(YEKATERINBURG) Human Rights & Democracy OPED Report: Authoritarian International’ emerging to fight democracy and human rights, Shaburov says #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Jan.09: One has the sense, Aleksey Shaburov says, that a new “authoritarian international” is informally taking shape defined by the hostility of authoritarian rulers of the most varied kind of democracy and human rights. This can be something “very powerful” if its members act quickly and “manage to avoid quarreling.”

‘Authoritarian international’ emerging to fight democracy and human rights, Shaburov says

#AceDailyNews Oped News Report: The Yekaterinburg commentator suggests that won’t be easy because these countries have “different religions, different economic systems, and different values. What for instance to Turkey, China and Belarus have in common? But these have been pushed to the side in a union for the struggle against democracy.”

2022/01/08 – 12:14 •

At the same time, “cooperation among such countries can be the most varied and unexpected,” Shaburov continues. For example, Turkey can send to Belarus flows of refugees which then storm the borders of the EU. Why? For a hybrid war with ‘the democratic West’ as such.”

US President Joe Biden recently remarked that “both Putin and Xi have told me that in their opinion, democracy cannot work in the 21st century because it takes too much time to reach a consensus and that that is why autocracies have won out in our time.”

This is a significant development, the commentator continues, because it means that

“authoritarianism has become an ideology in and of itself and is being transformed into a political value for very strong players.”

If they succeed and avoid conflict among themselves, they will have great chances for success.

Although Shaburov does not address the differences between this situation and that of the cold war, it is obvious and for the defenders of democracy and human rights extremely worrisome. Those who stood up to communist totalitarianism included both defenders of democracy and capitalists.

The latter was kept in that alliance by fears of being called “soft on communism.” But now, with communism having lost out formally or informally, business interests are under no such constraints and seek profit wherever they can find it. Authoritarian regimes make use of that, and those seeking to promote democracy and human rights have thus lost a powerful ally.

#AceNewsDesk report ………..Published: Jan.09: 2022:

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(HONG KONG) Court Report: Democracy Activist Joshua Wong has been sentenced to another 10 months in jail for participating in last year’s gathering to commemorate the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.07: Tens of thousands of people lit candles across the city in what was largely a peaceful event, bar a brief skirmish with riot police in one neighbourhood:

HONG KONG: Activists including Joshua Wong jailed over banned Tiananmen Massacre vigil over democracy sentenced to over Tiananmen Square vigil: Last year was the first time the annual June 4 vigil had been banned in Hong Kong, with police citing #coronavirus restrictions on group gatherings, as they did for all demonstrations in 2020

Published: https://t.me/hongkongfp/12960
Hong Kong Free Press, [May 6, 2021 at 4:53 AM]

You see the back seat of a white police van carrying three young Hongkongers handcuffed with Joshua Wong at their centre.
At only 24 years old, Joshua Wong is currently serving his third jail term.(Reuters: Tyrone Siu)

Wong, 24, is already in prison due to other illegal assembly convictions and was among 47 activists who faced charges under the city’s sweeping national security law. 

On Thursday the District Court reduced his proposed 15-month sentence to 10 months after he pleaded guilty.

Judge Stanley Chan also sentenced Lester Shum, Jannelle Leung and Tiffany Yuen to between four and six months.

Pro-democracy activists outside the court said they were “disappointed” in the sentencing, emphasising that the June 4 rally was a “peaceful assembly”.

Twenty others facing similar June 4-related charges are due to appear in court on June 11.

The June 4 vigil is expected to be banned again this year.


#AceNewsDesk report ………..Published: May.07: 2021:

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‘ Comparing Two Areas of the Political Landscape Islamic State and Scottish Independence ‘

#AceNewsServices (Opinion)- September 17 – The British political elite has lately felt obliged to combat contingencies on two fronts. It’s not quite certain about how to proceed against the so-called Islamic State.

There’s a greater sense of purpose in the context of a prospective state of Scotland.

The late surge in momentum for Scottish independence evidently took Westminster and the City of London by surprise. After all, when a referendum was first mooted and subsequently sanctioned, popular assumptions and opinion polls suggested it would be more or less a non-starter. Democracy would have its day and the status quo would be maintained.

But then the tide turned and the polling gap suddenly was reduced to a level that fell within the margin of error.

Taken aback, the establishment rallied to the unionist cause.

The leaders of the three largest Westminster parties rushed to Scotland.

Financial institutions chipped in, as did leading retailers. Independence, they said, would be a disaster in economic terms.

The big banks will ship out.

Prices will rise.

Rump Britain won’t share its currency.

The message to Scots was clear: you’ll all be ruined if you choose independence. It wasn’t all stick, though. There were carrots on offer, too, notably the vow from all sides of mainstream politics that the devolution of powers would be substantially extended — almost guaranteeing virtual independence in effect, if not in name. 

