‘ Cyber-Attacks Against Logistics Able to Disable Weapons ‘

#AceNewsServices – WASHINGTON – September 29 – Chinese officials held closed-door talks in Washington last week with U.S. cyber security counterparts despite Beijing’s formal cut-off of talks on the subject following the federal indictment of Chinese military hackers.

“We exchanged views with Chinese counterparts on cyber issues in Washington last week,” a State Department official confirmed, adding, “We do not read out the contents of our private diplomatic exchanges.”

The cyber talks were held as the Senate Armed Services Committee revealed in a declassified report last week that Chinese military hackers conducted cyber attacks against at least 20 U.S.

' Logistics Transport Command '

Logistics Transport Command ‘

Transportation Command contractors as part of plans for cyber attacks aimed at disrupting U.S. military operations in a future conflict. “Cyber intrusions into operationally critical contractors pose a threat to defence operations,” the report concluded.

' Secret No/Forn '

‘ Secret No/Forn ‘

The committee report, once labelled “Secret/Noforn,” said between June 2012 and May 2013, foreign hackers conducted 50 attacks on Transcom contractor networks, including 20 traced to China.

Chinese military hackers obtained emails, documents, user accounts, passwords, and computer source code from the contractors. A commercial ship used for military transport also was hacked by the Chinese military.

A third case involved a Chinese military “spear-phishing” email campaign against a Transcom contractor airline.

Some 90 percent of U.S. military transport, both air and sea, travels through Transcom contractors.

The Senate report quoted an earlier Defence Science Board warning of the impact of cyber attacks against logistics networks: “U.S. guns, missiles, and bombs may not fire, or may be directed against our own troops,” and “resupply, including food, water, ammunition, and fuel may not arrive when or where needed.”


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` Kaspersky has `Launched ‘ a `New Project ‘ that ` Demonstrates ‘ the `On-Going ‘ and `Real-Time ‘ Cyber-Attacks ‘

#AceSecurityNews – KASPERSKY – March 27 – The Internet has a service clearly demonstrates the ongoing real-time computer incidents worldwide.

According to the press service of Kaspersky Lab launched the project, an interactive map shows E-mail antivirus detected vulnerability and cyber-attacks.

“Our new map allows to see a scale of cyber-attacks actions in real time,” he said.

“Users can turn the globe and zoom to get an idea about the local situation in any part of the world. The different types identified threats on the globe pointed by different colours in real-time,” the company explained.

The user can display a description of each threat and if he want to turn off the display uninteresting types of threats.

The link for checking a computer for malicious software is also available on the company’s Web site – http://free.kaspersky.com/

According to the head of corporate communications Kaspersky Lab Denis Zenkina experts handle more than 300,000 malware every day.


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“Stop spying on people!” — Syrian Electronic Army’s cyber-attacks compromising Skype’s Twitter, Facebook accounts

syrian-electronic-army-skype.si#AceSecurityNews says “Syrian Electronic Army {SEA} ” commits “Cyber-Attacks” on Social Media sites – Twitter, Facebook and Skype‘s Accounts” #Spying


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