(QUETTA) JUST IN: A powerful bomb exploded in the parking area of a luxury hotel in the south-western Pakistani city capital of the province of Balochistan, late on Wednesday night (local time), killing at least four people and wounding at least 11 others, police said #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Apr.22: The Chinese ambassador Nong Rong was staying at the hotel but wasn’t there when the bomb went off:

‘Pakistan bombing narrowly misses Chinese ambassador: Pakistan’s Interior Minister told local TV channel ARY News this was a big blast and the Chinese ambassador was also staying at this hotel, but he wasn’t there at the time; he was out at a function’

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Key points:

  • China’s ambassador to Pakistan had been staying at the hotel, but it’s not clear if he was the target
  • The Pakistan Taliban claimed responsibility hours afterward, but authorities are still investigating who is behind it
  • Balochistan is home to Gwadar Port, considered the flagship project of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor under the Belt and Road Initiative
A car park is shown aflame, and police and a soldier are seen at the blast site.
Police and a paramilitary soldier are seen after an explosion at a luxury hotel in Quetta.(Reuters: Stringer)

Mr Rong had earlier in the day met provincial Chief Minister Jam Kamal in the city, according to a tweet from the provincial government spokesman.

Provincial Home Minister Ziaullah Lango told reporters he’d spoken with Mr Rong since the explosion.

“I just met him. He is in high spirits,” adding the envoy would complete his visit to Quetta on Thursday.

The province of Balochistan, of which Quetta is the capital, hosts the newly expanded Gwadar deepwater port that is key to a planned $65 billion investment in China’s Belt and Road Initiative economic corridor.

It was not clear whether the envoy or members of his delegation were a target of the attack, but Chinese nationals and their interests in the region have been attacked before by Taliban militants and nationalist insurgents.

Hours after the attack, the Pakistani Taliban in a statement claimed responsibility, saying it was a suicide attack.

The Pakistani Taliban is a separate insurgent group from the Afghan Taliban.

A man comforts another mourning the death of a relative at a hospital in Quetta after the explosion.
A man comforts another mourning the death of a relative at a hospital in Quetta after the explosion.(Reuters: Stringer)

Authorities are investigating to determine whether it was a suicide attack.

It was unclear who was behind the attack since no-one immediately claimed responsibility.

South-western Balochistan province is the scene of a long-running insurgency by secessionist groups like the Balochistan Liberation Front and the Balochistan Liberation Army.

They have for decades staged attacks to press their demands for independence. The Pakistani Taliban and Islamic State group also have a presence there. 

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Mr Ahmed quickly blamed neighbouring India for the hotel bombing, although he provided no evidence to back up the allegation.

He told a Pakistani Geo news channel that Pakistan had only one enemy and it was neighbouring India, which he alleged was behind the bombing.

The hotel is frequented by foreigners as it is the city’s only luxury hotel and is considered safe.


#AceNewsDesk report …………Published: Apr.22: 2021:

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#AceWorldNews – LOS ANGELES – October 28 – A man who was recorded confessing to the killings of two Chinese graduate students near the University of Southern California was convicted Monday of first-degree murder.

'Man guilty of murder in attack on Chinese students '

‘Man guilty of murder in attack on Chinese students ‘

Javier Bolden, 22, was found guilty of shooting Ming Qu and Ying Wu as they sat in a double-parked car about a mile (1.6 kilometers) from campus on April 11, 2012.

The killings drew international interest and fueled concerns in China about the safety of students abroad. The crime spurred USC to provide more protection around campus.

Concerns surfaced again this summer when another Chinese student was killed.

Parents of the students have filed a lawsuit accusing USC of misrepresenting security at the campus, where nearly one-fifth of the 38,000 students are from overseas, including 2,500 from China. USC says it has more international students than any other U.S. university.

The murder charges against Bolden carry special circumstances but prosecutors did not seek the death penalty, so he could face life in prison without the possibility of parole when he is sentenced on Nov. 17.



