(SCOTLAND) Glasgow Court Report: A former prison officer has been told he must serve a minimum of 20 years for murdering his friend and dumping her naked body in a forest in April 2019: #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – June.23: Ross Willox, 42, killed Emma Faulds, 39, after a party at his house in Monkton, South Ayrshire, in April 2019: The youth worker’s body was found six weeks later after CCTV and mobile phone analysis was used to narrow down the remote search area:

Emma Faulds Murder: ‘Ross Willox jailed for at least 20 years after he was convicted of the murder at the High Court in Glasgow last month’

BBC Police Scotland

On Tuesday, he was jailed for life and ordered to serve at least 20 years before he can apply for parole.

Judge Lord Mulholland told him: “Only you will know what happened in your house that night that led to you killing your friend.

“Having murdered her you created an elaborate scheme to cover up your crime.”

He said that Willox placed Emma’s body in a shallow grave and covered it up, and tried to ensure it would decompose more quickly by placing it in a wet area.

Lord Mulholland added: “You hoped it would never be found and her devoted family would have to spend the rest of their lives wondering where she was and if she was alive or dead.”

It is still not known why or how Willox killed Emma, whom he had been friends with since they worked together as prison wardens at HMP Kilmarnock.

Detectives said the pair, who had a platonic relationship, had agreed to meet at his house in Monkton for a party on Sunday 28 April 2019.

At about 20:00, Emma messaged a friend to say she planned to have a few drinks and stay over.

Missing posters were distributed soon after Emma disappeared

Emma was usually in frequent contact with her loved ones, but no-one heard from her the following day.

Her mother, Margaret, said this was “totally out of character”.

The alarm was raised on 30 April after Mrs Faulds learned that Emma had not turned up for work at Kibble School in Paisley.

When police officers broke in to Emma’s flat in Kilmarnock they found that her pet dog, Maverick, was home alone.

As the last person to see her alive, Willox became the immediate focus of the investigation, codenamed Operation Solzen.

PA Media: Police and forensic teams at Willox’s house in Monkton, South Ayrshire

He told officers that Emma had decided to drive back to her flat, which was less than nine miles away, at about 23:00. 

He said Emma had been “positive and upbeat and enjoying herself” and was talking about her forthcoming 40th birthday.

The trial heard he twice called the police for updates on the case and gave different accounts to Emma’s sister, Sarah, about how she left his home in Monkton.

Footage from a dash-cam revealed that Emma’s car was parked outside Willox’s house at 17:39 on April 28.

But at about 07:25 the following day Emma’s neighbour told the jury he saw a man driving the vehicle in Fullerton Street, Kilmarnock.Emma Faulds murder: CCTV shows killer cleaning woman’s car

The driver was also captured on private CCTV wiping down the interior of the car. Willox’s DNA was later found on a seat lever.

The jury heard Willox did not join Emma’s family and friends when they put up posters and distributed leaflets after she was reported missing.

As the search for Emma intensified, experts began to plot Willox’s movements using CCTV and cell site analysis of his mobile phones.

They also discovered he used to build wind farms near the Galloway Forest, in Dumfries and Galloway.

He was caught on camera making two journeys to the remote area in the days following Emma’s disappearance.

CCTV footage was also discovered showing Willox going into various shops in Ayr and buying bleach, rubber gloves and tins of outdoor disinfectant.

Crown OfficeRoss Willox was seen on CCTV buying bleach, rubber gloves and outdoor disinfectant

Police drafted in search experts from the UK National Crime Agency, as well as an officer who had expert knowledge of Galloway Forest Park – which covers about 300 square miles.

By examining the cell site analysis from Willox’s phones and CCTV from the routes he took in the 48 hours after Emma vanished, digital forensic experts were able to narrow down the search area.

On 12 June, six weeks after Emma disappeared, her naked body was found in Glentrool Forest, east of Loch Moan.

A pathologist was unable to confirm how Emma died due to the “degree of decomposition”.

But the jury was told that soil found on boots owned by Willox was a 92% match for mud at the spot where the body was recovered.

‘Selfish, arrogant monster’

Prosecutor Paul Kearney told the jury Willox had made a “determined attempt to create a false narrative to conceal and destroy evidence”.

Donald Findlay QC, who was acting for Willox, said it would not be appropriate to express any contrition on behalf of his client, who denies he was responsible.

Mr Findlay added: “He is not the kind of person I would have expected to have found himself guilty of a crime of murder, murder of somebody that he knew and cared for – they cared for each other, not in any romantic sense, but as friends.

“Something catastrophic went wrong in the early hours of the morning, and one life was lost.”

