(NEW DELHI, India.) #Coronavirus Frontline Report: Little Recognition and Less Pay: These female healthcare workers are the rural countries ‘ First Line of Defence Against #COVID19 but one workers story tells where a substantial number of new cases have been reported, many of these health care workers say the government is failing them: #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – Oct.28: Archana Ghugare’s ringtone, a Hindu devotional song, has been the background score of her life since March. By 7 a.m. on a mid-October day, the 41-year-old has already received two calls about suspected #COVID19 cases in Pavnar, her village in the Indian state of Maharashtra: As she gets ready and rushes out the door an hour later, she receives at least four more:

“My family jokes that not even Prime Minister Modi gets as many calls as I do,” she says.

Ghugare, and nearly a million other Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) assigned to rural villages and small towns across India, are on the front lines of the country’s fight against the coronavirus. Every day, Ghugare goes door to door in search of potential COVID-19 cases, working to get patients tested or to help them find treatment:

With 8 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, India has the second-highest tally in the world after the United States and its health infrastructure struggled to cope with the surge in COVID-19 patients this summer: India spends only 1.3% of its GDP on public health care, among the lowest in the world. The situation is stark in rural areas where 66% of India’s 1.3 billion people live and where health facilities are scant and medical professionals can be hard to find:

India’s ASHA program is likely the world’s largest army of all-female community health workers. They are the foot soldiers of the country’s health system. Established in 2005, a key focus of the program was reducing maternal and infant deaths, so all recruits are women. They have also played an essential role in India’s efforts to eradicate polio and increase immunization, according to numerous studies:

How the Pandemic Is Reshaping India

But even as health authorities have leaned on ASHAs to quell the spread of COVID-19 in rural areas, where a substantial number of new cases have been reported, many of these health care workers say the government is failing them: Pay was meager to begin with, but some workers have reported not being paid for months: Their hours have increased dramatically, but pay rises, when they have come, have not reflected the increased demands. Many ASHAs have also complained about not being provided adequate protective equipment for their high-risk work: They are the unsung heroes who are fighting to contain the unfettered spread of the virus in rural areas,” says Dr. Smisha Agarwal, Research Director at the John Hopkins Global Health Initiative. She argues it is vital to improve pay to boost morale and sustain this frontline workforce:

Ghugare was chosen from her village of 7,000 people in 2011. Since then, she has overseen countless births, meticulously monitored the health of thousands of newborn babies and strictly ensured immunization through door-to-door awareness campaigns. The personal relationships she built over the years have helped in the fight against COVID-19, giving her a good grasp of the medical histories of most of the 1,500 people assigned to her. “It’s all in here,” she says pointing to her head:

Before the pandemic, she was expected to work two to three hours per day, for which she was paid about 2,000 rupees ($27) a month, with incentives for completing tasks in the community: Now, she’s spending 9 to 10 hours a day working to combat COVID-19. She had to cut back her other job working at a farm, and most of the bonuses have dried up as well. The Indian government has given her a 1,000-rupee ($13.50) COVID-19 stipend, but that doesn’t make up for the lost income:

Conditions like these are pushing many of these women to breaking point. Some 600,000 ASHAs went on strike in August to demand better pay and recognition as permanent government employees. (They are currently classified as volunteers, which renders them ineligible for minimum wages and other benefits.)

“The extra work we used to do earlier to ensure our stomachs weren’t empty has stopped now,” Ghugare says.

Indias Army of 600,000 Virus-Hunting Women Goes on Strike

 India’s Biggest Slum Successfully Contained COVID-19. But Can Its Residents Survive the Economic Collapse? ………………Heading out the door, she puts on a face mask and headscarf to protect herself while mentally running through the symptoms of one of the possible COVID-19 patients she had been phoned about earlier. Knowing that the individual suffers from diabetes, which makes people more vulnerable to coronavirus, Ghugare begins working out how to prioritize the case and arrange transportation to a center, about 40 minutes away, for urgent testing:

Some cases are particularly challenging. There are days when villagers refuse to talk to her. Worried about being forced to go to the hospital and missing work—a major hardship when people depend on daily wages for a hand-to-mouth existence—people often hide symptoms. Then there is also the menace of fake news, often spread on WhatsApp

Ghugare arrives at a house in the sweltering heat, where it takes her almost 20 minutes to persuade a man to get his wife tested for COVID-19. Because of a false rumor spread via messaging apps, he is convinced his wife’s kidneys will be removed if she goes to hospital. In the end, he relents. “Dealing with fake WhatsApp forwards is one of the most exhausting parts of the job,” Ghugare says: By around 1:30 p.m., she has already worked six hours. Before the pandemic, she would have wrapped up and headed to her second job. But now she still has a long list to get through to meet her daily target of visiting 50 houses.

Asha Health Workers Do Door To Door Survey To Identify Covid-19 Cases In Delhi

Demands like these have driven many ASHAs to protest. “We are warriors who were sent to war without any weapons,” says Sunita Rani, an ASHA from the northern state of Haryana. She has been protesting against the state government since July and says she won’t give up until their demands are met. “If we can fight a virus, we definitely know how to fight our governments.” The Indian government hasn’t yet responded to their demands for permanent government employment: Most health experts seem to agree that ASHAs are underpaid. But some say that making their roles full-time is more complicated. “The beauty of this role is the mix of incentives that tend to energize ASHAs to perform better,” says Dr. Jyoti Joshi, the director of South Asia at the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policies, a public health research organization. She says retaining the incentives for completing tasks, while adding benefits like free family health checkups, might be one solution.

Pay varies by state, and salaries can range from 2,000 rupees ($27) to 10,000 rupees ($135) per month, according to a national union for ASHAs: Many workers also depend on receiving bonuses. For instance, Ghugare receives 100 rupees ($1.25) if she vaccinates a child against measles, mumps and rubella and 600 rupees ($8) for delivering a baby for a family living below the poverty line:

Some economists argue that making nearly a million female health care workers full-time employees, and paying them more, will not only benefit India’s health system but might also help revive the country’s battered economy, one of the worst hit by the pandemic: ” Employing and putting wages into the hands of so many people will definitely be beneficial to the rural economy, ” says Dipa Sinha, an economist at the Ambedkar University in New Delhi: It might also help recover India’s plummeting rate of female workplace participation, for which the country is among the bottom 10 in the world. Experts have attributed this to cultural attitudes and the slowdown in the agricultural sector, where most rural women work. Sinha says that this gender disparity plays into the issue of ASHAs not being recognized for their work. “Who volunteers for six to eight hours a day?” she says. “It’s because they are women that their work is undermined. You can’t do this to a cadre of men.”

