#BREAKING144 ‘ Polish Ministers resign over Taping Scandal ‘

#AceBreakingNews – POLAND:June.10: Polish parliament speaker, 3 ministers resign over taping scandal

Three Polish ministers and the parliament speaker submitted their resignations in connection with a taping scandal, Poland’s Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz announced on Wednesday. Secret recordings of government ministers’ conversations were leaked this week.

The PM announced that the three ministers who decided to quit their positions are the health, treasury and sports ministers.

Several other politicians, including the Speaker of the Parliament, Radoslaw Sikorski, as well as a chief adviser to the Prime Minister and a special services coordinator, also resigned.

Prime Minister Kopacz also indicated that she would fire Prosecutor General Andrzej Seremet, AP reported. The investigation with the ministers involved was led by Seremet, and Kopacz said it was slow-going.

She also mentioned she did not accept the prosecutor’s report on why the classified files from the probe had been leaked to the public.


Polish parliament speaker, 3 ministers resign over taping scandal


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` Central Ukraine `Kharkiv ‘a `Crowd of 3,000 ‘ gather together `Chanting we are with you Crimea ‘

#AceWorldNews KHARKIV, March 16. A crowd of 3,000 gathered for a rally in the centre of Ukraine’s eastern industrial centre of Kharkiv on Sunday afternoon to press for converting Ukraine into a federation. As an Itar-Tass correspondent reports from the scene, the demonstrators are chanting “Referendum!”, “Russia!” and “We are with you, Crimea!”

Demonstrator's in KharkivThe rally backed a resolution containing a demand for calling a local referendum in favour of federalization. The resolution urges “the territorial communities of the Southeast, from Odessa to Kharkiv, to pool efforts for the sake of simultaneous plebiscites and the federalization of Ukraine.”

“Our city has been Russian and will remain Russian, albeit within Ukraine. We are prepared to live in one country, but on our terms,” one of the leaders of the association Civic Platform, Yuri Apukhtin, told the crowd.

‘If we answer in the affirmative to the question about federalization, this will settle inter-ethnic rifts that exist in Ukraine,” said the leader of the Kharkov branch of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Alla Aleksandrovskaya. She added that the referendum should also decide such questions as the status of the Russian language as a second official one and Ukraine’s refusal to join NATO.


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