#AceWorldNews – BANGLADESH – November 01 – Bangladesh was struggling to restore power hours after a transmission line bringing electricity from neighbouring India failed on Saturday, causing a nationwide blackout, and officials said it would take at least 12 more hours to repair the system.



The blackout swept across the impoverished and energy-starved South Asian nation at around noon, after the transmission line experienced a “technical glitch” that led to a cascade of failures throughout the national power grid, with power plants and substations shutting down, said Masum-Al-Beruni, managing director of the state-run Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd.



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#AceWorldNews – BANGLADESH (Dhaka) – October 21 – At least 32 people were killed and dozens injured when two buses collided head-on in north-west Bangladesh on Monday, police said.

Bus Accident Kills 32 and Injures 30

‘ Bus Crash 32 Killed and 30 Injured and Rising in Bangladesh ‘

The accident took place at Baraigram in Natore, 220 km (140 miles) from the capital Dhaka.

The death toll could rise further as some of the injured are in a critical condition, police official Mohammad Manirul Islam told Reuters.

A three-member committee has been formed to investigate the accident.

Road accidents kill around 10,000 people a year in impoverished Bangladesh.

They are often blamed on reckless driving, poor roads and aged vehicles.

Another 30 people were injured, and some of them are in critical condition, Reuters reported later. 



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Bangladesh Ferry Capsizes: Hundreds Missing

The ferry capsized near the capital Dhaka

At least ten people have died after a ferry carrying hundreds of passengers capsized in Bangladesh. The vessel was travelling on the river Meghna near the capital Dhaka when it was caught in a storm at 3.30pm local time (10.30am UK time). Local officials said it was unclear how many people were onboard but it could be up to 350 passengers.

“We are receiving confusing figures on how many passengers were on board when it sank, but the number could range from 200 to 350,” district government administrator Saiful Hasan said. Some survivors managed to swim ashore despite the strong currents and high waves. “There was a sudden storm and we requested the boat-swain to anchor at the river side but he ignored us … and all of a sudden the ferry capsized within a few seconds,” said Abdur Rahmann, one of the survivors. A rescue vessel sent to the scene in Munshiganj district, approximately 30 miles (50km) south of Dhaka, arrived three hours after the MV Miraj-4 ferry, which was travelling to the southern district of Shariatpur, sank.

Local police chief Ferdous Ahmed said: “The ferry is completely under water. We are now trying to locate it.” Firefighters and the coast guard were involved in the search for survivors. Police officer Oliur Rahman, who was at the scene, said the dead included women and children. Mr Ahmed said hundreds of relatives gathered on the river bank as bodies were laid in lines so they could be identified. Ferry accidents are common in Bangladesh, a delta nation of 153 million people, which is criss-crossed by more than 200 rivers. Overcrowding, poorly maintained vessels and design flaws are often blamed.

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` Tornado Hits Northern Bangladesh Killing at Least 9 People and Making about 1000 People Homeless ‘

#AceWorldNews – DHAKA – (AFP) – A severe storm left at least nine people dead and about 1,000 homeless after hitting northern Bangladesh overnight, the police and a local government official said Monday.

The storm tore through dozens of villages in northern Netrokona district close to the border with India, destroying homes and wrecking rice paddy fields, they said.

“At least nine people including a family of four were killed in the storm,” district police official Rashel Miah told AFP, adding that the full extent of the storm’s destruction was not yet known.

“Up to 20 people were injured including one whose condition is very critical. The family of four include a pregnant woman and her three children who died after a side wall fell on them,” he said.

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` Bangladesh's Tannery workers and the environment suffer in the name of providing cheap footwear in the West'

#AceWorldNews says that according to AFP that Bangladesh’s tanneries produce leather for fashion brands around the world but the environmental cost of global demand for cheap shoes is on full display in Dhaka where the industry’s toxic waste is killing the city’s main river.


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#Bangladesh : Fugitive Owners of `Tazeen Fashions’ are Locked up after being Refused Bail following Fire Disaster”

#AceWorldNews says Fugitive owners of Bangladesh fire-disaster factory turn themselves in
Two fugitive owners of a Bangladesh garment factory turned themselves in to face homicide charges for the deaths of 112 workers in the country’s worst factory fire, Reuters reports.

The owners of Tazreen Fashions, Delwar Hossain and his wife Mahmuda Akter, were locked up after being refused bail.

They were among six fugitives wanted in connection with the November 2012 fire, which happened just outside of the capital, Dhaka.

So far, 13 people have been charged in connection with the fire, a rarity in a country where garment industry owners often go unpunished for factory accidents in the $22 billion export industry.

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