Ghugare shares that sentiment although she didn’t take part in the protests: With her two children growing older, expenses are increasing. An increased salary with benefits would help her give her family a better life:

As she walks back home at dusk, she knows her day isn’t done yet. There is household work to get to before getting started with a report on the day’s survey. It will be midnight before she calls it a day. That is, if the phone doesn’t ring again:

“It feels like there is a sword over our heads,” she says. “A hanging sword.”

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(LONDON) #Coronavirus Report: One of the world’s leading #COVID19 experimental vaccines prod uces a immune response in both young and old adults, raising hopes of a path out of the gloom and economic d estruction wrought by the novel coronavirus #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – Oct.26: Vaccine hopes rise as Oxford jab prompts immune response among old as well as young adults: The vaccine, developed by the University of Oxford, also triggers lower adverse responses among the elderly, British drug maker AstraZeneca Plc, which is helping manufacture the vaccine, said on Monday:

#Coronavirus Report: Oxford University #COVID19 Vaccine hopes rise as jab prompts an immune response in both ‘ young & old adults ‘ Astra Zeneca said Monday

Reuters Wire News, [Oct 26, 2020 at 12:45] https://t.me/reuters_news_agency/42995

A vaccine that works is seen as a game-changer in the battle against the novel coronavirus, which has killed more than 1.15 million people, shuttered swathes of the global economy and turned normal life upside down for billions of people:
“It is encouraging to see immunogenicity responses were similar between older and younger adults and that reactogenicity was lower in older adults, where the COVID-19 disease severity is higher,” an AstraZeneca spokesman said: “The results further build the body of evidence for the safety and immunogenicity of AZD1222,” the spokesman said, referring to the technical name of the vaccine.The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is expected to be one of the first from big pharma to secure regulatory approval, along with Pfizer and BioNTech’s candidate, as the world tries to plot a path out of the COVID-19 pandemic:

The news that older people get an immune response from the vaccine is positive because the immune system weakens with age and older people are those most at risk of dying from the virus: If it works, a vaccine would allow the world to return to some measure of normality after the tumult of the pandemic.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said a vaccine was not yet ready but he was preparing logistics for a possible roll out mostly in the first half of 2021: Asked if some people could receive a vaccine this year he told the BBC: “I don’t rule that out but that is not my central expectation.”“The programme is progressing well, (but) we’re not there yet,” Hancock said:

Work began on the Oxford vaccine in January. Called AZD1222 or ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, the viral vector vaccine is made from a weakened version of a common cold virus that causes infections in chimpanzees: The chimpanzee cold virus has been genetically changed to include the genetic sequence of the so-called spike protein which the coronavirus uses to gain entry to human cells: The hope is that the human body will then attack the novel coronavirus if it sees it again: Immunogenicity blood tests carried out on a subset of older participants echo data released in July which showed the vaccine generated “robust immune responses” in a group of healthy adults aged between 18 and 55, the Financial Times reported earlier: Details of the finding are expected to be published shortly in a clinical journal, the FT said. It did not name the publication:

People aware of the results from so-called immunogenicity blood tests carried out on a subset of older participants say the findings echo data released in July that showed the vaccine generated “robust immune responses” in a group of healthy adults aged between 18 and 55: AstraZeneca has signed several supply and manufacturing deals with companies and governments around the world as it gets closer to reporting early results of a late-stage clinical trial: It resumed the U.S. trial of the experimental vaccine after approval by U.S. regulators, the company said on Friday:

Staff at a London hospital trust have been told to be ready to receive the first batches of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, The Sun newspaper reported on Monday:

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(ROME, Italy.) JUST IN: Fireworks.vs.Batons Report: Video) Italian far-right clash with riot police over ‘dictatorship’ of #Covid19 rules as street battles raged in the capital #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Oct.25: Street battles erupted in central Rome overnight as Italian police dispersed a group of 200 far-right demonstrators, who staged a violent protest against the government’s #Covid19 restrictions: Skirmishes erupted shortly after midnight and were focused around Rome’s iconic Piazza del Popolo. The square was supposed to host a rally organized by the Fuerza Nova party, which its leadership promised to be a peaceful act of civil disobedience against “health dictatorship and curfews”.

According to local media, the promise was broken by masked protesters at around midnight: A firework in the colors of the Italian flag was launched in the air, apparently serving as a signal to attack riot police with pyrotechnics and other projectiles. Clashes ensued, during which law enforcement pushed the demonstrators out of the square. Some fighting also happened around Piazza Trilussa: Eight people were arrested over night. Some dumpsters and vehicles were reportedly set on fire, but no significant property damage was reported. The clashes in Rome came after similar violence in Naples on Friday night:


The night skirmishes happened hours after a peaceful protest against Covid-19 restrictions took place in the Italian capital. The southern European country is struggling to contain the infection, which is reaching record daily levels. But many Italians are weary of localized shutdowns and curfews and oppose government plans for further restrictions. Italy is already suffering its worst economic recession since World War II, after a two-month national lockdown in spring: RT.Com/ reports

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(NAPLES, Italy.) JUST IN: (VIDEOS) Anti-lockdown protesters smash police cars in after new #COVID19 restrictions announced on Friday night including curfews #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Oct.24: Protesters defied curfew and attacked police vehicles in Italy’s third-largest city of Naples: The anger was sparked by the governor’s call for a new lockdown after the spread of #COVID19 hit a new daily record:

Chanting “Freedom!” the angry crowds marched through the city streets on Friday night, with some hurling bottles, smoke bombs and other projectiles at the officers. Others attempted to erect barricades using garbage containers and set some of them on fire. Police deployed tear gas as they tried to disperse the rioters.

Videos posted on social media show groups of people attacking police vehicles, forcing the officers to leave the scene.


The mass protests in Naples and the port town of Salerno took place despite the nighttime curfew which was imposed by the regional governor and began on Friday. Residents of the southern Campania region were ordered to stay home from 11pm to 5am until November 13.


The public was further outraged when Governor Vincenzo De Luca announced on Friday that an “immediate” lockdown for up to 40 days was essential to stop the spread of the coronavirus.“The current data on the infection rate suggests that any type of partial measures is ineffective,” he said, explaining that it was vital to close down “everything,” except for businesses providing essential services, and to block movement between the regions.