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HONG KONG: ‘ Chinese government will protect Hong Kong residents, as well as the legitimate interests of all foreign investors in the global financial hub, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang ‘

#AceWorldNews – BERLIN, October 10. /TASS/. The recent protests in Hong Kong, the former British colony that returned to Chinese rule in 1997, are China’s internal affair, the country’s Prime Minister Li Keqiang said on Friday.

“The Chinese government will protect Hong Kong residents,” as well as the legitimate interests of all foreign investors in the global financial hub, Li told a news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Maintaining the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong is not only in China’s interests, but is mostly in the interests of the people of Hong Kong,” he added,

“The central government of China has always had the guiding principle — one country, two systems,” Li said, stressing that there will be no change to this policy.

Merkel expressed hope that the protests that began in late September will remain peaceful.

' Umbrella Revolution and Freedom Statue '

‘ Umbrella Revolution and Freedom Statue ‘

The Hong Kong protesters are demanding free elections and the resignation of the chief executive, Leung Chun-ying.

The movement has been dubbed “the Umbrella Revolution” after many people started using umbrellas to protect themselves from pepper spray and tear gas, as well as to cope with oppressive heat.


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WASHINGTON: ‘ United States Considers Selling Arms to Vietnam for Maritime Security ‘

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (Washington) – October 03 – The United States is moving toward selling arms to Vietnam for maritime security, further advancing a process that has turned a once-bitter enemy into a strategic partner.

' Lockheed Martin P-3 Orion maritime surveillance planes '

‘ Lockheed Martin P-3 Orion maritime surveillance planes ‘

Secretary of State John Kerry made the announcement in a meeting Thursday with visiting Vietnamese Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

“This policy supports Vietnam’s efforts to improve its maritime domain awareness and maritime security capabilities,” she told reporters.

She did not name the specific types of weapons being considered, but news reports say Vietnam has expressed interest in buying Lockheed Martin P-3 Orion maritime surveillance planes.

Shared concerns about Chinese assertiveness in East Asia, particularly in the South China Sea, has driven Washington and Hanoi closer together in the generation after the Vietnam War.

Some the biggest supporters of that move are U.S. veterans of the eight-year conflict who are now in high positions, such as Kerry and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who was a “guest” of Hanoi for five years as a prisoner of war.

John Kerry supports the move to supply arms to Vietnam.   



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CHINA: ‘Foreign Minister Says Beijing Will Not Tolerate Interference in its Internal Affairs ‘

#AceNewsServices – HONG KONG – October 02 – China’s foreign minister made it clear Beijing would not allow other countries to meddle into its ‘internal affairs’, responding in this way to US Secretary of State’s call for Beijing to grant Hong Kong the “highest possible degree of autonomy.

The American and the Chinese heads of foreign offices exchanged their views on the massive protests in Hong Kong before their talks at the US State Department on Wednesday.

Hong Kong affairs are China’s internal affairs,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said. “All countries should respect China’s sovereignty. And this is also a basic principle governing international relations. I believe for any country, for any society, no one will allow those illegal acts that violate public order.”

Wang added he believed the current Hong Kong leadership was able to handle the large-scale sit-ins by itself.

The remark was made after US Secretary of State John Kerry reiterated Washington’s support for “universal suffrage” in Hong Kong, the main demand put forward by protesters in the Asian financial hub.

We support universal suffrage in Hong Kong accordant with the Basic Law, and we believe in open society with the highest possible degree of autonomy and governed by rule of law is essential for Hong Kong’s stability and prosperity,” Kerry said.

Wang Yi received the same message from Barack Obama, whom he met later the same day, according to a White House statement about the meeting.

The United States has consistently supported the open system that is essential to Hong Kong’s stability and prosperity, universal suffrage, and the aspiration of the Hong Kong people,” the statement reads.



