they are, and all they gained will be lost!

As their use of the word #austerity, that gave them the upper hand, will kill their political gain! Of course the real losers are the people who are living in our community, who became victims of this governments,#austerity measures!

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Personal Overview Of Maggie

The only way to view the Thatcher years from my point of view, is in retrospect and in this case her legacy. She was either loved or loathed by her party, the opposition and the public at large, but her legacy will live on! Simply put this consisted of privatisation, strikes, poll-tax and the NHS! This became known as “true conservatism” and remains to be completed by this present goverment, and fulfill her legacy of supporting the haves and not the have nots! The guise has always been #cash4contracts but in her day it was simply given the name, privatisation!

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Privatisation Of NHS Stays Hidden For Those Who Cannot See The Truth!

Everyday you hear about how people are misled by our health service management, telling us it will provide a better service. The truth is behind the scenes goverment officials manipulate the truth, to provide even more contracted-out services! This #cash4contracts manouvre happens all the time, and people are led to believe they made the decision, and what our goverment is doing is for our own good. Do not believe what you hear, listen with your heart to the real truth!

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