“I don’t want to see a motorcade of trucks filled with coffins,” De Luca said, alluding to the eerie images of a fleet of army trucks transporting coffins out of the northern town of Bergamo, which was Italy’s worst-hit place during the peak of the outbreak in March.


Italy was the first country in the world to introduce a strict nationwide lockdown, on March 9, after the virus quickly overwhelmed the healthcare system in the northern Lombardy region. The government eventually began to gradually ease the restrictions while the situation improved. However, the authorities were forced to re-impose tougher measures against Covid-19 as many European nations recorded spikes in coronavirus cases in the recent months.

Also on rt.com

A hospital staff member prepares to treat a patient suffering from the coronavirus in Barcelona. © Reuters / Nacho Doce

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte urged Italians to endure “small sacrifices” to combat the virus, such as avoiding unnecessary travel, so that the government would not have to impose tougher restrictions.

Meanwhile, Italy reported 19,143 new Covid-19 cases on Friday, a new daily record and an up from 16,079 cases on Thursday.

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(CALIFORNIA) #Coronavirus UC Davis Study Report: About 110,000 citizens have bought a gun since the #pandemic started with 43% new owners #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Oct.19: In the first five months of the #COVID19 thousands of Californians bought new guns and changed the way they stored their firearms in a bid to counter the unrest, government crackdowns and societal disintegration they feared would be unleashed by the public health emergency, a new survey has found:

The UC Davis researchers who conducted the survey detected shifts in gun ownerships trends that they said are likely to drive an uptick in firearm-related injuries and deaths, including suicides and the consequences of accidental discharges: By mid-July, the pandemic was cited as a factor in the purchase of an estimated 110,000 new firearms in the state, they reported:

The majority of those sales — 57% — were to people who already owned at least one gun. But the remaining 43% went to people who did not previously own a firearm.

Read the full story on LATimes.com.

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(WASHINGTON, D.C.) JUST IN: USDA SNAP Court Report: Judge strikes down a Trump administration rule that would have cut food stamp benefits to almost 700,000 unemployed Americans amidst the #COVID19 pandemic, court documents showed #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Oct.19: U.S. judge strikes down USDA rule on food benefits during #COVID19 #pandemic: The judge, in a court filing, said the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been “icily silent” about how many people would have been denied the benefits with the changes: The pandemic has left millions of U.S. residents without jobs, sending thousands into lines at food banks:

SNAP Court Report: Judge strikes down Trump ruling on cutting ‘ food stamps provisions (SNAP) giving ‘ free-food ‘ to around 36-million people

Reuters Wire News, [Oct 19, 2020 at 11:27] https://t.me/reuters_news_agency/41409

In 2019, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as SNAP, provided stamps giving free food to about 36 million Americans: “The Final Rule at issue in this litigation radically and abruptly alters decades of regulatory practice, leaving States scrambling and exponentially increasing food insecurity for tens of thousands of Americans,” chief judge Beryl Howell of the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. said in the ruling:

The USDA announced the rule in December and President Donald Trump said at the time many Americans receiving food stamps do not need them given the strong economy and low unemployment: A coalition of attorneys general from several states, the city of New York and the District of Columbia challenged the USDA rule in January:

In March, the judge had granted a preliminary injunction and a stay on part of the rule, which was scheduled to take effect on April 1, noting food needs during the pandemic: USDA filed a notice in May appealing the order: Its rule would have limited each state’s ability to waive work mandates, effectively requiring more food stamp recipients to work: The judge added that the rosters of the SNAP program have grown by over 17% in the pandemic’s wake, with over 6 million new enrollees as of May:

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(PARIS, France.) JUST IN: WATCH restaurant owners & activists march in protest against #Covid19 curfew in capital on Saturday

#AceNewsReport – Oct.18: Enraged business owners have taken to the streets of the French capital to denounce the “ridiculous” curfew recently introduced by President Emmanuel Macron in an effort to stop the spread of #Covid19

Carrying flares and chanting “Freedom!” people marched through Paris’ streets on Saturday, denouncing the recent restrictions imposed by the government to combat the spread of the coronavirus. The protesters argue that the tough new measures badly hurt the restaurant industry, which is already reeling from the lockdown imposed in the spring:

“I hope that the government stops these ridiculous measures that put people in the streets,” a restaurant owner told the Ruptly video agency.  


President Emmanuel Macron has imposed a four-week nighttime curfew in the capital, which began on Saturday: Residents are banned from going outside between 9pm and 6am, which also means that iconic Parisian cafes, bars and restaurants must close early. Similar curfews were put into place in several other major cities, including Lyon, Lille, Toulouse and Marseille:

Macron argued that the curfew will help to “put a brake on the spread of the virus.”

France had been gradually relaxing lockdown measures since May, as the situation with Covid-19 was improving: However, the infection rate has surged again in recent months, prompting authorities to start bringing back some restrictions:

RT World News https://ift.tt/2H1rHs0

FILE PHOTO: A waiter wearing a mask stands in front of a café in Paris. June 2020. © Reuters/Christian Hartman

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(BERLIN, Germany.) #Coronavirus Report: President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in quarantine after bodyguard is revealed to have #Covid19 as Merkel has tested negative and ends self-isolation #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – Oct.17: Germany President Frank-Walter Steinmeier entered quarantine after one of his bodyguards tested positive for the #COVID19 ……………The result of the president’s own test is still unknown: Steinmeier went into quarantine after one of his entourage who was considered a “close contact” caught the disease, a presidential spokeswoman confirmed to German media. There have been no reports about the president displaying any Covid-19 symptoms so far. Steinmeier was immediately tested for coronavirus but the results are not yet available, the presidential office said:

RT World News https://ift.tt/31flvn5

FILE PHOTO German Chancellor Angela Merkel © Reuters / Florian Ulrich

In late March, German Chancellor Angela Merkel also had to spend almost two weeks in quarantine after she came into contact with an infected medic while being vaccinated for another disease: She had three coronavirus tests during the self-isolation period but all of them were negative:

The news on Steinmeier came as Germany reported a record number of new Covid-19 cases since the start of the epidemic: More than 7,800 people tested positive for the disease on Friday, bringing the number of active cases to over 56,000, according to German media. More than 9,700 Germans have died of coronavirus since the start of the pandemic:

