(STOCKHOLM, Sweden.) JUST IN: Danish terrorist Basil Hassan could have been behind the deadly crash of Russ ia’s Airbus A321 airliner over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula in October 2015, Denmark’s DR broadcaster reported, citing the materials of the investigation into another terrorist linked to the suspect @SputnikInt #AceNewsDesk reports

(WASHINGTON) Irans Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) to be designated a “ terrorist organisation ‘ according to a report on Friday by WSJ as Tehran says they will apply same measures to the U.S. troops like #Daesh militants in retaliation according to Middle Eastern Monitor on Sunday #AceNewsDesk reports

(ANKARA, Turkey.) Turkish police arrested 12 people in Ankara in an investigation targeting #Daesh suspects, state-run Anadolu news agency said on Monday, hours after the US embassy would be closed Tuesday due to a security threat advising that Americans keep a low profile #AceNewsDesk reports

REPORT: New Face of Terrorism: A new report has found out that at least 5,600 #Daesh (ISIL) terrorists have returned to their countries, including the US and UK, as the terror group loses ground in Syria and Iraq #AceNewsDesk reports

BAGHDAD, Iraq. Third car #bombing has #killed at least 48 and injured many more Iraqi state TV reports; #Daesh claims responsibility as people flee in terror – @AceNewsServices

JORDAN: Security #police smash #Daesh cell on Monday and find suicide belts and explosives that were used in the deadly attack that #killed at least 10 people including a Canadian tourist on Sunday – Middle Eastern News reported – @AceNewsServices

#SYRIA Kurdish YPG to join the US-led coalition into freeing Raqqa of the #Daesh it U.S. military commander in Iraq said on Oct. 26 – Hurriyet Daily News – @AceNewsServices

EGYPT: Army says 18 #militants #killed in operation against #Daesh in northern Sinai; move follows Friday’s deadly attack in Al-Arish – Daily News Egypt – @AceNewsServices

NATO: Operation underway as Germany agrees to send 650 troops to the Mediterranean to prevent arms #smuggling and #trafficking by the #Daesh – @AceNewsServices

#Daesh target mall and #oil ministry in two suicide #bombings in Baghdad on Friday night that #killed 12-people #police and hospital sources – Amaq News Agency claimed #bombers had targeted “a gathering of Shi’ites” on Palestine Street – @AceNewsServices

SYRIA: #Daesh video of children executing Kurdish captives in #Raqqa has been released – Conflict News – @AceNewsServices

YEMEN: Saudi-led and US backed coalition air strikes are #killing more civilians than the #Daesh militants and UN calls for an investigation – @AceNewsServices

BELGIUM: #Daesh claims responsibility for an attack by machete-wielding man in Liege on Sunday Amaq via Reuters reports and only a day before 2 #police officers were injured in a previous attack in Charleroi on Saturday – @AceNewsServices

IRAQ: #Daesh attack Kirkuk #oil field taking four employees hostage Sunday, a senior security source in the city told CNN – @AceNewsServices

SYRIA: #Daesh #executed four men accused of #smuggling people out of rural Deir Ezzor, away from militant territory – Reports – @AceNewsServices