Published in Dawn, September 17 2014 


Also  read: Campaign for independence of Scotland enters final phase


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CHINA: ' China's Legislature Rules-Out Open Nominations in Inaugural Elections for Hong Kong's Leader Saying it Would Create a Chaotic Society '

#AceWorldNews – CHINA (Beijing) – August 31 – China’s legislature on Sunday ruled out allowing open nominations in inaugural elections for Hong Kong’s leader, saying they would create a "chaotic society.

" Democracy activists in the Asian financial hub responded by saying that a long-threatened mass occupation of the heart of the city "will definitely happen."

The legislature’s powerful Standing Committee said all candidates should be approved by more than half of a special nominating body in order to go before voters.

That’s at odds with demands from Hong Kong’s pro-democracy camp, which staged a massive protest in July to press for genuine democracy in the Chinese territory over fears candidates would continue to be screened to assess their loyalty to Beijing.


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‘ Police Reportedly Arrested 511 People Holding a Sit-In After Thousands Marched for Democracy ‘

#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG (Beijing) – July 02 – Police have reportedly arrested 511 people holding a sit-in a day after tens of thousands in Hong Kong joined a massive march to push for Democracy.

Beijing warned recently it holds the ultimate authority over the former British colony, although a mini-constitution gives the city a high degree of autonomy until 2047, AP said.

Police said 511 people were arrested Wednesday for unlawful assembly and preventing police from carrying out their duties.

About 98,600 people joined Tuesday’s rally at its peak, police said, while organizers insist 510,000 turned out, the highest estimates in a decade.

AP – Reuters – RT – AFP – Hong Kong News


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A speech made in 1942 that is still relevant in 2014

Charlie Chaplin did a movie in 1942, a few years before WWII ended and in the middle of a war. The movie was called ‘The Great Dictator’ Now many people know this but the video below of his speech for democracy and peace was actually adlibbed. He forgot his lines and just spoke from the heart, he said what I am guessing many thought at the time. The video is his voice with modern images over it. I have shared this video 100 times now, I just shared it with someone on their blog and it made me do this blog. This video speaks a 72 year old language in a World long lost and forgotten. A world where men would take their own life if they could not fight for their country. I know it happened in the USA and the UK. That is an Alien World now. The values we held then have gone, social values have collapsed and we have turned into a hateful species, we do see individual acts of kindness but too often we see a world where hate and greed have taken over

It’s amazing how a 72 year old speech from 1942, made up on the spot can be so relevant in 2014

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#AceWorldNews INDIA April 04 A tight race seems…

#AceWorldNews – INDIA – April 04 – A tight race seems likely as 814 million voters elect leaders in world’s largest democracy next week.
Courtesy of Al Jazeera

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” Lee Seok-ki is Sentenced in a `South Korean’ court under a `Rare Treason Trial’ to Twelve Years in Prison”

#AceWorldNews says according to latest reports a South Korean court on Monday sentenced an opposition legislator to 12 years in prison, AFP reported.

A rare treason trial saw Lee Seok-ki, 52, convicted of plotting an armed revolt in support of North Korea. Prosecutors had demanded 20 years for the MP, who was tried along with six other members of his left-wing United Progressive Party.

They were sentenced to terms ranging from four to 12 years. Lee was the first member of the National Assembly to face treason charges since the country’s transformation from a military-backed autocracy to a fully-fledged democracy in the 1980’s.

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” One Man’s View of `Internet Surveillance’ and how it will Affect our Democracy”

#AceGuest News and Views says `Stallman: ‘We’ve got to limit Surveillance to keep Democracy’

Published time: February 06, 2014 19:18

Richard Stallman (screenshot from RT video)Richard Stallman (screenshot from RT video)
We need to change a lot of things about digital technology so that they’re not surveillance engines. The idea is that human rights should be respected in digital activities as in non-digital life, software freedom activist Richard Stallman told RT.

The world is witnessing a transition from non-digital life, in which people mostly have a lot of autonomy. However, people should also have human rights in their digital activities, the world-famous technologist and philosopher Richard Stallman said, interviewed by Oksana Boyko in RT’s Worlds Apart show. Stallman argues that though there are many exceptions in terms of human rights, they should be stopped in order to have effective democracy.

“It simply means returning to users of computing the autonomy that they have in non-digital life. What we see happening is a transition from non-digital life, in which people mostly have a lot of autonomy … There are countries that don’t respect human rights, but we call that an injustice. The point is that you should have human rights in your digital activities as well,” Stallman said.

“We need to change a lot of things about digital technology so that they’re not surveillance engines, but part of it is that we need to use software that the users control,” Stallman continued.

Richard Stallman tries not to use mobile phones in personal communication, he says, but that doesn’t mean he’s advocating some pre-digital innocence. We’ve got to limit surveillance to keep democracy, he believes.

AFP Photo / Paul J. RichardsAFP Photo / Paul J. Richards

 “When I say we should have portable phones with only free software in them, and that the system should be designed, under legal requirement, not to track anybody but court-ordered investigation subjects, that’s not saying go back to an innocent pre-digital world,” Richard Stallman told RT.