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(EUROPE) #Coronavirus Report: Europe’s economy was just catching its breath from what had been the sharpest recession in modern history and now resurgence in #COVID19 cases this month its likely to turn what was meant to be a period of healing for the economy into a lean winter of job losses and bankruptcies but China is faring well #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – Oct.17: A resurgence in #COVID19 cases this month is a bitter blow that will likely turn what was meant to be a period of healing for the economy into a lean winter of job losses and bankruptcies: Bars, restaurants, airlines and myriad other businesses are getting hit with new restrictions as politicians desperately try to contain an increase in infection cases that is rapidly filling up hospitals:

KTLA https://ift.tt/3dH9I5R

The height of the pandemic last spring had caused the economy of the 19 countries that use the euro to plunge by a massive 11.8% in the April-June quarter from the previous three-month period: About 1.5 million more people registered as unemployed during the pandemic. The damage was contained only by governments’ quick decision to spend hundreds of billions of euros (dollars) to keep another 45 million on payrolls and companies running:

While the new restrictions are so far not as drastic as the near-total shutdown of public life imposed in the spring, they are kicking an economy that’s down. For many Europeans, there is a foreboding sense of déjà vu: ” It is a disaster,” says Thomas Metzmacher, who owns a restaurant in Germany’s financial hub, Frankfurt, of the government’s decision to impose an 11 p.m. curfew:

He noted that even before the new restrictions many people in his industry could only just about survive: The curfew means people who come in for a meal don’t linger for a few extra beers or schnapps, which is where restaurants make most of their profits. “Now it is: go for a meal, finish your drink, pay, go home,” he says:

Experts say that the global economy’s course depends on the health crisis: Only when the pandemic is brought under control will it recover: Countries like China, which have so far avoided a big resurgence like Europe, are faring better economically: The U.S. never quite got its first wave under control and its economy remains hobbled by it.

Europe had reduced the number of infections much faster than the U.S. and managed to keep a lid on unemployment: But the narrative that contrasted Europe’s successes against the Trump administration’s failure to subdue the pandemic is being quickly revised: As coronavirus cases rise anew in Europe, economists are slashing their forecasts.

Ludovic Subran, the chief economist at financial services firm Allianz, says there is a high risk that the economies of France, Spain, and the Netherlands will contract again in the last three months of the year: Italy and Portugal are also at risk. While Germany is seeing an increase in infections, too, it is not as bad and the economy appears more resilient: ” We see an elevated risk of a double dip recession in countries that are once again resorting to targeted and regional lockdowns,” he said: The pandemic is worsening just as governments were trying to ease off the massive amounts of financial support they have been giving households and business owners:

Many governments have programs where they pay the majority of salaries of workers who are redundant in the hope that they will be able to quickly get back to work after the pandemic: In France and Britain that covered a third of the labor force at one point, and 20% in Germany. They also gave cash handouts to households and grants to business owners:

Now governments are phasing out some of that support and aiming to provide more targeted aid to people directly affected by new restrictions: That will not help people whose jobs are affected indirectly. A pub facing a curfew, say, would be eligible to get wage support for its staff but the brewery supplying it might not: The impact will vary between countries — while Britain is shifting to a less-comprehensive wage support plan, Germany has extended its program: As with the pandemic’s initial surge in the spring, the sectors in Europe most affected by limits on public life are services including travel and hospitality — those that depend most on face-to-face contact between people:

Countries like Spain, Portugal and Greece rely heavily on tourism: It accounts for almost 12% of Spain’s economy, compared with less than 3% for the U.S. and about 7% for France: Major airlines in Europe expect to operate at about 40% of normal levels this winter and are again cutting the number of flights. Lufthansa, British Airways and others are cutting tens of thousands of jobs as they expect no quick return to how things were before the pandemic — even with government aid: Even where there are no hard restrictions, the health hazard scares customers away, so shops are likely to see less business.

The EU is giving 750 billion euros ($880 billion) in financial support to member countries to cope with the fallout. Governments like Spain’s were planning to invest in long-term projects such as renewable energy and technology: It now appears they will have to spend more on just keeping the economy afloat. The European Central Bank is injecting 1.35 trillion euros ($1.6 trillion) into the economy, which keeps borrowing cheap even for countries with weak finances like Spain and Italy: But the longer the pandemic drags on, the more the decisions on how to spend financial aid will become political, says Subran, the economist. Political parties are fighting over how to deploy the resources, and unions are going on strike to influence the debate. It mirrors the turmoil in the U.S., where a badly needed stimulus package has been delayed.

For Ludovic Nicolas-Etienne, a Parisian shopping for food among the stalls of the central Bastille square, it is a tragedy foretold: He blames the people who during the summer disregarded safety recommendations to party and socialize after months of lockdown: ” I was expecting this,” he says, wearing a mask outdoors the day after France announced a state of emergency. “Some people are not responsible enough, so the good people are paying for the bad ones.”

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(BERLIN, Germany.) #Coronavirus Travel Report: Authorities have placed Netherlands and mainland France on high-risk of #COVID19 over the increasing number of cases with France recording 30,000 plus new in one day with commencement on midnight on Saturday #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – Oct.15: Germany has put the Netherlands and mainland France on the list of regions with a high risk of #COVID19 contagion over the growing number of new coronavirus cases there, the German government’s crisis response center said: “The entire territory of the Netherlands is now considered to be a risk zone: The whole of mainland France as well as the French overseas territory of Martinique are considered to be risk zones,” the statement said:

#Coronavirus Travel Report: Authorities include Netherlands & mainland France adding to Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, U.K. , Ireland Croatia, Portugal, Slovenia & Hungary together with Malta & Slovakia to the list…….

The list also includes some regions of Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Croatia, Portugal, Slovenia and Hungary, as well as the entire territories of Malta and Slovakia: Inclusion on the list means that citizens should refrain from unnecessary trips to these regions, like tourist trips, and upon returning to Germany, they should undergo a test or 14-day quarantine at home.

