Anti-paedophile police fight child porn ‘epidemic’

US and UK forces join to arrest many paedophiles

It is good when countries come together for this kind of action, we will catch more perverted paedophiles this way. USA sent advisers over to train UK specialists and both countries work hard together to make sure these vile humans, men and woman are caught. Normal people can’t get their mind around this, so to see this on my news tonight was good, knowing there are specialist teams looking for these non-humans.

The internet trade in images that show child sex abuse is now “an epidemic”, according to the head of the global initiative to combat the problem. Police officers from around the world serve on the Virtual Global Taskforce. Its chairman, Ian Quinn, tells the BBC there has been an “explosion” in cases handled by US authorities. The US alone has 61 Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) units, each made up of state, local police and federal agents. BBC News joined a recent operation in Los Angeles. Twenty one officers were briefed at dawn in a parking lot in central LA. Lt Andrea Grossman, from the Los Angeles Police Department, told us they conducted such operations “three to five times per week”.

A man was arrested as a result of the Los Angeles operation

The amount of images of child sexual abuse on the internet, she says, is “beyond out of control, we’re now just getting to the surface of it”. Their target was a man who had tried to send obscene images via his Gmail account. The team was led by an officer holding a pump-action shotgun, backed up by others with an assault rifle and hand guns. A suspect was detained. The man’s computer was analysed in a mobile laboratory, housed in a large camper van parked outside the address.

Online images accumulate
In 2002 the US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reviewed and confirmed 45,055 examples of obscene images of children found online (some of these were duplicates)
In 2013 the figure had grown to 23,881,197
As of May 2014, the centre had reviewed 112 million files containing images of child sexual abuse

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Officers removed the suspect’s hard drive and analysed it in a mobile laboratory

But now within minutes of his arrest officers had found images of the abuse of children as young as six-years-old. He was charged with possessing illegal material.
Operation Predator
The US Department of Homeland Security investigations (HSI) launched more than 4,000 investigations into online child sexual abuse last year. “Globally there’s not a country that can hide from this crime,” says Mr Quinn. To combat the problem department launched Operation Predator in 2003, with three key aims:

to rescue children
to prosecute their abusers
to stop the trade in obscene images

Investigators have repaired mobile phone chips to analyse the images they hold

Predator has led to more than 1,000 arrests across the world in the past six months, 29 of those were in the UK.

Predator detentions

In 2003, 339 arrests were made worldwide in connection with Operation Predator
In 2013, the number had grown to 2,099
To date, the total number of arrests linked to the operation totals 10,608
Lt Grossman says paedophiles trade images across the world, which demands a global response from law enforcement. “Your suspects are our suspects, your victims are our victims,” she says. “I start my day at 04:00, so I can talk to the Brits, the Australians, to any international partner.” Her team also has access to software that can track in real time paedophiles accessing images on peer-to-peer networks.

Computer forensic experts help gather evidence to prosecute suspected paedophiles

Earlier this year Lt Grossman and a colleague were in London training 100 British detectives from across the UK. They taught their UK counterparts advanced techniques for tracking suspects online and gathering evidence.

British arrest

The cooperation between the US and UK has led to some high profile arrests. Earlier this year a British man called Mark Luscombe was jailed after an operation which began in the US. Luscombe, 29, of Verwood, Dorset, used a paedophile chat room online. He contacted an undercover agent from Homeland Security who was posing as a man offering his children for sex.

Some paedophiles have been found with thousands of illegal images on their computers

The 29-year-old offered to send the officer indecent images of children in exchange for watching a girl being abused live on a webcam. Luscombe was sentenced to five years in jail after pleading guilty to 16 offences at Bournemouth Crown Court. BBC News has obtained access to his police interview tapes. In them Luscombe tells officers that he thought he might be under surveillance. Mark Luscombe was caught in an operation by US and UK police “I know I probably spoke to one of you and that’s how you probably got me,” he said. He also admitted that he needed help. “I’ve always felt this way, I know it’s bad and wrong… it’s just wired up.” Detective Superintendent Chris Naughton from Dorset police believes this conviction sends a powerful message. “From us receiving the information to going through his door was about 48 hours,” he says. “I think that shows how well [international cooperation] works.”

Undercover agent

Mark Luscombe was caught in an operation by US and UK police

Homeland Security regularly deploys undercover officers online. Special Agent Kevin Laws has been doing the job for a decade and has made 60 arrests. He poses on incest chat rooms as a father offering his children for sex with other adults. “This is as bad as it gets,” he tells us. He gets frequent requests from people who want to meet him and abuse the fictitious children, including people from the UK. “Oh every day, it’s a rare time I don’t speak to someone in the UK,” he says. He admits that his work is like “a drop of sand in the ocean”, but that it does send a clear message to abusers. “We might not get you today or tomorrow, but we will get you, and it will be when you least expect it.”

