#AceWorldNews – WASHINGTON – October 16 – A prominent Capitol Hill newspaper has republished a host of previously private emails from some of the most active and influential Democratic Party operatives in the country.

What they reveal is a nearly universal dislike and lack of support for presumed Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

The unsuspecting authors include journalists, editors, union leaders, fundraisers, `progressive leaders and Party strategists. 

According to an exclusive report from The Hill, the name of the semi-secret online group of progressive political leaders is Gamechanger Salon.

Showing the club’s exclusivity, to join, one must be sponsored by a current member.

The account describes the 1,500-member on-line group saying, ‘The group includes prominent Democrats, Sierra Club officials, journalists who work for The Huffington Post and The Nation magazine, senior union representatives, leaders at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and the president of NARAL.’



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` Former Governor of Florida ` Jeb Bush ' says he has not Ruled out Running for Presidency in 2016 '

#AceWorldNews – NEW YORK – April 07 – Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush said he did not rule out running for presidency in 2016.
Jeb Bush is the brother of former US President George W. Bush.

In an interview with Fox News Channel, Jeb Bush said he would decide by the end of 2014 whether he would run for President. “I just don’t want to go through that until the right time,” Bush added.

Jeb Bush, 61, enjoys wide support in the Republican Party. However, his views on certain issues, in particular on immigration policies, differ from the opinion of the majority of Republicans. Bush supports easing US immigration policy. He says that illegal immigrants come to the US out of despair because they cannot feed their families in their native countries.

Jeb Bush had served as Governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007. He was one of the most popular Governors in the history of the state. If he decides to run for presidency in 2016, he will get a chance to continue the family tradition: his father George H. W. Bush was the 41st US President, and his brother George W. Bush – the 43rd US President.

Experts say that the heritage of Jeb’s brother may do him a disservice. George W. Bush left his post in January 2009 and became one of the least popular presidents in the US history.

The most probable presidential candidates from the Democratic Party are former State Secretary Hillary Clinton and incumbent Vice-President Joseph Biden.

They have not yet announced their intentions to run for presidency in 2016.

Fox News – Reuters – US News Services


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` Tokyo suggests it would allow US to bring ` Nuclear Weapon’s’ into Japanese Territory in Event of Serious Security Threat ‘

#AceWorldNews – TOKYO – Tokyo has been suggested that it would allow the US to bring nuclear weapons into Japanese territory in the event of a serious threat to its security.

In a briefing with lawmakers, Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida outlined conditions that would lead Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government to make exceptions to Japan’s long-standing posture against possessing, producing, or allowing nuclear weapons within the nation’s borders, Kyodo News reported.

Kishida said the Abe administration adheres to the policy of its predecessor: Whether or not Japan would “adamantly observe the (non-nuclear) principles despite threats to people’s safety depends on the decision of the administration in power.”

“The future cannot be determined in advance,” Kishida said, echoing comments by former Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada of the current opposition Democratic Party of Japan. In 2010, Okada disclosed that Japan and the US had agreements during the Cold War era in which Tokyo would allow the US to bring nuclear-armed submarines into Japanese ports in an apparent violation of the non-nuclear policy.

The agreement expired in the early 1990’s, upon the end of the Cold War.

Abe said last month it was a “mistake” that previous administrations led by his Liberal Democratic Party avoided acknowledging secret US-Japan pacts that had been declassified in the United States.


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#Italy : “President Giorgio Napolitano asks Leader of Democratic Party to try and form a Government”

#AceWorldNews says Italian President Giorgio Napolitano asked the leader of the Democratic Party, Matteo Renzi, to try to form a government Monday.

The centre-left leader said he would begin talks in the next 24 hours, Reuters reported. Renzi needs to seal a formal coalition deal with the small centre-right NCD party to secure a majority and to name his cabinet before seeking a formal vote of confidence in parliament.

The 39-year-old mayor of Florence engineered the removal of his party rival Enrico Letta as prime minister at a meeting of the Democratic Party leadership last week over growing impatience with the slow pace of economic reforms.

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#AceSecurityNews says according to HUFFPOST HILL for Friday…

#AceSecurityNews says according to HUFFPOST HILL for Friday, December 20th, 2013:the #NSA surveillance of foreign leaders could torpedo a U.S.-European trade deal, thus depriving John Boehner the lower Merlot prices he was so looking forward to . In the latest example of Democratic tyranny, the Senate confirmed by a strong majority a world renowned economist to be the next Fed chair. And one Republican congressional candidate compared the homophobic star of “Duck Dynasty” to Rosa Parks. However we’re more partial to the radical stylings of Ted Nugent, the Malcolm X of our time. #security

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The Man Who Wrote Obamacare

English: President Barack Obama's signature on...

English: President Barack Obama’s signature on the health insurance reform bill at the White House, March 23, 2010. The President signed the bill with 22 different pens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


#AceHealthNews says so who wrote the bill for “Obama Care ” well read this copyrighted article and find out for yourself? #healthcare


Revealed: The Man Who Wrote Obamacare


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