“ The new travel advisory will be effective starting at midnight on Saturday “

#AceHealthDesk report …………….Published: Oct.15: 2020:

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(BEIJING, China.) #Coronavirus Report: A single dose of Chinas Sinovac #COVID19 Vaccine will cost $13 in Indonesia according to Jakarta Post on Wednesday and will be availed by January #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – Oct.14: A single shot of the Chinese pharmaceutical giant Sinovac’s vaccine against the coronavirus will cost around 200,000 Indonesian rupiahs ($13.60) when it becomes available in Indonesia, the Jakarta Post newspaper reported on Wednesday, citing the state-owned Bio Farma pharmaceutical company:

#Coronavirus Report: Chinas Sinovac #COVID19 Vaccine will cost $13 for a single-dose in Indonesia but varies around the world dependent on trade

Honesti Basyir, the Indonesian company’s director, said on Tuesday, as cited by the outlet, that the price was based on data received from Sinovac and denied reports that Brazil will get”The $1.96 price per dosage price is incorrent, because the shipping cost alone is at least $2 per dosage. Sinovac is currently seeking the origins of the report,” Basyir said, as quoted: In late September, Weidong Yin, the chairman, president and CEO of Sinovac, said that Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey, where the CoronaVac vaccine is undergoing the Phase 3 clinical trials, would have access to it at the same time as China: Back then, Weidong declined Sputnik’s request to name the approximate cost of the prospective vaccine, saying that the price tag would depend on many factors: Sinovac, which is the first company in the world to market the H1N1 vaccine, initiated the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, dubbed CoronaVac, in late January. Phases 1 and 2 of the trials on volunteers aged 18-59 started in the Jiangsu province of China back in April. The vaccine is currently undergoing Phase 3 clinical trials.

‘ The Beijing-based company expects the vaccine to hit markets by the end of the year ‘

#AceHealthDesk report ……………Published: Oct.14: 2020:

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(MADRID, Spain.) #Coronavirus Report: Catalonia Closes Bars, Restaurants for 15 Days as #COVID19 Cases Spike on Wednesday according to El Pais #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – Oct.14: The government of the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia announced on Wednesday that the closure of bars and restaurants for 15 days was due to a spike in #COVID19 cases, media reported:

#Coronavirus Report: Cases in Catalonia closes ‘ bars & resturants ‘ for 15-days as #COVID19 cases spike

According to the El Pais newspaper, the regional coronavirus response authority — the Catalan Civil Protection Territorial Plan (Procicat) — approved the measure to slow down the spread of the disease: Restaurants and bars will provide home delivery and takeaway options. As of Wednesday, the number of COVID-19 cases in the region has risen to 290 per 100,000 residents, a new record since early April:

The Prociat has also banned non-professional sporting events and recommended that universities give their theory courses online: The Catalan authorities have also decided to reduce the capacity of shopping mall visitors to 30 percent, according to the 24 Horas broadcaster:

The new measures will soon be officially announced during the regional health department’s press conference: Catalonia is a region of Spain with the highest number of COVID-19 cases. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Catalonia has registered more than 162,000 cases, with 26,203 recoveries and 5,883 related deaths: On the national level, Spain has so far recorded 896,086 cases and over 33,000 deaths:

#AceHealthDesk report …………….Published: Oct.14: 2020:

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(AUSTRALIA) #Coronavirus Research Study Report: National science agency has suggested that SARS-Cov2 the virus for #COVID19 can survive longer than first thought and remains infectious for 28-days on surfaces such as banknotes, phone-screens & stainless steel according to the researchers #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – Oct.12: The findings from Australia’s national science agency suggest SARS-Cov-2 can survive for far longer than thought: However, the experiment was conducted in the dark. UV light has already been shown to kill the virus: Some experts have also thrown doubt on the actual threat posed by surface transmission in real life: The coronavirus is mostly transmitted when people cough, sneeze or talk:

#Coronavirus Report: #Covid19 virus ‘survives for 28 days’ in lab conditions on certain surfaces according to Australian Researchers with #WHO say no cases has been transmitted though food or food packaging

But there is also evidence that it can also be spread by particles hanging in the air. It is also possible someone could get Covid-19 by touching infected surfaces such as metal or plastic, according to the US Centers for Disease Control. This is believed to be much less common, however:

What does the study say?

Previous laboratory tests have found that SARS-Cov-2 can survive for two to three days on bank notes and glass, and up to six days on plastic and stainless steel, although results vary: However, the research from Australian agency CSIRO found the virus was “extremely robust,” surviving for 28 days on smooth surfaces such as glass found on mobile phone screens and both plastic and paper banknotes, when kept at 20C (68F), which is about room temperature, and in the dark: In comparison, the flu virus can survive in the same circumstances for 17 days.

The study, published in Virology Journal, also found SARS-Cov-2 survived for less time at hotter temperatures than cooler temperatures; it stopped being infectious within 24 hours at 40C on some surfaces: It also stayed longer on smooth, non-porous surfaces than on porous materials such as cloth, which was found not to carry any infectious virus past 14 days.

What are the disagreements about?

Prof Ron Eccles, former director Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University, criticised the study and said the suggestion that the virus could survive for 28 days was causing “unnecessary fear in the public” ………………”Viruses are spread on surfaces from mucus in coughs and sneezes and dirty fingers and this study did not use fresh human mucus as a vehicle to spread the virus,” he said: “Fresh mucus is a hostile environment for viruses as it contains lots of white cells that produce enzymes to destroy viruses and can also contain antibodies and other chemicals to neutralise viruses: “In my opinion infectious viruses will only persist for hours in mucus on surfaces rather than days.”

In a paper published by the Lancet in July, Emanuel Goldman, professor of microbiology at Rutgers University, said “the chance of transmission through inanimate surfaces is very small”. He said studies that suggested a significant risk had been designed with “little resemblance to real-life scenarios” ………….Last week Monica Gandhi, a professor of medicine at the University of California, said the coronavirus did not spread via surfaces.

Study highlights needs to clean hands and touchscreens

Covid-19 spreads primarily through the air. Studies have shown that the virus can remain infectious in airborne particles for more than three hours. What’s less certain is the degree to which it can spread via surfaces such as banknotes and touchscreens: Previous studies have assessed its survivability on stainless steel and their results have varied wildly, ranging from between three and 14 days at room temperature: The new study looked at how long the virus could survive on glass, paper and plastic notes as well as steel. They found that they could detect it after 28 days on all these surfaces at 20C – significantly longer than the earlier studies had indicated: The experiments were, however, carried out in virus friendly conditions – in a dark room with stable temperatures and humidity – so the virus may well not do so well in the real world: Even so, these results highlight the need to wash hands as well as touchscreens regularly and to avoid touching one’s face in order to minimise the risk of infection.

Why does this matter?

“Establishing how long the virus really remains viable on surfaces enables us to more accurately predict and mitigate its spread, and do a better job of protecting our people,” said CSIRO chief executive Dr Larry Marshall: The study’s authors said the ability of SARS-Cov-2 to persist on stainless steel at cooler temperatures could explain outbreaks of Covid-19 at meat processing and cold storage facilities: Thousands of workers have tested positive at meat processing factories and abattoirs around the world: Other reasons previously suggested include close working conditions, cold and damp environments and the need to shout over noisy machinery.

