HONG KONG: ‘ Chinese government will protect Hong Kong residents, as well as the legitimate interests of all foreign investors in the global financial hub, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang ‘

WASHINGTON: ‘ United States Considers Selling Arms to Vietnam for Maritime Security ‘

CHINA: ‘Foreign Minister Says Beijing Will Not Tolerate Interference in its Internal Affairs ‘

RUSSIA/CHINA: ' Central Bank of Russia and Peoples Bank of China Agree Draft Currency Trade Swap Agreement Releasing US Dollar Dependency In Trade '

' Japan's Coast Guard Goes to Rescue of Chinese Fishing Boat in Disputed Waters '

Alien – The Black Knight Satellite – Polar Orbit

` US Air Force Deploys Two Long Distance Drones Golden Hawk to Base in Japan ‘

` Vietnam Accuses Chinese Warships of Pointing Weapons at Vietnamese Fishing Boats ‘

` Cameroon Deploys One Thousand Troops and Armoured Vehicles to Nigerian Border Region ‘

` TTP Splinter Group Hakimullah Mehsud Claim Responsibility for Kidnap of Chinese Tourist Hong xu Dong ‘

` US Department of Justice Charges Five Chinese Military Officers for Hacking American Companies ‘

` Chinese-American Businessman Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Operating Illegal Casino’s ‘

` Rioters Attack Steel Mill in Centre of Vietnam Killing One Chinese Worker and Injuring Ninety ‘

` Philippines Police Seize a Chinese Fishing Boat in Disputed South China Sea Carrying Disputed Cargo ‘

` Chinese Cargo Ship Collides with a Container Vessel and Sinks 12 Crew Members are Missing ‘

` Chinese Authorities Order Video Streaming Websites to Stop Showing Four US Popular TV Shows ‘

` Britain must Immediately Refrain from Using Human Rights as a pretext for interfering in China's Internal Politics '

` China Seizes More than 10,000 Guns in a Police Operation in South Western Province of Guizhou ‘

` Japan’s Minster Visited `Yasukuni Shrine ‘ Amid Controversy ‘