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RUSSIA/CHINA: ' Central Bank of Russia and Peoples Bank of China Agree Draft Currency Trade Swap Agreement Releasing US Dollar Dependency In Trade '

#AceWorldNews – RUSSIA/CHINA – August 10 – The Russian and Chinese central banks have agreed on a draft currency swap agreement, which will allow them to increase trade in domestic currencies and cut the dependence on the US dollar in bilateral payments.

​As China’s exporters were hit by the global recession in 2008, the People’s Bank of China began stepping up her intervention programme to prevent appreciation of the Yuan. By April 2011 Chinese state controlled banks had accumulated over one trillion in US treasuries and over 1.5 trillion in other dollar assets. China has indicated she plans to further rebalance her economy towards domestic consumption, and intends to stop buying dollar assets by 2016. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The draft document between the Central Bank of Russia and the People’s Bank of China on national currency swaps has been agreed by the parties,” and is at the stage of formal approval procedures, ITAR-TASS quotes the Russian regulator’s office on Thursday.

The Russian Central Bank is not giving precise details on the size of the currency swaps, nor when it will be launched. It says this will depend on demand.

According to the bank, the agreement will serve as an additional instrument for ensuring international financial stability.

Also, it will offer the possibility to obtain liquidity in critical situations.

​“The agreement will stimulate further development of direct trade in yuan and rubles on the domestic foreign exchange markets of Russia and China,” the Russian regulator said.

Currently, over 75 percent of payments in Russia-China trade settlements are made in US dollars, according to Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper.

The Beginning and the End of the Next Global Currency

A while ago l predicted the currency changes in the market to a number of my colleagues who then could not see the“Sign of the Times” but l was looking at a number of indicators. These were that the Chinese believe in keeping to customs and are steeped very much in the past ,so much so that they would keep their“Sovereign Currency” the Yuan in tact.

Their decision on many occasions has been to not devalue, as so many other countries have advised.

They have stuck to their guns and the time is coming when this “Third World Currency” will become one that everyone will want to trade!

So to today’ s article in the AFP it deals with changes and how the deals with both London and Singapore will challenge the once “Almighty Dollar“ and how with new free-trade zones opening up ,it could well one day become the “People’s Currency” then where will this leave these oil rich nations.

The demise of the “Petro-Dollar ” could we finally see the end of OPEC and their stranglehold on the per barrel price.

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' Japan's Coast Guard Goes to Rescue of Chinese Fishing Boat in Disputed Waters '

#AceWorldNews – JAPAN (Tokyo) – June 27 – Japan’s Coast Guard said on Friday it has sent a plane and patrol ship after a Chinese fishing boat sank some 120km north of a group of disputed islets.

They are controlled by Japan, but claimed also by China.

Five of the crew were rescued while the other five remained missing, Reuters quoted a Coast Guard official as saying.

(Trust) – The People’s Daily, the official newspaper of China’s ruling Communist Party, said on its microblog that the trawler Minxiayu 01003 had taken on water while it was fishing and sunk.

A nearby Chinese naval ship went to the scene and rescued five sailors while another navy ship is helping to look for five who are still missing, it added.


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Alien – The Black Knight Satellite – Polar Orbit

Something we as a species have never been able to achieve with ANY satellite is a stable polar orbit, going pole to pole and round that way, this satellite, whatever it is, NASA doesn’t know, Russia doesn’t know, European Space Agency and China don’t know. Black Knight also known as the Black Knight satellite is an alleged object orbiting Earth in near-polar orbit that ufologists and fringe authors believe is approximately 13,000 years old and of extraterrestrial origin. However it is most probable that Black Knight is the result of a conflation of a number of unrelated stories. Basically we don’t know.

Fringe authors claim that there is a connection between long delayed echos and reports that Nikola Tesla picked up a repeating radio signal in 1899 which he believed was coming from space. The satellite explanation originated in 1954 when newspapers including the St. Louis Post Dispatch and the San Francisco Examiner ran stories attributed to UFO researcher Donald Keyhoe saying that the US Air Force had reported that two satellites orbiting the Earth had been detected. At this time no man-made satellites had been launched.