The CSIRO researchers also say their findings support previous research suggesting the virus can survive on fresh and frozen food: The World Health Organization says: “There is currently no confirmed case of Covid-19 transmitted through food or food packaging.” But it does list a number of precautions you can take to avoid cross-contamination.

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(SCOTLAND) #CoronavirusNewsDesk – A number of people in ‘ Edinburgh Western General Hospital ‘ on the ‘ Cancer Ward ‘ have died following after an outbreak of #COVID19 and six o thers have been confirmed with the virus according to #NHS Lothian who are investigating #AceHealthDesk repo rt

#AceHealthReport – Oct.09: #NHS Lothian says it is investigating the outbreak and the ward has been closed to new admissions and discharges to allow tests to be carried out: Patients and staff are being screened for the virus as part of the health board’s response according to BBC News

#Coronavirus Report: #Covid19 in Scotland: Deaths in Edinburgh cancer ward after outbreak & others confirmed with virus as investigation underway

1 hour ago
Western General HospitalPA Media

Public health expert Prof Linda Bauld told the BBC’s Reporting Scotland she was “sure every precaution has been taken” She said: “Infections do happen, not just for Covid, but the cause is always that someone has brought in the infection normally from outside, then it does spread: “I know that the NHS has been working incredibly hard to develop Covid-secure areas, including priority testing for cancer patients. Obviously we just need to get to the bottom of why this happened.”

An incident management team (IMT) has been set up and “robust and enhanced” infection control measures have been put in place on the ward: All patients have been informed of the outbreak and contact tracing is being carried out: Patients who would normally return home for the weekend to spend time with families and go back to the hospital on a Monday have been asked to remain in the hospital to reduce the risk of further transmission:

Dr Donald Inverarity, consultant microbiologist and chair of the IMT said: “Our thoughts are with the family of the deceased and I would like to express our sincere condolences: “The situation will continue to be reviewed and monitored very closely: “Patient safety is our main priority and while we understand that the request not to go home for the weekend may be upsetting, it is necessary: “It will help reduce the risk of onwards transmission and protect their families and the wider community: I would like to thank patients and their families for their co-operation and understanding.”

#AceHealthDesk report ………………Published: Oct.09: 2020:

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(WASHINGTON) #CoronavirusNewsDesk – As drafts of a renewed coronavirus relief package continue to be debated in and around the White House, the many millions left languishing in nursing homes and elder ly care facilities – along with their loved ones forced to communicate with them from afar – are urging swift action #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – Oct.09: “According to the American Health Care Association (AHA), almost all the initial $175 billion U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) funds from the CARES Act – which was signed into law by President Trump in late March – has been spent, and yet #coronavirus – officially termed #COVID19 – cases in at least 22 states continues to ascend, ahead of the already daunting cold and flu season.”

#Coronavirus Relief Package for Nursing Homes has been spent and many are still waiting for action by the government but with arguments between Democrats & Republicans over scoring points …lives get forgotten

Published: FoxNews.Com/ https://ift.tt/36L6JrH

“ HHS has announced distribution plans for 80 percent of the $175 billion Provider Relief Fund created by the CARES Act. Health care providers, including nursing homes, will need additional resources to continue its response to the COVID pandemic heading into the cold and flu season, which provides new challenges,” Mark Parkinson, president and CEO of American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL), told Fox News. “COVID-19 disproportionately impacts the elderly – many of whom already have preexisting health conditions and chronic diseases – and the dedicated staff who care for them.”

” The American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) has thus requested an additional $100 billion from the HHS Provider Relief Fund, which is accessible for all health care providers impacted by the novel pathogen, and asked “that a sizeable portion of the fund be dedicated to helping nursing homes and assisted living communities to acquire resources associated with protecting vulnerable residents and staff from the virus, including constant testing, personal protective equipment (PPE) and staff support.””

Statistics released in June underscored that such facilities account for 42 percent of coronavirus-induced deaths, and at that point, attributed to around 7 percent of the U.S. infection rate: A report unveiled in August by the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living revealed that during the single week of July 26, some 9,715 people in nursing homes spanning the country died from coronavirus complications: That was a marked uptick from the 8,667 who died the previous week and the 5,538 who died the week of June 28, the lowest number since the pandemic began:

#AceHealthDesk report …………………Published: Oct.09: 2020:

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(BUENOS AIRIES, Argentina.) #Coronavirus Report: Country has the world’s highest rate of positive #COVID19 tests, according to Oxford-linked tracker Our World In Data, with nearly six out of 10 yielding an in fection, a reflection of low testing levels and loose enforcement of lockdown rules #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – Oct.06: ‘No isolation, few tests’: Argentina has world’s highest #COVID19 positive rate: Argentina was set to hit 800,000 confirmed cases on Monday, with an seven-day rolling average of around 12,500 new daily infections: The country, which started strongly against the virus, passed 20,000 fatalities last week:

#Coronavirus Report: Cases in Argentina is set to reach 800,00-cases but with worlds highest rate of #COVID19 tests nearly 6-out-of-10 are yielding an infection a reflection of low-testing and loose enforcement of lock-down rules

Reuters Wire News, [Oct 5, 2020 at 20:48] https://t.me/reuters_news_agency/38196

Medical professionals said low-levels of testing and lax restrictions had propelled the high positive rate, that climbed from around 40% in August to just shy of 60% in the last week, a Reuters calculation using health ministry data shows: “Is there isolation? There is none. Are there (enough) tests? No there aren’t,” Carlos Kambourian, a pediatrician in the city of Buenos Aires, told Reuters: ‘ By comparison, New York state has a population of 20 million, less than half of Argentina’s 45 million, yet carries out 100,000 tests a day, four times the number in Argentina. In New York state, the positive rate is a bit over 1% ‘ …….Argentina’s government won plaudits for a tough early lockdown that began March 20, but since then has been forced to loosen restrictions to help revive an economy already in recession for two years and as poverty levels and unemployment have risen: Kambourian added that there had been little in way of strengthening health services: “Certainly the strategies to stop a this type of pandemic aren’t being applied,” he added.

A source from Argentina’s health ministry said the large number of positive tests was a result of its “DetectAr” program, where testing focuses on contacts of those known to be infected: The government had pledged to raise testing levels: Argentina has the eighth most COVID-19 cases in the world, and is currently in the top five for rolling 7-day average new cases and fatalities. Latin America has been the hardest hit region of the world in terms of COVID-19 cases and deaths.