Det Insp Peter Crombie described the killer as “a selfish, arrogant monster” and said he compounded the agony of Emma’s loved ones by failing to admit his crime.

#AceNewsDesk report ………Published: Jun.23: 2021:

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(BIRMINGHAM, U.K.) Court Report: Two teenagers have been found guilty of child abduction after stealing a car and driving off with two children inside #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Apr.28: Our officers were immediately dispatched to help after the children’s distraught dad called us at around 5pm to report his car had been stolen in Birmingham with his two young boys, aged two and four, still inside:

Two teenagers convicted of child abduction: ‘The youths, both aged 15 at the time, claimed they did not know the young boys were strapped in the back seats when they pinched the Nissan on 20 February this year’

28th April 2021:

A police chase ensued before the teenagers crashed the car into two other vehicles on the busy A38 Bristol Road, just before the Belgrave Interchange junction.

Both teens – who cannot be named for legal reasons – were arrested by our armed officers and taken into police custody.

They were initially charged with kidnap, however the charge was later replaced with child abduction by the Crown Prosecution Service.

The young brothers were looked after by officers at the roadside as we blue-lighted their mum and dad to the scene in order for the family to be reunited.

The older child didn’t sustain any injuries in the crash, but his two-year-old brother suffered bruising and a cut to his mouth caused by the straps of his car seat.

Both defendants admitted aggravated vehicle taking, incorporating dangerous driving, at a previous hearing, but denied child abduction.

The teen who drove the car insisted he did not realise the young brothers were inside until he was arrested.

However, the boy’s dad told the court that he shouted at the thieves, warning them his two sons were inside the car before they drove off. And at court last week (21 April) the judge said it was common sense that the children would not have remained quiet during the journey.

The older of the two defendants has been released on bail until sentencing on 17 May. The younger boy – who drove the stolen car – has been remanded into youth detention and will be sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court on Wednesday 19 May.

#AceNewsDesk report ………..Published: Apr.28: 2021:

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#AceNewsServices – GERMANY – Nov.13 – A German court convicted four men on Thursday of being members or supporters of Al-Qaeda and planning a potentially lethal attack on German soil Die Welt reported. 

' Abdeladim El-K '

‘ Abdeladim El-K ‘

They were handed sentences of up to nine years each behind bars, Reuters said.

The group, dubbed the ‘Dusseldorf Cell’, was arrested in 2011 in the western cities of Dusseldorf and Bochum, just days before Osama Bin Laden was killed

During a two-year long trial, prosecutors said the men, acting under direct orders from al Qaeda, planned to detonate a cluster bomb in a crowd of people followed by a second explosion once emergency services had arrived to treat the victims.

Moroccan Abdeladim El-K, in his 30s, was the leader of the cell and is the highest-ranking member of al Qaeda to go before a court in Germany. The court in Duesseldorf sentenced him to nine years in prison.

Abdeladim El-K Indictment '

Abdeladim El-K Indictment ‘

Prosecutors said he travelled to an al Qaeda training camp in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area in 2010 where he was taught how to make explosives and use guns.

The arrest of a militant Islamist cell in Germany on April 29 demonstrated the significance of safe havens for the al Qaeda network 


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#HumanRights:”Activists Accuse US State Authorities of Testing Poison’s on People”

#AceWorldNews says Convicted Ohio killer Dennis McGuire became on Thursday the first prisoner put to death using a new lethal drug combo. US officials used intravenous doses of two drugs, the sedative midazolam and the painkiller hydromorphone, to put McGuire to death. Human rights activists accuse state authorities of testing poisons on people. Kara Gotsch, Director of National Programs at the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, discussed the controversial issue in an interview with the Voice of Russia today.

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EPA’s TOP CLIMATE CHANGE EXPERT, John C. Beale, CONVICTED of fraud “of massive proportion”

#AceEnvironmentNews says “Could Not Happen To a Nicer Guy” #EPA

A Conservative Edge

poor richards newsPoor Richard’s News – EPA’s top climate change expert convicted of fraud “of massive proportion”.

And you thought Ben Stiller’s new movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was just fiction, an overproduced remake of the Danny Kaye classic. Actually, it appears to be the inspiration for the legal defense that the EPA’s top climate change expert is using to get out of jail for cheating the taxpayers out of over $1 million.

from NBC News:

The EPA’s highest-paid employee and a leading expert on climate change deserves to go to prison for at least 30 months for lying to his bosses and saying he was a CIA spy working in Pakistan so he could avoid doing his real job, say federal prosecutors.

John C. Beale, who pled guilty in September to bilking the government out of nearly $1 million in salary and other benefits over a decade, will be…

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