In February 1960 there was a further report that the US Navy had detected a dark, tumbling object in an orbit inclined at 79° from the equator with an orbital period of 104.5 minutes. Its orbit was also highly eccentric with an apogee of 1,728 km (1,074 mi) and a perigee of only 216 km (134 mi) At the time the Navy was tracking a fragment of casing from the Discoverer VIII satellite launch which had a very similar orbit. The dark object was later confirmed to be another part of this casing that had been presumed lost. In 1973 the Scottish writer Duncan Lunan analyzed the data from the Norwegian radio researchers, coming to the conclusion that they produced a star chart pointing the way to Epsilon Boötis, a double star in the constellation of Boötes. Lunan’s hypothesis was that these signals were being transmitted from a 12,600 year old object located at one of Earth’s Lagrangian points. Lunan later found that his analysis had been based on flawed data and withdrew it, and at no time did he associate it with the unidentified orbiting object.
An object photographed in 1998 during the STS-88 mission has been widely claimed to be this “alien artifact”. However, it is more probable that the photographs are of a thermal blanket that had been lost during an EVA.

Video via: DarkSkyWatcher74

Some images

Sputnik had a semi polar orbit, but we can’t get any satellite to stay in a polar orbit, the black knight is in a polar orbit and has been for many years

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` US Air Force Deploys Two Long Distance Drones Golden Hawk to Base in Japan ‘

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES – June 01 – The US air force has deployed two of its most advanced long-distance surveillance drones to a base in northern Japan.

According to the AP news agency, the unarmed Global Hawk aircraft were deployed to Japan over the past week from their home base on the Pacific island of Guam.

They are expected to enhance the US military’s ability to monitor nuclear activities in North Korea and Chinese naval operations, and to assess natural disasters to assist humanitarian aid operations.

The deployment to Japan, a key US ally, is intended to further demonstrate Washington’s commitment to security in Asia as part of its rebalancing of forces to the Pacific.



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` Vietnam Accuses Chinese Warships of Pointing Weapons at Vietnamese Fishing Boats ‘

#AceNewsServices – VIETNAM (Hanoi) – May 29 – Vietnam on Thursday accused Chinese warships of pointing their weapons at Vietnamese vessels, AFP said.

The tense confrontation between the two states came as China moved its deep-sea rig to a new location earlier this week that Hanoi considers is within its territory. “When we approached the Chinese warships guarding the rig they uncovered their guns, turned them and pointed them at the Vietnamese vessels,” said Ha Le, deputy chief of Vietnam’s Fisheries Surveillance Department.

Japanese media said that at least eight Chinese ships trained their machine guns on a Vietnamese coastguard boat, just six kilometres from the rig.

(Map Shows Where China Rammed Vietnamese Fishing Boats)

(VOA) – The two sides traded accusations after the sinking of a Vietnamese fishing boat Tuesday. Hanoi said the wooden vessel went down after being rammed by a Chinese fishing boat. Beijing said the boat “capsized after harassing and colliding with a Chinese fishing boat.”

Oai says Vietnam has proof that China is at fault.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Vietnam’s national legislature announced Monday that Hanoi is taking its final steps toward filing an international lawsuit against China for towing the oil rig into Vietnamese waters and attacking Vietnamese vessels.



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` Cameroon Deploys One Thousand Troops and Armoured Vehicles to Nigerian Border Region ‘

#AceWorldNews – YAOUNDE – May 27 – Cameroon has deployed some 1,000 troops and armoured vehicles to its border region with Nigeria to counter a rising threat from Boko Haram Islamist militants.

“Their mission will be to carry out reconnaissance and be ready to respond with enough fire power,” Reuters quoted the Central African nation’s defence ministry spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Didier Badjeck, as saying on Tuesday.

Boko Haram has carried out attacks in northern Cameroon and is suspected of attacking a Chinese workers camp there this month.