#AceHealthDesk report ………………Published: Oct.06: 2020:

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(LONDON) #Coronavirus Quick Update Report: There is some limited evidence that a recent sharp rise in new #C OVID19 cases in England is levelling off, Britain’s Office for National Statistics said on Frid ay but added its too early to say wether it will continue #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – Oct.02: New cases of #COVID19 in England were around 8,400 per day in the latest week to Sept. 24, down from around 9,600 per day during the previous week, an ONS estimate said: “

#Coronavirus ONS Report: Limited evidence that #Covid19 cases in England could be levelling off …but cautions wether it will continue …..

Reuters Wire News: https://t.me/reuters_news_agency/37549

There is some limited evidence that the incidence rate may be levelling off following steep increases during August and September, however the wide credible intervals mean it is too early to say”, the ONS said:

#AceHealthDesk report ………..Published: Oct.02: 2020:

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(WORLDWIDE) #Coronavirus Report: As of 19:30 GMT Monday, 28/09/2020: the number of #COVID19 cases globally is 33,224,222, including 999,298 fatalities: The United States still has the highest case count in the world, with 7,128,774, including 204,905 fatalities and 2,766,280 recoveries #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – Sept.28: The death toll from the #COVID19 coronavirus infection in the world neared 1 million, over 33.2 million cases of infection were detected, and almost 23 million of those patients were cured, according to the US-based Johns Hopkins University, which tracks and compiles data from federal and local authorities, media and other sources:

#Coronavirus Global Report: Death toll of #COVID19 cases have reached nearly a million as many areas of the world cases spike as lockdowns eased causing a reverse move to certain businesses ….

  • Global Confirmed33,224,222
  • Global Deaths999,298
  • U.S. Confirmed7,134,874
  • U.S. Deaths204,905

VACCINES, TREATMENT: Over 5,000 volunteers have already been inoculated with Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik V, and none of them has reported any adverse reaction apart from symptoms described in the manual, the head of the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology said: Media workers must be made eligible for priority coronavirus vaccination, Yevgeny Revenko, a member of the Russian parliament’s lower house, State Duma, said in a letter to Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko……………………About a quarter of Moscow population have immunity to the coronavirus, Anna Popova, the head of Russian consumer health watchdog Rospotrebnadzor, said: The first batch of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine was delivered to Belarus for clinical trials, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) announced:

DYNAMICS: Russia’s coronavirus response centres and the nation as a whole should pay special attention to the epidemiological situation, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, as the country is witnessing a growing number of daily infections.
Russia is unlikely to see a pessimistic scenario with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic as the country has enough auxiliary hospital beds and the virus gets weaker as it spreads, Aleksandr Gorelov, the deputy head of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, a part of the country’s consumer rights and human welfare watchdog, Rospotrebnadzor, told Sputnik.
The COVID-19 incidence growth is expected to continue in Russia, and the country is likely to reach plateau next month, after which a gradual decline in new positive tests will be seen, an aide to the head of the Russian public health watchdog’s research institute of epidemiology told Sputnik.
John Nkengasong, the director of the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said on Monday that it was too soon to speak of a victory over the COVID-19 pandemic on the continent despite the fewer reported cases: Michael Ryan, the executive director of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) health emergencies program, said that the current death toll from the coronavirus disease was likely underestimated.

RESTRICTIONS: The Brussels Provincial Crisis Unit has decided to impose several additional restrictive measures starting Monday due to the steady increase of COVID-19 cases in the region.

IMPACT: The European Central Bank expects the GDP of the euro area to return to its pre-crisis level by the end of 2022, ECB President Christine Lagarde said:
The Swiss economy shrank by 7.3 percent in the second quarter of 2020, the sharpest fall since records began in 1980, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs said as previous figures were revised:

RESPONSE: The agreement between the World Health Organization (WHO) and its partners will result in 120 million rapid coronavirus tests made available for low- and middle-income countries , WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.
China will continue to provide assistance to countries in need to combat the coronavirus pandemic, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said: © Sputnik:

#AceHealthDesk report ……………Published: Sept.28: 2020:

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(LONDON) Press Release #Coronavirus #NHS App Statement Report: #COVID19 App Launches today across England & Wales and public are being urged to ‘ download the app ‘ link below …that includes ‘ Track & Trace ‘ element and allows use of Bluetooth and QR Codes as people use checkin facility #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – Sept.24: People across England and Wales are being urged to download the app to help control the spread of #coronavirus and protect themselves and their loved ones as case numbers rise: The app launches today, and after positive trials and rigorous testing is an important new tool to work alongside traditional contact tracing to help reduce the spread of the virus: It will be available to those aged 16 and over in multiple languages. It forms a central part of the NHS Test and Trace service in England and the NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect programme – identifying contacts of those who have tested positive for coronavirus: As part of a major campaign to encourage downloads of the app a new advertisement will launch on primetime TV tonight with the strapline ‘Protect your loved ones.

NHS COVID-19 app launches across England and Wales

NHS COVID-19 app launches to help control coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission.

Department of Health and Social Care

  • NHS COVID-19 app launches nationwide to help control COVID-19 transmission alongside national and local contact tracing
  • Features of the app include contact tracing using Bluetooth, risk alerts based on postcode district, QR check-in at venues, symptom checker and test booking – with user privacy and data security at its heart
  • Businesses are now required by law to display the official NHS QR code posters from today so people can check-in at different premises with the app

Get the app.’here: NHS COVID-19 app


Today the UK’s major mobile network operators, including Vodafone, Three, EE and O2, Sky and Virgin, have confirmed that all in-app activity will not come out of customers’ data allowance: The contact tracing element of the app works by using low-energy Bluetooth to log the amount of time you spend near other app users, and the distance between you, so it can alert you if someone you have been close to later tests positive for #COVID19 – even if you don’t know each other: The app will advise you to self-isolate if you have been in close contact with a confirmed case. It will also enable you to check symptoms, book a free test if needed and get your test results:

The app has been designed with user privacy in mind, so it tracks the virus, not people and uses the latest in data security technology to protect privacy: The system generates a random ID for an individual’s device, which can be exchanged between devices via Bluetooth (not GPS). These unique random IDs regenerate frequently to add an extra layer of security and preserve anonymity: The app does not hold personal information such as your name, address or date of birth, and only requires the first half of your postcode to ensure local outbreaks can be managed. No personal data is shared with the government or the NHS.