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Child abuse is not a priority for the British government – abuse survivor

#AceGuestNews says `Child Abuse is not a Priority for the British government according to Abuse Survivor’

Mr Wright There has been a worrying spate of cases of sexual abuse of children in Britain involving institutions – hospitals, care homes and even schools.

One notorious case involved the headmaster of Caldicott School in Buckinghamshire who’s due to be sentenced on Thursday.

We talk to one of the men who had suffered at the hands of the staff – Tom Perry.

The offences took place between 1959 and 1970 and involved a teacher as well as the headmaster.

Tom Perry told VoR that discovering abuse is the most difficult thing in the world, and that a further difficulty is that it is quite often in the interest of the school to conceal it.

“If we take just one example: Hospitals are also regulated activities. And we all heard that Mr Savile, when he was working at Stoke Mandeville, nurses were telling children to pretend to be asleep if he comes around.

“Now what was it that the nurses saw or heard that prompted them to tell children to pretend to be asleep if he comes around?

And why wasn’t that behaviour reported? So it starts at the bottom.

“So it is the teachers, the junior teachers, the ground staff – it is everybody. When you get that law in place it changes the culture. It is a catalyst for culture change towards child protection.

At the moment it is something that is at the back of the stove and that is the problem. It is an afterthought.”

If such a system had been in place when you were a school boy, would have it prevented you being abused?

“Unquestionably, and let me explain why. I remember my hero at school – the captain of rugby. I was a sportsman. I was the captain of rugby myself eventually.

“When the master, Mr Wright, who is to be sentenced tomorrow, didn’t turn up at breakfast – which everyone was meant to do by default, that was the rule, and he seemed to be able to flout it with impunity – it then befell the captain of rugby to take tea to the master’s bedroom. And frequently, this boy did not return. That was seen by all other members of staff.

“I knew this to be odd because I knew that members of staff had to be at breakfast. But my innocent mind couldn’t go anywhere near there being sexual abuse. That wasn’t even on my horizons. I had no clue what sex was all about, no clue at all. But I saw this and I thought that if I become the captain of rugby, that’s what I will have to do. And I did.

“And during those sessions of taking tea to the room, abuse was perpetrated on me. And the man who was my hero [the rugby captain] is also in the trial and abuse was perpetrated on him.

“Very simply, nothing is going to change. No matter the platitudes that are trolled out by schools and other institutions. No matter what is said – you can’t have a functioning child protection system without the spine of law. It is not possible.”

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Tim Ecott

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#UN : `Demands that the `Vatican Immediately Removes’ all `Clergy’ under `Rights of the Child’

#AceNewsServices says time for `Rights of the Child ‘ to be Heard’  

UN Rights of ChildThe United Nations demanded on Wednesday that the Vatican “immediately remove” all clergy who are known or suspected child abusers and turn them over to civil authorities, in an unprecedented and scathing report.

The UN watchdog for children’s rights said the Holy See should also hand over its archives on sexual abuse of tens of thousands of children so that culprits, as well as “those who concealed their crimes”, could be held accountable.

The watchdog’s exceptionally blunt paper – the most far-reaching critique of the Church hierarchy by the world body – followed its public grilling of Vatican officials last month.

“The Committee is gravely concerned that the Holy See has not acknowledged the extent of the crimes committed, has not taken the necessary measures to address cases of child sexual abuse and to protect children, and has adopted policies and practices which have led to the continuation of the abuse by and the impunity of the perpetrators,” the report said.

The Vatican was expected to issue a statement on the report later on Wednesday.

Rights of a ChildThe UN committee on the Rights of the Child said the Catholic Church had not yet taken measures to prevent a repeat of cases such as Ireland’s Magdalene laundries scandal, where girls were arbitrarily placed in conditions of forced labour.

It called for an internal investigation of the laundries and similar institutions so that whose who were responsible could be prosecuted and that “full compensation be paid to the victims and their families”.

A commission created by Pope Francis in December should investigate all cases of child sexual abuse “as well as the conduct of the Catholic hierarchy in dealing with them,” the report said.

Abusers had been moved from parish to parish or other countries “in an attempt to cover-up such crimes,” it added.

“Due to a code of silence imposed on all members of the clergy under penalty of excommunication, cases of child sexual abuse have hardly ever been reported to the law enforcement authorities in the countries where such crimes occurred,” the UN body said.

At a public session last month, the committee pushed Vatican delegates to reveal the scope of the decades-long sexual abuse of minors by Roman Catholic priests that Pope Francis called “the shame of the Church”.

The Holy See’s delegation, answering questions from an international rights panel for the first time since the scandals broke more than two decades ago, denied allegations of a Vatican cover-up and said it had set clear guidelines to protect children from predator priests.

Courtesy of: Voice of Russia, Reuters


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