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` TTP Splinter Group Hakimullah Mehsud Claim Responsibility for Kidnap of Chinese Tourist Hong xu Dong ‘

#AceWorldNews – PESHAWAR: May 21 – A Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) splinter group, of the Hakimullah Mehsud faction claimed responsibility on Tuesday for the kidnapping of Chinese tourist Hong xu Dong from Dera Ismail Khan on Monday.

The abducted Chinese tourist had been travelling from Lahore to Balochistan via Khyber Paktunkhwa. He was kidnapped from the Darban area of Dera Ismail Khan.

Security forces had recovered a cycle from Garah Mehmood along with the belongings of the tourist from the spot.

Abdullah Bahar, who claimed to be a commander of the Hakimullah Mehsud faction of TTP splinter group led by Sheryar Mehsud alleged in a telephonic interview that “we have kidnapped the Chinese tourist from Daraban and he is in our custody.”

He further stated that the Chinese tourist was abducted to force Pakistani authorities to release TTP fighters in their custody.

Regarding the location of the kidnapped tourist, Bahar said Hong xu Dong had been shifted to a “safe area” and is in the custody of TTP Sheryar Mehsud group fighters.

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` US Department of Justice Charges Five Chinese Military Officers for Hacking American Companies ‘

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES – May 21 – The US Department of Justice is charging five Chinese military officers for hacking American entities.

Companies and organizations ranging from Alcoa to the nuclear giant Westinghouse were the targets of economic espionage, according Attorney General Eric Holder.

The federal charges come one week after new evidence revealed the scope of a program in which the National Security Agency intercepts and bugs hardware destined for foreign targets.

Discussing the charges with RT’s Lindsay France is Arik Hesseldahl, the senior editor of Re/code.


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` Chinese-American Businessman Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Operating Illegal Casino’s ‘

#AceWorldNews – BEIJING – May 16 – Chinese-American businessman, Vincent Wu, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison by a Chinese court, AP reports.

He was found guilty of operating illegal casinos that raked in 48 million yuan ($7.8 million), getting an associate to throw acid at a judge and ordered thugs to use knives and bulldozers to threaten farmers.

The court also denied that Wu and other defendants in the case were tortured during the investigations. The businessman’s family said that they are “devastated” by the ruling.

Lawyers are preparing an appeal.

February 10 2014

The (Guardian) reported Authorities in southern China have accused Vincent Wu of gang crimes but Wu’s family and lawyers say he is a law-abiding businessman whose rivals have framed him in order to seize his assets.

“We are still very confident because our lawyers have all the evidence to prove that he is innocent,” said his daughter Anna Wu by phone from Guangzhou. “We believe we still have a chance and so we’ll hope for the best.”

Wu’s lawyers urged a court in the southern city of Guangzhou to recognise the defendant’s American citizenship as he and more than two dozen associates stood trial.

Wu has been denied US consular access since his detention in June 2012 despite being a US passport holder who shuttles between his family in Los Angeles and his business in China.

China refuses to acknowledge Wu’s American citizenship because his last entry into mainland China was made on his Hong Kong residence pass.

The case underscores the risks faced by individuals working in China who have travel documents from more than one country because Beijing does not recognise dual nationalities.


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` Rioters Attack Steel Mill in Centre of Vietnam Killing One Chinese Worker and Injuring Ninety ‘

#AceWorldNews – TAIWAN – May 15 – A top Taiwanese diplomat says rioters attacked a Taiwanese-owned steel mill in central Vietnam, killing at least one Chinese worker and injuring 90 others.

According to AP, Ambassador to Vietnam Huang Chih-peng said the violence late Wednesday and early Thursday happened at a steel plant owned by Formosa Plastics Group.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported that five Vietnamese workers and 16 other individuals described as Chinese died Wednesday night during riots in the central Vietnamese province of Ha Tinh, according to a doctor at a hospital in the province.

Early Wednesday, rioters attacked factory buildings in a southern industrial park which were believed to have Chinese owners but were, in fact, mostly owned by Taiwanese or South Koreans. China’s deployment of an oil rig in the South China Sea earlier this month has sparked public anger in Vietnam, as the nation claims the waters as its own.