UK government Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said:

We are at a tipping point in our efforts to control the spread of this virus. With infection rates rising we must use every tool at our disposal to prevent transmission, including the latest technology.

We have worked extensively with tech companies, international partners, and privacy and medical experts – and learned from the trials – to develop an app that is secure, simple to use and will help keep our country safe.

Today’s launch marks an important step forward in our fight against this invisible killer and I urge everyone who can to download and use the app to protect themselves and their loved ones.

From today certain businesses in England are required by law to display NHS Test and Trace QR codes so customers with the NHS COVID-19 app can use them to check-in. QR codes will help businesses meet their legal requirement to log contact details and allow public health leads to send alerts based on whether people have checked in at venues. So far, more than 160,000 businesses have already downloaded QR codes. Venues in Wales that are legally required to collect and keep a record of visitors will still need to do so……The NHS Test and Trace team behind the app has worked closely with major tech companies, including Google and Apple, scientists within the Alan Turing Institute and Oxford University, Zuhlke Engineering, medical experts, privacy groups, at-risk communities and teams in countries across the world using similar apps – such as Germany, to develop an app that is safe, simple and secure.

The app has been through successful trials in the Isle of Wight, Newham and among NHS volunteer responders. Lessons learned have informed the final version that is launching today:

Dido Harding, Executive Chair of England’s NHS Test and Trace Programme, said:

We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to engage with England’s NHS Test and Trace service. The NHS COVID-19 app enables the majority of people with a smartphone to find out if they are at risk of having caught the virus and need to self isolate, order a test if they have symptoms, and access the right guidance and advice.

The features of this app, including QR code check-in at venues, work alongside our traditional contact tracing service and will help us to reach more people quickly in their communities to prevent further spread of the virus.

This is a welcome step in protecting those around us.

Simon Thompson, Managing Director of the NHS COVID-19 App, said:

We have worked tirelessly to develop the new NHS COVID-19 app and we are incredibly grateful to all residents of the Isle of Wight, London borough of Newham, and NHS volunteer responders, the learnings and insight have made the app what it is today. We are now ready to roll-out the app across England and Wales.

This new version is so much more than just a contact tracing app – it has a range of features which will quickly alert you if you’re at risk of coronavirus. The more people who use it, the better it works.

We are confident that every person who downloads the app will be helping to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Wales’ Health and Social Services Minister, Vaughan Gething, said:

The launch of the NHS COVID-19 app is an important part of Wales’ coronavirus response, bolstering our Test, Trace, Protect programme. The more people who download and use this app, the more it will help us to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We have worked closely with the app development team to ensure it works seamlessly across England and Wales, providing people with the right advice based on where they live. In Wales, the app will complement our existing contact tracing and testing services and will further support our co-ordinated response to COVID-19 at both a local and national level.

I strongly encourage everyone in Wales to download and use the app to keep Wales safe.

In a joint statement Apple and Google said:

We built the exposure notifications system to enable public health authorities in their efforts to develop apps to help reduce the spread of the virus while ensuring people can trust in the privacy-preserving design. We are committed to supporting the government’s effort to launch an app based on this technology.

Hamish MacLeod, Director at Mobile UK, said:

The mobile industry welcomes the opportunity to support the government’s efforts to combat the global COVID-19 pandemic by zero-rating access to the new NHS COVID-19 app. Customers can be reassured that all in-app activity will not come out of their data allowance.

Helen Dickinson, Chief Executive of the British Retail Consortium, said:

The NHS COVID-19 app is a great addition to the safety measures already being put in by retailers. We hope it provides extra reassurance for customers and their families all across the country.

As well as contact tracing, the app has a range of additional, enhanced features that will help to reduce personal and public risk from COVID-19 as part of the wider testing and contact tracing service:

  • alert: letting users know the level of coronavirus risk in their postcode district
  • QR check-in: enabling users to check-in at a venue and alerting them if they have recently visited somewhere they may have come into contact with someone who later tests positive for COVID-19
  • symptoms: allowing users to check if they have coronavirus symptoms and see if they need to order a free test
  • test: helping users book a free test through the app and get results to know whether they have COVID-19
  • isolate: if a user is told to self-isolate, a timer feature will help count down that period and access will be provided to relevant advice

Case Notes:

More information on the NHS COVID-19 app App explainer video [App privacy video}(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCH__yEHa4s&)

When someone reports symptoms through the app, it will detect any other app users that the person has been in close contact with over the past few days, including unknown contacts such as someone they may have sat next to on public transport. The app will be able to anonymously alert these contacts and provide advice, including how to get a test if they have symptoms.

The mobile industry has committed to supporting the new app with the major operators Vodafone, Three, EE and O2 (including giffgaff and Tesco Mobile), Sky and Virgin, ‘zero-rating’ data charges for all in-app activity. This means customers will not be charged for data when using the in-app functions, or if they are directed out of the app to information on nhs.uk websites. If a customer is directed to other web pages outside of the app, this may use data from their allowance.

  1. Customers will need data in order to download the Test and Trace app initially, this cannot be zero-rated.
  2. In-app activity has been zero-rated by mobile operators. From the app, customers may be directed to nhs.uk websites, which have also been zero rated. However, if a user is passed from the app to websites on gov.uk, data charges will apply.
  3. O2, Three UK and Virgin Media have zero-rated the subdomain .gov.uk for registering a COVID-19 test
  4. A full list of compatible devices is available.

Those who may not have access to the app, or the ability to use a smartphone should continue to use traditional contact tracing services provided by NHS Test and Trace or, NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect.

#AceHealthDesk report ………………..Published: Sept.24: 2020:

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(WORLDWIDE) #Coronavirus Report – #COVID19 Cases: Global Confirmed 30,838,610 Global Deaths 958,090 U.S. Confirmed 6,777,026 U.S. Deaths 199,352 on 18/09/2020: according to Johns Hopkins University #AceHealthDesk report

#AceHealthReport – Sept.20: A 60-second, daily summary of the most important data on #COVID19 in the U.S., updated every morning:

  • Global Confirmed30,838,610
  • Global Deaths958,090
  • U.S. Confirmed6,777,026
  • U.S. Deaths199,352
  • Global MapU.S. Map


COVID-19 Data in Motion: Friday, September 18, 2020

A 60-second, daily summary of the most important data on COVID-19 in the U.S., updated every morning.

DATA IN MOTION : COVID-19 Data in Motion: Friday, September 18, 2020:

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