“There are others who say using digital technology means total surveillance, just surrender to it. But since that surrender means no democracy anymore, because whistleblowers who tell us what the state is doing will be caught, and they have to flee to places like Russia in order not to be caught, that means it’s too much of a sacrifice. We’ve got to keep our democracy, and that means we’ve got to limit surveillance,” he added.

Stallman is known for developing the concept that every computer program must be free for users to study and modify as they want.

“Even those of us who are not programmers and won’t personally exercise the control, if the users control the program, and since most of the users don’t want to be spied on, each of us can count on the other users to make sure the program isn’t spying on us,” Stallman told RT.

He admits that depending on others can’t guarantee perfect results, but compares it to non-free software, when users are dependent on the “tyrant”whose interest is to take advantage of them.

“With non-free software, the decisions about that program are all made by somebody whose interest is to exploit the users and you can pretty well expect the decisions to be bad for the users, whereas when you’re depending on other users, you’ve got a pretty good chance it’s going to be more or less good,”Richard Stallman said.

He added that the argument “Never try to get rid of a tyranny because you don’t know what’s going to happen, just accept the tyrant” is an utter fallacy, since this is particularly the thing that guarantees tyranny.

“So, this doesn’t mean that every contributor is an angel. It does mean, however, that none of the contributors faces the same kind of temptation to abuse power that a proprietary developer faces, because none of them has that kind of power,” Richard Stallman said.

The fact that various big companies like Google, Microsoft or Facebook were ready to cooperate with intelligence services is not surprising because they were money-driven, Stallman says. Nevertheless, it’s important to distinguish between governments spying on other governments, which is something that governments have done plenty of, and governments spying on all citizens.

“That [governments spying on governments] is just what governments do to each other. For me, that’s not the scandal. The scandal is not spying on other governments and their activities, it’s spying on all the citizens. And of course there are countries that work together to spy on the citizens of these countries,”he told RT.

“Thirty years ago we had phones, but they weren’t in general being monitored. There wasn’t a list of everybody’s phone calls, but now . And now the US government is collecting that all the time, and in Spain as well, with the help of the Spanish government. So, now we have to address that issue as well,”Stallman added.



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Italy: “Mayor of Italy’s Gioia Tauro Protests Against Choice of Town’s Port as Place for Reloading #Syria’s Chemical Weapon’s”

#AceWorldNews says Renato Bellofiore, the mayor of Italy’s Gioia Tauro, is protesting against the choice of the town’s port as a place for reloading Syria’s chemical weapons. If something happens, the people “will destroy us,” Itar-Tass quoted the mayor as saying. Bellofiore accused the Italian Foreign Ministry of not knowing “what democracy is.” The operation to reload the chemical weapons from a Danish ship to a US one has yet to be officially announced by the Italian parliament’s commissions on foreign affairs and defense.

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Why America must be rescued from the inside out.

#AceWorldNews says ” As with all countries we need a new foundation and use of the true meaning of democracy, as democracy needs to be served and not mooted as existing excercise. The will of people must have resolve and the willingness to fight for the #truth – nothing else will put right America or any other westernised country #servepeoplewell

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” Price of Democracy in China As Thousands March for Freedom of Speech”

#AceWorldNews says according to HONG KONG (Reuters) – Thousands protested in Hong Kong on Wednesday pressing China to allow full democracy in the city as a battle intensifies over Beijing‘s attempts to control the outcome of a planned direct election for the city’s leader in 2017.

Beijing had promised direct elections in the former British colony as the goal for 2017, but the devil is in the details of the rules governing who can run.

Pressure has been building between democratic forces in the financial hub, which returned to Chinese rule in 1997, and China‘s stability-obsessed Communist Party Leaders who fear a rival democrat being voted into office.

Protesters at the annual New Year’s Day democracy rally shouted slogans demanding full democracy in 2017, with a key condition being the open nominations of candidates so that anyone, including China critics, can run for office.

But Chinese officials and leftist newspapers have rejected that, citing the city’s mini-constitution that states all nominees must be endorsed by a 1,200-strong election committee, which is stacked with Beijing loyalists.

"There’s more and more interference (from Beijing)," said Tsang Fan-yu, a designer who was at Wednesday’s protest with his seven-year-old son for their sixth consecutive year.

"We have to come out to make our voices heard. The form of democracy Beijing wants is unacceptable. It’s fake."

A cluster of banners read "Real Universal Suffrage. No pre-screened election", while protesters also called on the city’s embattled and pro-Beijing leader, Leung Chun-ying, to step down after a series of scandals.

"We want to see Hong Kong people have a genuine choice in electing their leaders," said Anson Chan, a respected former head of the civil service, who was at the rally.

Discord over the city’s democratic future could culminate in a protest this summer called "Occupy Central", seeking to shut down the central business district of one ofAsia‘s most important financial centers.

"No direct election? See you in Central!" read one of the banners.

A New Year civil referendum was also launched to gauge the public’s preferences for the 2017 poll, with some 50,000 Hong Kong residents having voted by late afternoon.

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