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` Philippines Police Seize a Chinese Fishing Boat in Disputed South China Sea Carrying Disputed Cargo ‘

#AceWorldNews – MANILA/BEIJING – May 07 (Reuters) – Philippines police seized a Chinese fishing boat in the disputed South China Sea on Wednesday, an official told Reuters, the latest flare-up of tensions in the oil and gas-rich waters that are claimed wholly or in part by six Asian nations.

Chief Superintendent Niel Vargas of the Philippine National Police Maritime Group said a maritime police patrol apprehended a Chinese fishing boat around 7 a.m. on Tuesday off Half Moon Shoal.

The boat has 11 crew and police found about 500 turtles in the vessel, some of which were already dead, he said, adding that a Philippine boat with crew was also seized, and found to have 40 turtles on board.
Several species of sea turtles are protected under Philippine law.

Maritime police are now towing the boats to Puerto Princesa town on the island of Palawan where appropriate charges will be filed against them, Vargas said.

The incident is bound to raise the ire of Beijing, which claims almost the entire South China Sea, rejecting rival claims from Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei.

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` Chinese Cargo Ship Collides with a Container Vessel and Sinks 12 Crew Members are Missing ‘

#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG – May 05 – A Chinese cargo ship collided with a container vessel and sank just outside Hong Kong waters on Monday, officials said.

Twelve crew members from the cargo ship are missing, AFP reported. The collision happened early in the morning near Po Toi Island, which lies on the edge of Hong Kong’s territory.

One male was rescued and was taken to hospital as rescue operations were under-way to find the other crew members.


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` Chinese Authorities Order Video Streaming Websites to Stop Showing Four US Popular TV Shows ‘

#AceNewsServices – BEIJING – April 27 – Chinese authorities have ordered video streaming websites in the country to stop showing four popular American TV shows, including “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Good Wife,” representatives from two sites said Sunday.

The move suggests government attention is intensifying on the on-line streaming industry, which is freer than state television and China’s cinemas to show foreign productions and other content and has stretched the boundaries of what can be seen in the country.

A spokeswoman for a leading on-line video site, Youku, said it had received notification on Saturday not to show sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” political and legal drama “The Good Wife,” crime drama “NCIS” and legal drama “The Practice.” Of those, Youku showed only “The Good Wife.” The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television didn’t give a reason for its order, said the spokeswoman, who couldn’t be named because of company policy.

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` Britain must Immediately Refrain from Using Human Rights as a pretext for interfering in China's Internal Politics '

#AceWorldNews – BRITAIN – April 15 – (Reuters) – China on Tuesday condemned Britain for interfering in its domestic affairs, in response to a human rights report, a day after the British government said Beijing had called off human rights talks.

Britain listed China as “a country of concern” in its annual human rights report last week, saying it had observed increased curbs on freedom of expression, association and assembly in 2013.

It also cited reports of “the forcible suppression of ethnic unrest in Tibet and Xinjiang.”

China reacted by calling off talks with Britain on Beijing’s human rights record. Chinese and British officials had been due to hold a round of the two-way Human Rights Dialogue in London on Wednesday.

The two countries had agreed to resume the regular meetings during a trip to China by British Prime Minister David Cameron in December.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying accused Britain of issuing the report with “irresponsible remarks made about the Chinese political system, rudely slandering and criticising China’s human rights situation”.

Britain must immediately stop using human rights as a pretext for interfering in China’s internal politics and judicial sovereignty, Hua told a daily news briefing.

Read More: http://uk.reuters.com/article/2014/04/15/uk-britain-china-rights-idUKBREA3D1AY20140415


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` China Seizes More than 10,000 Guns in a Police Operation in South Western Province of Guizhou ‘

#AceWorldNews – China has seized more than 10,000 guns in a police operation in the south-western province of Guizhou, local media reported on Sunday.

This is the largest operation to capture illegal firearms in Chinese history, as the country battles violent and gang-related crime, Reuters reports.


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