#AceNewsServices – Nov.26 – CHINA – On November 13, the deputy commissar of the People’s Liberation Army Navy, the deputy commissar of the PLA Navy, Vice Admiral Ma Faxiang, is believed to have committed suicide less than three months after another senior naval officer fell to his death, people close to the armed forces branch said.

'Thousands Targeted in Chinas Anti-Corruption Camapaign '

‘Thousands Targeted in Chinas Anti-Corruption Camapaign ‘

Ma leapt from a building at a naval complex in Beijing on Thursday, a source told the Sunday Morning Post yesterday.

According to People to incomplete statistics, in January 2014 to September, at least 32 officials ruled out suicide or homicide possible events by the media publicly reported to the provincial and ministerial level officials, department level, down to the county level, section level, covering almost every level.

Use more suicide jumping, hanging and other means.

Most can not clear the cause of suicide, mostly depression, stress and other statements summarize.

Depression or high pressure might be factors behind the deaths of many Chinese officials, but they cannot fully explain the increase in suicides by Chinese officials in recent years—as early as 2005, a survey of 200 middle-aged government officials found that nearly 50 percent of them were “mentally unhealthy.” Indeed, of the thirteen officials who killed themselves in 2014 and for whom official explanations of the cause of death were available, only five were said to have suffered from depression or high pressure, and at least six of them were associated with corruption-related investigations.

' Chinas Anti-Corruption Campaign '

‘ Chinas Anti-Corruption Campaign ‘

An examination of the suicide cases clearly pinpoints the impact of the anti-corruption campaign launched by the new leadership (which took over in November 2012).

During the period 2011-12, a total of forty officials reportedly killed themselves.

But since 2013, at least eighty-eight officials have done the same.  


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